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  1. I know this results tab but any info on what happened to Murray Harrison 97 he raced his heat but no final or GN he was high in results aswell
  2. Roy and nic often put the support formula top 3 final results in chat, no problems with that info for fans who have a vision of wider formulas rather then just f1s credit new person jumping in and helping out
  3. Looks like I’m doing a tarmac meeting this year didn’t think I’d get to one
  4. Use the back roads cuts out the diversion
  5. RR 9 DOTD 326 good mentions to 55 for win in final and 3rd in national 415 great h2 win n great race craft using back jackets to block track so 2nd place couldn’t catch him 👏🏻, 326 on fire this season, maybe he’s under graded at yellow. Especially On shale I know no grade changes in this season but under graders perception he could get moved up to blue also 211 looked great in heat 1 thought she was gonna win
  6. Will C

    Premier sports

    If you search brisca f1 tv on YouTube they’ve put up the 2017 season meetings with 2018 going on in near future
  7. Will C

    new drivers

    I think 54 is the son of wes Goodwin
  8. Only tOok me 10 mins today last time was nearly 25 mins
  9. One got the ex 287 one with lion on car I think that’s 381
  10. He’s using 197 car from last season
  11. I think phoebe got knocked out on Saturday
  12. Will C

    new drivers

    H248 unbooked due to covid 19 rules 312 is turbo tomo 701 in brisca f2
  13. Will C

    new drivers

    I think 1 got the ex 287 car n one racing his dad old one I don’t know which way round i know they had the skins on cars when it was the eseries
  14. Ban them, was great meeting lots of space on grandstand, enjoyed it just missing was pit walks
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