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  1. Will C

    Frankie Jnr tonight ?

    What caused issues between 97/321 why the follow in ?
  2. When does the new one start 😂since no more racing ☹️
  3. Sorry. Can’t help at next kings lynn working ☹️, covid = reduce staff
  4. I Thank you will let you know if I’m going, but I’m good friends with roy n sit with him at meeting when he’s done results
  5. I don’t mind helping out at last one, depends if I can make it due to work
  6. Will C

    Support formulas

    Ocri mini skegness took over the running of them from arena Essex
  7. Hahaha 😂 did you get a photo of it for gallery, heard about 307 dogs nicking people food but mouse now
  8. Him and Ryan Harrison have swapped for the night
  9. Will C

    Support formulas

    I’ve never normally leave early, only at Buxton WF cos was freezing was late passed midnight, recent NIR when was bangers on wasn’t good was suppose to be world master day
  10. DOTD 55 the car was on rails was mint, yet he hates tarmac n wonder if he’ll do skegness next week for 3 in a tow RR 7 couple incidents, 19 put 392 in hard on turns 1&2 in final please can I ask how does the Promoter wear just shorts n jumpers in the weather at Buxton 😂
  11. Both Evans brothers now yellow still dominated the results
  12. Any history in this car ?
  13. He’s racing f2 at shaleway on Saturday aswell
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