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  1. Fab looking car and transporter. Any news on the drivers history in racing.
  2. Andrew W


    I’m with ozzy on this 1 and do think there’s something more sinister but do not doubt the severity . A chap called Vernon Coleman has differing views and over the years has wrote numerous books. Google him and find out his theories. 3 questions from me ? how many people in this country have normal flu during Coronavirus. how many people of died from normal flu during Coronavirus. Why when you go shopping there’s no essentials.
  3. Andrew W


    Cancel all events where people get out and enjoy themselves. Let’s all stop work and self isolate. But. The supermarkets are rammed packed with people panic buying and stocking up. What’s the difference. Surely better for people to be out in the open than stuck in crammed out supermarkets with trolleys full of toilet rolls. I still don’t get that one. No food no need to go toilet but that’s me being cynical. It’s all gone strange since brexit and the introduction of the new £20 note. Flushing out All the mattress money to see where the economy really stands. Trying to.make us all a cashless society. To me it all seems surreal and there’s something not quite right. Chin up have a beer and carry on 👍🍺
  4. Top notch and all the best for kelvin next season.
  5. Thanks for the meeting report Roy . I would of loved to have gone but work commitments scuppered that.
  6. Absolute fantastic news that the Birmingham wheels has had a reprieve. Next meeting lets fill that stadium to the rafters and show Birmingham council what that place really does means to us all. Full pits and full terraces with proper stock car related personnel who embrace the sport with a passion. No room for the likes of captain cracker nackers
  7. Andrew W

    Belle Vue Memory

    As a 7 year old walking through the pits and sitting in the stand on the wooden seats high up on turn 3 hold many great memories. Our Dad was good friends with 20 Earl Boot which got us all involved. Leicester, long Eaton and Coventry all local tracks but bell vue was special. The pit gate always seemed to wait an extra few minutes for the 1 and only. I remember John Thorpe 367 with a brand new car getting buried big time. My dad would always treat us to
  8. 45 Our Nige has had a massive input over the last ten years Not just the racing but also his dedication towards promoting the sport. 45 gets my vote but as a previous post, massive respect for 215 Sir Geoff Nicholls.
  9. What a fantastic day of racing. Huge thanks to all at trackstar and all drivers for putting a show on for us fans. Great crowd packed pits and smiles all round. What a day. Happy New Year and huge positives for season 2020.
  10. What an absolute load of horse manure this threads turned into. It just reminded me of farming activities when tthinking of the 5 John Deere tractors on show at belle vue to sort out the carnage we all crave for on track. Great credit to Steve for that because otherwise wed still be there now. Im working Saturday but will hopefully get to Birmingham around 6 even though it starts at 5. Im still buzzing from the last 2 weekends and certainly looking forward to see speak return. All you doomers try and live for today because tomorrow may never come.
  11. D/D 1 R/R 10 The day started with a tremendous Remembrance Day tribute from commander Dave Crosby. It set the tone for the day and each and every race from all formulas on show had talking points. No rain, huge crowd, vibrant atmosphere and terrific racing. The Brisca F1 final was the best race this season and well worth the admission fee alone. Tom Harriss outside rear was sparking which was slowing him and a fair few took advantage and fired him fencewards. He finished the race somehow but no points. He raced the national to perfection to finish 3rd and secure top prize. 166 is the new box office. I see why Moodie didnt want to compete the F2 shootout after todays showing. No way should Brennan been allowed to continue after driving the wrong way to push 560 into turn 4 into the on coming traffic. He got his comeuppance when 142 fired him into turn 3 fence as he again waited for 560 and then got clattered by a few more. Cant wait for the 1st meeting next season at the new midlands track. £5 taxi ride for me.
  12. Everything happens for a reason and the weather gods have blessed us tomorrow. So game on and may the best man win. Massive respect to team startrax for getting the show on after the horrendous weather over the last few days. Im quite happy to pay £24. The post regarding admission is shocking and needs nipping in the bud. Any proper stock car fan will be there tomorrow supporting this great sport of ours on maybe the last ever belle vue. Last week at stoke was fantastic and tomorrow gonna be even better.
  13. D/D 259 R/R 10 Absolutely fantastic evening and a great but sad farewell to Stoke. Track was perfect considering the weather over the previous few days and stayed good for the evening. All drivers, promoter and staff deserve huge credit for putting on a fabulous show for us fans. Credit to 463 James Morris for attending having blew his engine last week. What commitment. Great to see the Leicestershire lads do well with Paul winning the final and Nigel back to his brilliant best All in all a great day out spent with family and friends on such a sad sad day. Lets hope that this fantastic sport of ours can continue for many years to come.
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