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  1. Andrew W

    Frankie & Phoebe

    Great insight from Frank and it’s really paid dividends for Pheobie as she’s had some cracking results. Just personally I felt watching frankie on Sunday at Skegness unable to compete driving lesser machinery was disappointing. Same goes for Tom who struggled all afternoon. It just goes to show tyres and set make a Massive difference. Maybe 1 car for both surfaces now is the way to go and is that what the top lads were trying out. I’d say for the future of the sport that’s the way to go as Nige 45 has stated for a while now.
  2. Andrew W


    All the best Steve and team and be great to see racing back at Odsal. The last time I was there was back in the early 80s. The 1st meeting I’ll take a week off work and walk there from Leicester with my brothers and raise money for the Benevolent fund.
  3. 464 R/R 8 Very enjoyable afternoon with some great racing throughout all formulas. Nice to see Rob out on track mixing it with the saloons. Luke was untouchable and heat final and National is a fantastic achievement. From a personal point of view it was a shame the bars were closed as I enjoy a pint whilst watching the racing. I’d appreciate if somebody could explain to me why the bars were shut but the food outlets were all open.
  4. Probably best to ask Deane Wood. Could be to do with the constant negativity of people who like to air there opinions but don’t support the venues.
  5. Unfortunately due to work commitments I’m unable to attend , as I would of loved to have supported this event. Why are the restrictions being squeezed more and more. 10pm curfew is ok as the meeting can start earlier. But no bars selling alcohol. Wow. What has that to do with anything if the premises are cleared by 10. Draconian dictotorial madness and I really feel for the promotional team and all the staff. May Kings Lynn ride this storm and those council persons start to use them famous 2 words. COMMOM SENSE.
  6. Andrew W

    Pit access

    Hi viz jacket on a hot day would be tough. Why stop at hi viz. why not hard hat, goggles, safety boots and gloves. All safety requirements for building sites.
  7. R:R 10 D/D 211 Excellent entertainment on a lovely warm evening. Phoebe was superb and a pleasure to watch. Evans bros are top notch and fair play to there old man Ched. Each race was lively but ht3 excelled with all the big guns giving there all. I would say Rob must of given the pre meeting pep talk because all drivers were on it big time. . Each and every driver tonight were excellent. 259 was awesome. 1300s were decent and an excellent support to F1. RK apologised beforehand regarding the mini turnout but wasn’t an issue. I just like the fact that Skegness stadium can give us a feel of normality in these unusual times. Thank you Rob and all the Skegness team.
  8. Brilliant. Massive respect to all the cooper family.
  9. Andrew W

    Pit access

    We all love a pit wander but my brother last night said he’d not realised how good the 1300s were as normally after an F1 race he’d be straight looking in the pits. So bonus for him because he seen some cracking races.
  10. Tickets all booked and not having watched any racing since the last Skeggy really looking forward to it. Weather looks good so happy days. 😎
  11. Great post Nige45. The exact point I’ve been trying to get across for a good few weeks now. 4 of us paid £82 for tickets and then plus fuel and beer. We all had a great time and despite the weather were laughing, talking and smiling all night and we could all see each other’s expressions. Fantastic to be back and once again thanks to all involved in getting the show on. Outdoors it is not mandatory in shops it is. Simple. As I’ve said before myself and family will not go if We are forced to wear 1. All those moaning about Skegness feel free to take our places at kings Lynn.
  12. I was at Skegness last night and had a great night with family and friends despite the atrocious weather.
  13. Totally agree with jasonG and Dave Crosby’s comments. I had a great night back watching F1 for the 1st time since November. I also had the great pleasure of meeting and chatting to Dave Crosby when picking up my new NHS rainbow roof T shirt. Weather was atrocious but absolute 100% effort to all drivers mechanics officials promoters and anyone else involved in putting this meeting on. Also to us the supporters who turned up in good numbers despite the weather. Stood on turn 3 and had a great view with the added bonus of being stood right next to the bar. R/R 10 D/D 381 Great to be back.
  14. Fantastic website and really informative. How do you find time for the day job. Love the pics.
  15. Tickets all sorted and really looking forward to my 1st F1 experience this year. Looking forward to seeing the Evans twins after there successful stint in minis and all the other drivers from all formulas including the micro lads willing to put on a show. I really do hope that this meeting is a success for Steve and all at startrax.
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