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  1. Only trouble I find with new system is on topic it doesn’t take you back to last part you read, makes you go to the beginning
  2. Will C

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    Hes got the ex 521 car
  3. Will C


    Post fro startrax Odsal - the Story that refuses to lie down! Its over 22 years since engines thrashed in anger around Bradfords Odsal Stadium for both speedway and stock cars. Its closure it 1997 was supposed to be temporary whilst Superdome was built - which never happened and eventually in 2003 the Bulls returned to Odsal for a 17 year roller coaster of boom and Busy. As a promotion we have now talked with 3 different owners of the club to return our sport and several years ago Speedway veteran Tony Mole and ourselves came the closest to realise that dream. With a deal secured with OK Bulls and with them Malaysian owners, confidence was high of an imminent return.Sadly they crashed and that ended another bid. In Administration the steel fence was plundered and ripped out in what must be regarded a criminal act by an individual who at the time was a preferred bidder for the then stricken Bulls but then walked away. The current operators, despite attempts to make contact have as yet shown any enthusiasm for motorsports to return. We then come up to date when in the Spring of last year the Bulls sensationally announced they would leave Odsal and move to Dewsbury citing the crippling costs of operation. In fairness that was where I personally believed the Odsal Stadium saga would end with probable redevelopment likely. There have been murmured resurrections in the months since, indeed Tony Mole and myself again discussed it last Autumn Thus far nothing had developed. In the last few weeks Keith McGhee, EHO aint have known for many years and a writer for Speedway Star and local media as well as speedway roles, made contact revealing a new twist that the RFL are inviting proposals for usage of Odsal which may allow the Bullls to return if the operating costs were significantly lowered. An obvious point which one must wonder why this was not considered for almost 2 decades! Keith is liasing with the RFL attempting to broker a solution. We have once again stated our strong interest and conveyed our own thoughts on an investment north of £300k required. It is hoped that a preliminary meeting can be arranged with the RFL in coming weeks to ascertain their own ideas, understand what plans exist for the return of the Bulls and how and if Motorsports can return and contribute to the future. Personally I think it is far too premature and speculative for a public airing and indeed we have not divulged any thing and quite obviously there is a passion for the place. Keith as I would expect has released the story But lets not all get overly optimistic. I have to admit to being intrigued and certainly the RFL have a major challenge in making Odsal viable. It could not survive on just speedway and stock cars, the overall stadium operation costs are enormous just o keep it alive. If the RFL thoughts are serious and the sports can once again fit then this pig might eventually fly. It will be hugely costly, but where there is a will there is a way if circles can be squared. We have fully committed our support to discussion but at the moment I would park it until this had more integrity to it and we will keep you updated. At the moment its talks about talks!
  4. Will C


    BriSCA F1 fixtures planned to go Live 10 am tomorrow - some great co operation between BriSCA and BSCDA in finalising these as late as today. Now gone to print ready for MWA Startrax to be released Wednesday/ Thursday, just being finished off over next 36 hours More news re Belle Vue later this week!
  5. Its Jordan cooper, whos edited n record videos with own equipment n money, hes open to sponsor, if u want to buy him microphones, hes doing a great job, with these and his on board video, doing it for his own good and promoting the sport he loves
  6. It may not come as a surprise to some of you, But... We are immensely excited to announce that our THIRD new venue for 2020 is SWAFFHAM RACEWAY We would like to thank Richard Powley and Paul Fryatt for the opportunity to join them in their new venture and hope that we can play a small part in the future success of the venue. The V8 Stock cars tour Swaffham Raceway dates are March 29th. June 28th and September 27th . We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible. #swaffhamraceway2020 #indytracksmatter
  7. Only started watching f1 more n getting into sport more frequent in 2017 So 2018 was my first WF This year become the year I did the double F1/F2 will be same again this year
  8. Will C

    Fixture list 2020

    Date at mendips raceway end of sept
  9. Will C

    Fixture list 2020

    Why cant they release just the major champs for now so fans can book them off work like theyve done in f2 and saloons
  10. Will C

    Fixture list 2020

    With Sheffield on 29th the week after
  11. Cheers Roy for photo, any update when info on photos for WF overseas night, will be updates with info on each photo ??
  12. Will C

    World Final tickets

    Ticket bought with grandstand 👌🏽
  13. Will C

    World Final tickets

    No link, looked on their website aswell nothing, The Friday night racing going with the WF for v8 hotstox as support
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