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  1. Great laugh and what a all round top bloke Paul is love to see him win another major 259 for gold 2020
  2. As a massive Paul hines fan I have to say this is not funny and has gone beyond a joke......... How the hell have they missed of the fact that he's also a five time womens british amateur badminton champion. Disgraceful from Wikipedia
  3. Fwj is 515 because when he rolls it becomes 212.if I had my choice of number I would be 15 seem to remember it being Paul bullocks number if my memory holds up.
  4. Paul Moat

    World 240s

    Fwj winning this title three times imo elevates him to legend status not just in F1's but the whole of the motorsport world. Just out of interest has anyone else won it more time than Frank.
  5. Stuart smith snr Dave chisholm John lund FWJ Andy smith Peter falding Willie harrison Rob speak Jayne bean Ron kronder These are the names that jump out at me so many more I considered but I think all of the above have one or more stories that really stand out in stockcar folklore.
  6. The more I think about this rule the dafter it seems.
  7. So basically if you are running in second but are half a lap and three back markers behind the leader all you gotta do is fire one of them in get the yellows out and hey presto your back behind the leader. Don't think this has been thought through very well.
  8. The sooner any date or dates as and when they are finalised by whichever governing body or bodies produce the fixture list can be released the more beneficial it will be to every person involved in the sport and every person not involved in the sport.
  9. At this point and with all due respect to the people involved in the fixture planning. In what is clearly a very turbulent time for this great sport of ours. I think we all just want or need a full fixture list. Holiday days are going in like wildfire at my work literally every day that passes now is a potential meeting lost for me and I'm sure there are plenty of other people in the same boat. This is not a moan at the bscda or any promoters although I do think the bscda could be a little more transparent with there intentions sometimes.
  10. In my eyes it all depends on weather you think tom has cemented his place as a F1 legend if the answer is yes then he's the driver of the decade if the answer is no then its fwj. In which case I'm going for fwj as driver of the decade although if Tom carries on the way he's going I belive he will become the most successful driver of all time.
  11. New oec building next door is up and running not seen or heard about any work on pits or track but the speedway has been moved back to Thursday nights leaving all Sundays free.
  12. Merry Christmas to all have a good un
  13. I can only speak for sheffield as I work for the man who owns it and as far as I'm aware the stadium isnt going anywhere soon.
  14. Very true can only assume someone else will be using it after the under 25's carnt image it just sat in the pits doin nowt for the rest of the meeting
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