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  1. I think it's possible, as long as that massive cinema car park across the road remains available.
  2. fit each car with an amplifier and some speakers that play engine noises based on throttle position
  3. spiderman247

    6,000 drivers

    I bet he didn't race his ice cream van 😀 tremendous stuff carl!
  4. got to ask , original belle Vue or the newer one ?
  5. brilliant stuff carl I love these history articles very interesting and really well written have you thought about writing a book? I'd buy it !
  6. I'm glad it wasn't just me that was baffled by the announcement yesterday my neighbour can't work from home so she should go to work but she hasn't got a car and shouldnt use public transport and who looks after her kid when she's at work as the school is still closed ? theres more to life than racing there will be other seasons, let's just hope that we're all around to see them
  7. very entertaining, thanks to everyone involved with doing all this looks like some of the drivers take it as seriously as real racing ! how many rounds are there going to be and is there a prize or anything for the points champion?
  8. i completely agree with dave i honestly dont see how anyone can say that better handling cars really move the sport forward i remember the time when the tarmac special cars first appeared. very fast and cornered like they were on rails. very boring to watch. really moved the sport backwards not forwards. that said , i do think nigel got a bum deal
  9. that is amazing i struggle to get my phone to type the right punctuation most of the time , so i find this stuff mind blowing
  10. I will send my donation big thanks to everyone that's involved with stoxnet.
  11. I stopped buying the ones off the stock car monthly van because they got bigger. as did the demister element in rear windscreens. once you've put the sticker on theres a good chance you'll damage the element taking it off and if you've got a company car they dont appreciate them going back with any damage at all
  12. very sorry to read this. RIP Roger.
  13. spiderman247

    6,000 drivers

    got to agree with Carlton, this stuff is just amazing. out of interest Carl why did you delete some?
  14. thats my birthday present sorted 🙂
  15. my son is called Carl Bell and for a moment I thought you meant him ! and he has a beard !
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