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  1. https://www.jigsawplanet.com/Trackstar/kings-lynn some from trackstar aswell
  2. First ever meeting for me, mum and dad was when we was at skegness first ever time we went, passed it many times going to stay in caravan. We went when it was shale in 2003 I was 6 I think, we took chair we sat in this place cos it was empty no one was sat there thought good place to realise we made a mistake first race when we got covered in shale, went that’s why nobody sits there 😂,
  3. 14 Niels tesselaar 6th may 2019 grand national winner belle vue
  4. Will C

    New Cars

    To me jt looks like the falding shale car that Jordan dare used for the WF
  5. Will C

    New Cars

    It’s the car he built for h447, last season he debut at KL
  6. You carrying this on roy during time, the season delayed
  7. Will C

    Stoxnet gallery

    I asked couple weeks ago and no one replied 😞
  8. Will C


    Startrax have just called off next Sunday meeting
  9. I went Buxton for f2 world last year was freezing Saturday then got sun burn Sunday 😂
  10. It’s whatever they had at wheels that night just moved to Buxton
  11. Well its finally happening. A BriSCA Formula One Weekender at Buxton Raceway. Following the loss of Birmingham we have managed to secure an extra date on the 2020 BriSCA Formula One calendar so have decided to run it as a speedweekend for the fans and drivers. More information will follow in the coming weeks but we are happy to announce the National MiniStox and BriSCA Formula Twos will also feature on the Saturday evenings meeting. Get set for what is going to be an awesome weekend up in the Hills at the most action packed venue in Derbyshire.
  12. Do you know when the photo Gallery will be back up and running ?
  13. Very interesting Roy look forward to more pit news in 2020 always interesting to read on stoxnet even if your at the meeting or unable to go does the figures include speed weekend in July cos you said was busy n didn’t want to miss the action ?
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