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    Fan since 2yrs old (2006 WF)
  1. Harry G


    Most meetings run from 8.30 till 9.30/10 with 6-9 races and no faff lol
  2. Is this a serious question? Tbh most of the time is down to more yellows but there's still lots of faff
  3. Harry G


    Yep but on the PC with the UK Short Oval Banger mods www.ukdirt.co.uk on Tuesday nights - I'm world champion lol Champ of champs at Brum wheels tonight
  4. Harry G

    Midlands track

    Couldn't make it today, can I be filled in with some informations plz
  5. Dragged on is an understatement Good track for the weather Brilliant racing DotD 83 RR 8
  6. 2nd new track for me this year after cov's closure and for tarmac, not to bad - nothing compared to shale tho V8s proved why race recievers are needed after their massive pile up start of WF Orci minis should of been scrapped as it dragged to much RR 7 DotD 220
  7. Harry G

    Coventry Stadium

    I'm sure it said somewhere that there are 2/3 parties waiting to buy the place once planning permission gets rejected as the price of the land becomes less expensive ?
  8. Harry G

    Coventry Stadium

    Just don't open the thread then not hard is it
  9. RR 9 Track good Crashes good Racing good Car numbers excellent PA system excellent Atmosphere excellent Final perfect DotD 55
  10. Great meeting. One downside - Needs like a stunt show on while they mess around on the track for an hour WF not best race but can't always be classics, final and GN last benders in both and heats fast racing throughout. Dutch - brilliant RR 9 DotD 20
  11. Main place T2 Burger van at entrance Burger van in pits Can't buy just chips tho so I take own food
  12. Apart from the ones in WF and the ones that have raced in the UK this year, how has this been decided?
  13. Giant - You always have to stand down the home straight at Brum right nexto the fence, so you get a buzz weather the racing ain't too good or not otherwise Brum is boring Fast close racing all night, not loads of contact but was good to see so many top drivers out there Too many snooze rod formulas F1s on way to early in the night made there races too seperated out and didn't allow for a nice pit walk at the start of the meeting while the boring formulas were on But the F1s were brilliant all night I thought and we'll worth 8 quid RR 8 DotD 180
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