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  1. There is a massive difference between NZ and Australia, a hugely diverse population on a tiny little island, pretty all congested into roughly 1 few hundred square miles in very broad terms. Massively unlike NZ and Australia sadly.
  2. As I said before, we as fans are a diverse group, as are the drivers and teams, we are a travelling circus, some more than others. But that is a not a good thing in terms of the virus, it is inconceivable in my mind that the kind of mingling we are used to will happen some kind of vaccine is given out. AS until then there is no real clue as to what might happen. I was staggered in health terms that AUTOMATICALLY DELETED WORD Cheltenham went ahead, not staggered in terms of policy, as we all know the big wigs like a flutter and to be seen and money makes the world go round doesn't it BET365, Betfered etc etc (wink wink councillor) and to be seen, but I personally believe that event put our country back weeks.
  3. That is actually a good idea, if you got a group of students who are studying for work in events promotion or marketing, this is the sort of project that could be done to try and use the skills they have been taught. It would obviously take a fair bit of liaison between a university/college and said promotion but it is a valid suggestion for me, and also very cheap!! I myself have been a guinea pig for this sort of scheme, had dental work done that could not be done by an NHS dentist so was offered the chance to have the same work done by end term dental students at Guys hospital in London. For free. Some would no doubt baulk at the idea, but I tell you it was heaving every time I went in there and these kids were great, just like normal dentists without the years of experience, so you expect certain downsides, but really I could not fault the scheme.
  4. The media certainly are not, did you see them clammering all over Cummings and his estate car, and these are supposedly the people we are to trust to give us news. none wearing PPE really, all bustling for their little piece, makes me sad. Nobody is perfect, but those in power and in responsible positions should really be doing their utmost. Sadly, as with scenes at beaches the last few days, the cretinous British public get what they deserve, in terms of media, politicians and the like. The rest of us have to live with the decisions these morons make, as rules are made to limit them in all walks of life, not the majority who are law abiding and respect most of this, rules are made for the morons. What they don't deserve is the NHS and key workers, yet they will be the ones suffering the most. Our sport is small fry in this, I very much doubt we get any racing this year, and I am sad about that. But needs must.
  5. My point was this, the board will NEVER now spend that kind of money on a promotional company, they had their opportunity with Gears and Tears, that was their prime time to really push things and try and get the sport up a level. And they blew it, simply relying on making more money instead, it was never truly capitalised on. What I would suggest is to employ someone for say a week, look at things, and provide a template as to what could be done, yes it would still cost but a full time person is unnecessary, all you need is a vision from someone with the right sort of promotional knowledge. OK, right now it's unlikely to happen, all button down the hatches etc, but in fairness they have been operating that way for over a decade anyway.
  6. There is a lot of protectionism in the sport, both in terms of promotion and in terms of national promotion. We all are aware that some tracks would and could easily promote f1 cars, but a lot of them are either blocked form doing so by the current crop or are monetarily blocked from doing so to protect the group that run meetings now. I have said for many a year someone entirely remove from Stock cars should consult on national promotion, if only for a short time to give the sport a lift in certain ways. It usually works, not for long time fans, but for newer ones. But invariably it falls on deaf ears.
  7. Stuart, sorry mate but are you joking? Why on earth should we pay double! Would you pay double for your petrol as less people are using it, those poor oil companies, should you pay 40% income tax as you have been working from home? Should our holidays cost twice as much as no-one has been able to go away for months just to make these holiday companies who up everything during half term and summer holidays that bit more money, our rail tickets double the price when they go up 4% every year, EVERY YEAR with little or no improvement in most cases. Cmon chap, this is the real world, the promoters get into it knowing the risks and they do not deserve double the money from us when some or all of us are likely to either be out of work or on less wages during this time. Sorry but a ludicrous suggestion.
  8. I seriously doubt any inner city development linked in any way to motorsport will ever happen again in this country. They built this new place when Speedway was starting to fall over and it has not been a success it seems. No idea how they got permission for it, but anyone with sense could see it was never going to work, the sport just is not big enough to sustain a development like that. Even smaller football stadiums are only kept alive usually by rich backers ( and the bizaree way football clubs seem to be able to run at immense losses yet stay alive like no other business) and with the blessing of local councils who often get stuff built at the same time as a sweetener. Inner city building nowadays is about one thing, cheap housing, that means over priced flats built for maximum profit, minimum space usually next to roads, railway lines and near busy industry, it's all that is left. And they are a sad sight most of them.
  9. To the person quoting Formula E, well the simple reason is they don't intentionally hit each other!! And to the other person quoting fuel tanks, if I had my way bag tanks would have been introduced decades ago, it is almost suicidal to not use one in these cars. So I guess a lithium battery that contains chemicals and parts that explode and burn when exposed to atmosphere is fine.
  10. Think about it What happens if one hits a fence really hard, or someone follows someone in, what is inside a battery? Unlikely to happen in contact formula, for the same reason hydrogen is unlikely in road cars for mass production as you are driving a potential bomb!
  11. I think the way I look at it, if we get any Motorsport in this year it is a bonus. I will not be going if I have to wear a mask and stand miles away form my friends, it simply destroys the atmosphere really. I understand in some ways why events take place but I would only attend again if I could act as normally as I would have before.
  12. Peter Loix


    I would take the figures with a pinch of salt to be honest.
  13. Those sort of questions are not really anything to do with a minority sport. We will just have to react, Motorsport in general worldwide is becoming less relevant to youth sadly, despite their best efforts. Gaming, music, experience has taken its place. That's not much to do with the crisis. What has happened, even in our little sport is he opening up of sim racing, that might get kids into racing, but sadly you need all the kit to do it properly, it's not as much with a controller! But done properly and the right way it could really pull kids back again, but it would take an enormous amount of effort from multiple parties to do so. For me this raises all sorts of things about the worlds over reliance on China and cheap tat, air travel, farming, working from home ( I personally think a huge amount of office people will push to work from home and I hope companies see the benefits aswell).
  14. As mentioned before simply not having to put those meetings on will save them ALL money, staff, security, promotion, printing, no start money, cleaning, no food.drink to buy, no lights. They are on lockdown too so are spending the bare minimum. All they are paying (it's a big all I know) is the utilities (which will all be as low as they can be) and perhaps the rent on the venue and other sundries and that is obviously not being covered by entrance fees and drivers paying to race. they might be able to claim through the government as it is classed as entertainment, but not hospitality like a pub, hotel or cafe. Not sure. So, they are saving money by not having to spend any, depends how well financed they are and if they can find legal loopholes to recoup some money back I guess. I guess it depends on how much they need the meetings? Without any expenditure it must be easier, but without the income maybe not.
  15. Would not surprise me if several football, rugby, even cricket clubs go under as this will all be impacted. As will thousands of businesses, especially pubs, hotels, holidays firms etc. Not sure on stadiums, most of them are either owned by the team running there or part owned, or they are leased, it all depends on the leaseholder. I would guess some might just recover their losses with a sale. Meaning a lost track. Or they might take up the loss if they are fans. Alternatively not running means running at a far more limited cost, you are not paying for anything, no lights, no power, no upkeep, no wages, so the bills are covered by savings or a loan. Neither of which are good long term, or perhaps some are all bought and paid for, we will never know. But this is largely entertainment industry so might be covered by the governments scheme as pubs, hotels, eateries are.
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