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  1. I guess this would have been in yesterday's programme ?
  2. What's number 11 wearing ? Looks like a Monty Python sketch !!
  3. spiderman247


    impressive that you have all this info but dont you need the names as well as the numbers?
  4. spiderman247


    sinister how?
  5. years and years ago, a football match was 2 halfs of 45 minutes with a break in between. it still is. if the matches had got longer and longer to the point that you were there for 5-6 hours, the crowds would drop because most people don't want to be there that long one the reason that crowds are falling at racing is not because it's not on telly or live stream. it's because it goes on too long I don't really fancy watching a 5-6 hour live stream any more than I fancy going to a 5-6 hour meeting so a live stream isn't going to reduce my footfall
  6. totally agree linky has to be done properly by people that know what they are doing and with the proper gear I watched a some live streams a few years ago and to honest they were rubbish someone filming it on a phone really doesn't work couldnt tell what was going on and after the race finished I had to look on here for the results to see who had won
  7. still provisional on BSCDA fixtures
  8. who knew frankie had a fork lift truck? great stuff
  9. I think it has been good I like that they were all asked the same questions so you can compare every drivers answers to the other drivers has jonathan done tv work before ? he is very good
  10. what questions would you like to be asked ?
  11. click on the title and not the page number and it jumps to the last one that you read Also at the very top there's a button with 3 lines, a magnifying glass, a + and then a other button. that last one shows you everything that you haven't read
  12. good stuff! maybe I dreamed it but I'm sure theres already been an interview with bob ?
  13. spiderman247


    different promoter at Ringwood now
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