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  1. One trusty programme board saw us through from 1987 to, well the last time I clearly recall using it was mid 2003, for a hot summer Saturday night King's Lynn! Not sure of its origins but, just a touch darker than 'sky' blue with, I believe, a silver spotted pattern on at least one side, and fully-equipped with the chrome-plated clip and 'integrated hanging hook'! Not plastic, but presumably a reinforced, cardboard or thin wood, organic material? It stood up to some use whatever it was! Big enough for the A5 size programmes - sadly, not compatible with A4 ones, as often found at World Finals. A sturdy knee if standing, or if not, just general hope for the best that it won't buckle under pressure approach, across the lap, usually had to be employed to fill them in! The hardship... My father must have decorated it, prior to my being tasked with the job of filling in results from not far past my 3rd birthday, firstly at Aycliffe where I sat under the grandstand, on my tiny rigid plastic orange chair, same spot each time - one or maybe two 'steps' up, about directly behind the starter's rostrum (Michael Alderson being primary Mr Starter on there). It wasn't solely 'mine' like, as back then when I was still a bit young to be travelling long distances week-in-week-out, father would also take it away to exotic places like 'Crewe' which I never got to see, and 'the World Final' (1988 - I only grasped the track was actually called Hednesford the year after that, just before I first went for Euro '89!) Remember the F1 stickers you used to get where there'd be two versions of the same one, available - the sticky side 'up' ones for use inside e.g. car windows, and the sticky side 'down' for, well, sticking on anything else really. Drivers' names in black print on a sort of white box up in the corner. Were they from Keith Barber/SCM stand? Must have been I think as they were his drawings of the cars, on the stickers, and they'd be printed in two colours (as well as the black and white). Plumes of exaggerated white smoke out the back of the cars? The programme board had two of them stuck on either side anyway, one above the other. 'We' had a metallic brown Vauxhall Carlton at the time, of which my dad filled a lot of the rear window with the outward-facing stickers (left ample room to see behind him and above them, just, through the rear view mirror as he wasn't wreckless like that - but there were a load of them on there, various F1's of the age as well as I expect some track/one-off event specific ones. A solid few rows!) What has had me wracking my brains is trying to remember the 4th of the 4 stickers on the programme board. The first 3 sprang to mind almost instantly but, this other one took a while. Willie Harrison though, I'm almost certain. The other three were, 53 John Lund (car looked about, educated guessing 1985 vintage given the style of the number on aerofoil), 260 Dave Berresford (wingless so, pre-87, something tells me it could it have been '86 as the little year numbers used to accompany the 'Bezz' behind/above rear wheel?) and 51 Mo Smith with a red roof. I have no idea whether this programme board survives to the present day - it isn't in my immediate possession, and was not quite the bespoke item as some of these I'm reading of and seeing here! Served its time though nonetheless! (As well as accommodating programmes, it also played host to the countless sheets of paper I would go through at meetings from the turn of the millenium, writing live shorthand to produce reports for my/our then websites, and 'Oval Racing News' from its launch in 2002) Sorry to disappoint with the lack of picture then, but, should I ever lay hands on the thing again, I will be sure to capture some photographic evidence and share.
  2. I would tend to agree with Alistair. Not half as bad as I'd expected prior to clicking the link. Some vandalism, graffiti and general untidiness aside, 'it' appears largely superficial. Nature reclaiming its territory, as it would with any such place left (relatively) untouched over a period of, what is over three years now? Lazy link to loosely relevant web page...
  3. Hmm, I cannot say I agree there Kingpin. It would make for a quite relentless four straight 'two-meeting' (for want of a better phrase!) weekends which, although I realise was commonplace once upon a time, would be unparalleled in 2020 context? Thinking back to the King's Lynn, flood-induced rearranged Sheffield, weekend of October 19th/20th last year. That was a tight one, I hope it's reasonable to suggest? Teams apparently working flat out to get cars ready for Heat 1 on the Sunday - as we on the terraces were kept informed over the PA - some indeed being beaten by the clock, and having to be given special dispensation as regards Shootout Heat allocations? The geography and scheduling would be very similar to that, also bearing in mind the task awaiting on 24th/25th October (Northampton rather than Sheffield I know, but...)? With Bristol September 27th the first F1 date there since 2008, maybe wise not to have such a daunting schedule as what four straight weekenders looming thereafter, might have been, incase that were to dissuade any from making the trip? Thus, all being well, maximising that opportunity - and leaving nothing to be desired in terms of motivation for it to become, more than a 'one off' return? The 2020 fixture list is, to me, highly encouraging and, much as I see others have already discussed in more precise numerical detail, upon its release it also struck me immediately as looking fuller than last year's. "Nothing not to like" really. I had thought for a good while Hednesford would seem the natural choice for the British again, considering the success of the 2019 edition. To say that's a calendar where, according to the official channels, a lot of midnight oil was burnt to finalise it, and for quite obvious and understandable reasons - really, even if it had been many months in the planning, with the luxury of having been able to 'preen and perfect', if you like, and without the 'up in the air' elements and uncertainties as they were, you'd have struggled to come up with much better of a list? I hope that's not doing a disservice by the way, certainly meant very much as a compliment so, top job in what must have been a time of high collective stress! You can't please everyone, I know. Worthy of note that, for the first time, there are more tarmac Shootout rounds than shale ones? Is it correct that the inaugural Shootout was in 2009, the silver roof having been contested through the National Series 2002-08 inclusive? If so, I have the following as the surface splits by meeting for that series, historically, as well as tagging on 2020's scheduled dates (Finale venues also): 2009 - 7 shale, 3 tarmac (Belle Vue) 2010 - 6 shale, 4 tarmac (Coventry) 2011 - 7 shale, 3 tarmac (Belle Vue) 2012 - 6 shale, 4 tarmac (Belle Vue) 2013 - 6 shale, 4 tarmac (Sheffield) 2014 - 5 shale, 5 tarmac (Sheffield) 2015 - 5 shale, 5 tarmac (Sheffield) 2016 - 6 shale, 4 tarmac (Belle Vue) 2017 - 6 shale, 4 tarmac (Belle Vue) 2018 - 7 shale, 3 tarmac (Belle Vue) 2019 - 6 shale, 3 tarmac (Belle Vue) 2020 - 4 shale, 6 tarmac (Sheffield) An equal split, Shootout dates wise between the two surfaces, in 2014 and 2015 then, although presuming the respective Finales were double points (as far as I know this has always been the case?) more points overall would still have been available on shale than tarmac, in those years. Yes you can also get into the minute detail of percentages of points on offer shale versus tar, over all rounds including double for Finale, as for with any year/split - which is further complicated by 2/3rds meetings differing slightly in points format from 'full format' Heats, Consolation and so on, so I'm not going there! The Shootout schedule as it stands for 2020, does provide for a slight tarmac bias in terms of points scoring opportunity - even when taking into account the double points shale Finale it's still roughly a 6:5 ratio in favour of 'the hard stuff'. BriSCA F1 being a two surface sport as it is, and looking at quite how pronounced that tarmac deficit has been so many times across previous series, I'll stick my neck out and say it makes a nice change! Research for the above stats carried out at Since 1954 and briscaf1stox.uk (And latterly, edited to remove what on reflection was a potentially unedifying phrase, as I do intend my rare posts to be wholly suitable for a 'family audience'!)
  4. Nealius

    Birmingham track

    Delighted! Maybe a little something to accompany that chicken dinner, Mr Bond? https://youtu.be/fe-okxJdy28 Here, it's a good job the 4th and 5th characters on his number plate are '36' and not 'WF'!
  5. Nealius

    World champions

    Had Ed Neachell (321) managed to hold on for just a bit longer in the closing laps of the 2004 World Final, it would have been his first F1 race win, also in his debut season, and as a blue top at the time. Starting on Row 4 inside, within the context of that race on its own, yes you could say he was, relatively, handily-placed from the outset - but even so, taking aforementioned factors into account, quite some feat it would have been? Overhauled (passed with, was it as few as two laps to go? turns 3 and 4 anyway!) by defending champ Peter Falding (1), the 2nd placed finish was none too shabby in itself, of course! You really couldn't risk taking your eyes off that pair for a second as the laps wound down at Coventry that night, talk about 'tense'?! Well that's how it was for me anyway - I'm sure someone out there was engrossed in the battle for 14th place*, maybe with good reason but... As for the actually did happen though, rather than the close but no cigar might have been, I find it hard to see past the 2012 Skeggy World, (217) Lee Fairhurst going from still not having qualified even after the on-the-night CSF, to being on the grid starting dead last as first reserve, right through to the Gold roof, mastering about as action-packed a race as you're likely to see? Granted, the fact it was so frenetic up front did his cause no harm, and the quality of the driver himself as being of likely World Champion standard, would not have been in any great question - but for any driver to pull that one off in any World Final? I can't speak for the 50's, 60's and 70's but certainly in 'my time' and in the modern era going forward, it'll take some beating for me. I would certainly recommend a look at this interview - during which the man himself recounts that achievement and the quite fascinating circumstances surrounding it. *Disclaimer - I have no idea which drivers, if indeed any, were contesting 14th place in the closing laps of the 2004 World Final. This race position was plucked somewhat at random, as an example of one that might reasonably be considered less important than 1st place and the Gold roof. Thus, no offence intended!
  6. Lundy fan of Bishop's Auckland here, checking in en route, 1415hrs XVI/XI/MMXIX Was already 'really looking forward' to this meeting. Even if I bring the trusty old italics into play, even 'really looking forward' to it, no longer seems adequate. So the dictionary springs open, to lend itself to the task of selecting something more suitable: Option 1 - "I look forward to this immensely"Option 2 - "Mightily looking forward to..."Option 3 - "Exceedingly......."Option 4 -
  7. "Well done to all involved" - Dan T "huge crowd, vibrant atmosphere and terrific racing" - Andrew W "If (the fence) had not been there then I'm sure a few drivers would have ended up on the old Hyde Rd circuit or a Gorton back street" - jase.k "proper stock car racing" - spiderman247 "There were so many permutations of what would happen my head was buzzing....." - linky "The most wide open of contests was fascinating to watch" - JohnB "Tom did what he had to do and took the title in true Shootout style" - Roy B "BRILLIANT!!! if you didnt go you missed a treat" - Billy H "...the F1’s showed exactly why I love the sport... Went home very happy and already looking forward to next season" - John-M Driver of the Day - 1 Tom Harris Racin' Rating - 10
  8. Decided on my way to Birmingham (August 24th) I would plan a trip to this Stoke meet, as it was one of the few current F1 tracks I'd never really been in a position to visit, and as I said a couple of days later in the pits at Belle Vue, words to the effect of "...you never know when a track might just close overnight..." Well, little did I know there'd very soon after, unfortunately, be a bit more to those words, and how glad am I that I did finally get to taste the action there, just this once. Better to have loved and lost, as they say, even if it was for little over 4 hours or so! As much as I'd seen bits of it, Stoke 'the venue' I mean, and the racing, over the years from the many SCA Video's bought mid 1990's through early 2000's, then the odd bit on Premier and Freesports more recently, you get only very limited perspectives through those. There's nowt like being there in the flesh to get the true scale of the place, unrestricted view in 360 degrees, the feel, the smell, the ambience (as with any track really), so it was as good as brand new to me, despite those prior televisual glimpses. That first-timer cluelessness of, firstly how to get in at the turnstile/gate? Where and what are the pits like? Does this dark doorway lead to, a toilet? Oh it's the bar. Quirks and differences all tracks and stadia have, which might seem like nothing to the seasoned regular, but on your first visit are such a novelty, the pit entry/exit arrangements for cars, finding good place(s) to watch from, where exactly to purchase a 4-finger KitKat for your mid meeting sugar boost...! So aye, clearly I wasn't the only one in the "first and also last", category. Those of you who have been there more often, from as early as 1973, what a treat you've had! Overall, the place was perfectly alright for me. Not the bomb site I could have been forgiven for envisaging (but hadn't), after reading on here about how much of a dump it supposedly was? Much of my early racing time was spent at places like Aycliffe, Hartlepool (OK a bit more 'stadium' surrounding it there, albeit in its decaying stages by then), old Scunthorpe, so this was a maybe nostalgic reminder of, that style, or thereabouts. Happily this occasion was, literally in a sense, night and day, compared to the also Startrax-promoted last ever meet, back in '96 at the aforementioned Teesside track. And that backdrop created up on turns 3/4 was something totally unexpected, the way the transporters were all lined up round that bend, silhouettes of onlooking crowd figures, lights poking through the cold, dark, moist slightly hazy air, that was a real lasting image for me (looking as I was from nose-against-catch-fence o' the home straight). Drivers and their machines charging into there and each other, so many times, set against such a canvas as that. Nothing to do with any facilities, or hype, and could be anywhere on Earth, timeless in a way. Just a quirk of, layout, geography, necessity of people standing there, I could try to describe it as much as I like - but that one word 'atmosphere' really sums it up. No telly, DVD or YouTube can truly convey that. If I started about the racing, just how much I enjoyed it, I'd still be writing this time next week! Fantastic. More than worth de-gloving, for each and every post-race opportunity to give a proper clap, rather than an insulting cotton-on-cotton (muffle?!) - the very least such brilliance and, green to chequered, top drawer sporting entertainment deserves! This might have been billed in part as a 'sad' occasion, but personally I shall look back on it as another in a long and rich catalogue, of the finest examples of "F1 StockCars", and all of what this incomparable sport is at its very best. My mother text me just now, not having heard from me since pre-noon Saturday, and knowing I'd been away for racing (so, checking I'm still alive really!) - I can't get the reply to send though, so I'll post this here, then reboot my phone to, fingers crossed, get a signal and get on with my life! So just to end hopefully simply but fittingly, by quoting part of what my reply to her will be: "Yeah superb meeting at Stoke" Driver of the Day - heart says 259, but I try to go with my head a bit more these days, so sorry Paul, I'd vote for two if I could but 445 Nigel Green gets the nod! Racin' Rating - in percentage terms this would have to be up there at the 95% mark for my personal experience, so I do believe that equates to, for the second time in 2019 from this particular Bishop Auckland based judge, a 10!
  9. Is that you volunteering to set up and perform a Punch & Judy show on the terraces there Dave? How to run a Stock Car meeting - special edition. "That's the way to do it!" The 3 hours would fly by, I'm sure. And though he might not tolerate that entire duration, stood there as the target of your ire, I should imagine Mr Rees would happily recognise your selfless efforts, with two complimentary tickets to the next Stoke F1 meeting? Oh actually, hang on... 3x Heats at 16 laps each, Final at 20 and Grand National at 16 would equate to the quoted 84 laps. Don't think we need to call Sherlock Holmes in just yet. Great that yet another preview thread has started off with such unbridled enthusiasm though. No danger of any 'seasonal affective disorder' setting in with these dark nights, when you've got these gems each week, just the touch of a screen away to light up your life?
  10. I find myself broadly agreeing with two successive posts of yours on a thread. I'm not used to this. It might even be completely unchartered territory. Not sure if I can cope! Is there a number I can ring or...? Failing that, maybe breathing exercises, chamomile tea? But yeah - had it been Lundy in the same position, pulling off the same move to guarantee himself a place in the Final, what then? Trackstar would probably have yellow flagged the race there and then to demand a standing ovation, Driver of the Day on here a 100% certainty, and front page of next StockCar mag cleared to make way for the old 'Motor drive' style picture sequence?!
  11. I think you were at a different meeting as well, JohnB. Thanks for firing me up to post a bit though, as I was just gonna sidestep it and put the ratings straight in It doesn't matter how early or late meetings are, someone somewhere, won't be happy and they'll make it public knowledge on here and God knows where else and to whom? Promoters just can't win in that respect, clearly. Having very much enjoyed the previous night's offerings over in the East, I made it across from King's Lynn on public transport, in time. Two buses, two trains and these two feet of mine. It was tight but do-able with proper planning, and thankfully with no delays or cancellations, all went smoothly, and I was through the Owlerton turnstiles for just after 12:15pm. Had to forego a proper amount of rest overnight, after a thorough dusting off and showering post-KL (not strictly essential but no desire to be a scruff!), some late-night food to avoid starvation, 4hrs 50ish sleep then up at 7am. A spot of exercise to get the system into gear, another quick shower (if there's a water shortage in Norfolk now, sorry and all that but, hygiene, y'know...!), out the door for 7:50, walk up to the town centre for the bus, to really get this pilgrimage to the Steel City up and running. Poor me, why isn't the world all set out exactly to my personal requirements? Shouldn't Steve Rees have laid on a private helicopter for me? If he really appreciated my custom, you'd have thought that'd be the least he could do...is it cos I'm not a real fan? Without going deeper into my itinerary and/or turning it into a full-on travel blog, I'd had an extended Eastern/Southern weekend all sorted out, which didn't involve going to Sheffield, so the rearrangement certainly posed its challenges - but what's life without challenge? The drivers and teams had challenges of their own in getting repaired from the night before, by the sounds of it. I didn't go in the pits but the commentator was keeping us well up to date on all of that, which is why the 13-car Heat came as no surprise. Maybe some of you would prefer the meeting start had been delayed half an hour or 45mins for the ongoing repairs, to get the Heats balanced a bit better and so you could lament the delay, and that you weren't home in time for Antiques Roadshow? Really pleased the meeting was rescheduled anyway, and I didn't just go to 'support' it or the drivers or the promoter as if it's all a charity or something, OR to (cringe) "tick a box" like, I did that meeting, how good am I, medal in the post please ASAP. I went because I wanted to be there. I wanted to experience the event. It's a shame more didn't, and I don't entirely buy the rearranged date argument for a lower crowd, either. They missed some excellent Stock Car racing fare - I'll put that out as a strong 'opinion' without worry! Having been to the most recent four Sheffield F1's now (October '18, April, August and Lorenzo-adjusted October in '19), I came away from this one feeling it was marginally the best of them. That Heat 2 was the cream of the crop for me - up there amongst the more exciting races I've seen through 2019. I'll just copy and paste directly the notes I wrote after it, stood there on that homestraight - spelling mistakes etc, included, as imperfect as it is and lazy of me I know, merely to give a flavour if you want (not saying it's 100% factually correct, just my post-race recollections and recordings!): "Heat 2...superb race. 136 early then 276 takes over. 150 flying, aggressive just like last night hitting 20 wide first bend, making progress there on. 166 challenging 1 after half a dozen laps or so, 1 gets put wide turns1/2 enough for 445 to get his nose inside t2 but not pass....keeps up the chase looking determined though calculated/cautious then seizes his chance a few laps later in turn 4 when 1 wide, a stab to the nerf rail from 445 and through. Sworder had kept forward momentum to be up and having an atrempt at the lead with a hit on Poole into t1, but just takes it too tight, clips a marker tyre and spins! Gets going again in about 8th only to exit the race for good 2 or 3 laps later t4! Outside flat as seen towed off post race? Last lap it was 276, 313 then 16, Roberts goes for a last bend attempt, fails to make any contact, wide towards fence, 16 through for 2nd, 445 challenges recovering 313 out of t4 with an aggressive jab, spins 313 across his front and shoves over line! Great finish to an excellent Heat Result: 276, 16, 445, 313, 1, 55, 166, 34, 491, 259, 175, 20 I didn't think 445 got 313 on line announced 1332 that 313 was 3rd! Over line backwards, transponder front of car, 'human eye' takes precedence! So amended Result: 276, 16, 313, 445, 1, 55, 166, 34, 491, 259, 175, 20" And the crash in Heat 3 involving 136, 502, 211, 20 all in that turn 1? "Spectacular", to use a word favoured by one of the sport's all time greats? Bev Greenhalf. Would have loved to hear his take on it. "20 up and all over 211 wing at all sorts of angles!" is one outtake from what I noted down immediately after, and, from later on in the race "275 maintains gap up front into closing stages although 94 and 55 had closed slightly... onto last lap Finnikin gets past Dowson after hitting him wide round t3/4, now has clear run at Hawkins on last lap but just too far back to have last bend attempt. 275 did really well to win that." The shape of things to come obviously, as in the very next F1 race, the Final and Terry Hawkins was pulling away from Fairhurst again in the closing laps, if anything? How much the 'test' I/R tyre, the Shootout drivers are using on shale had to do with that, I don't know - but not to take anything away from Hawkins. Richard Woods was impressive again this meeting in parts, he flies round Sheffield once he gets to stretch his legs out in the open, but didn't quite seem to get the fortune he needed, disappearing abruptly from the Heat 1 and GN leads? Only really saw the GN to be dusty, to any noticeable degree. Track seemed in good condition. I wasn't stood there aghast, mouth wide open at the absence of too much grading or watering, or finding myself and my person overly shaled afterwards. Too many track prep experts round here these days, I dare say. Just another thing people who are so inclined, can latch onto as a means of chanelling negativity? And just when I was starting to think that super-quick GN was going to pass, without much in the way of notable incident, caught Nigel Green's 445 car out've the corner of my eye (being spun?) out of turn 2 on the last lap, then my attention switched to turns 3/4 with FWJ 515 maybe having been hampered in some way, was wingless Wainman Phoebe 211 even in the mix there? Not sure but Danny 212 definitely was, spinning 515 on the outside of the bend, leaving Frankie to recover and cross the line quite some time after, loudly but devoid of any of those, possibly crucial, Shootout points. Wouldn't have minded being in the pits after that, just for interest's sake, though I trust nothing too unsavory would have gone down! 5 Charlie Sworder, with the GN to add to his Semi-day Final, delivering the Sheffield 'end product' his dad didn't quite manage to on the day - as red-hot as he in 150 was, picking up very much where he'd left off those 14hrs or so earlier! Great to watch Mick, some of those deft little flicks to get cars wide into turn 1, sublime (even if they didn't all quite work out!) Racing as good as that, was worthy of a far bigger crowd to appreciate it. I'm glad I was there, and sorry I wasn't struggling for elbow room on the home straight a bit more. 12:30pm isn't 8am nor is it 11pm, Sheffield isn't Land's End or John o' Groats. As much as I don't want to labour the point, well, you know...? Looking forward, as I expect many others are, to more news on this "optimistic" new F1 track for 2020... Driver of the Day - 275 Terry Hawkins Racin' Rating - had been in two minds whether to give an 8 or 9, but considering an IMHO insulting 5 was given by Mr B, in order to balance it out, the tactical voting's gotta come into play again here - so it swings to a 9!
  12. Driver of the Day - 1 Tom Harris Racin' Rating - 9
  13. Nealius

    Track records

    These are track lengths according to MYLAPS/speedhive - some more precise than others, it would seem. No idea how they've been arrived at in each case, although the fact that three of them are stated as bang on a quarter mile, would tend to suggest a hint of 'approximation' going on there?! Belle Vue - 0.21 miles Birmingham - 0.2237 miles Buxton - 0.25 miles Cowdenbeath - 0.25 miles Hednesford - 0.25 miles Ipswich - 0.385 km King's Lynn - 0.324 km Lochgelly - 0.2143 miles Mildenhall - 0.125 miles Northampton - 0.2 miles Sheffield - 0.1939 miles Skegness - 0.311 km Stoke - 0.21 miles What was the measuring technique used, pre-technology, going way back I mean, was it along the lines of, 2 metres, or 2 feet, from the (inner curb?) of tracks, and around like that for a 'lap' - would it be the old trundle wheel or? Ring any bells? It's been discussed on here before I know, maybe not for quite a while though. Sounded like a reliable 'standard', rather than necessarily being that representative, as to how much ground the cars/drivers would really be covering in practice. What is or would be the best way to arrive at, well, as close as possible to an agreed 'lap distance' now, with the technology available? GPS on car, do 16-20 as near to perfect laps as possible, on the racing line, then average out? Shale might be a bit tricky, what is the 'racing line' distance etc, preferably it's changing through any given race if watered just nicely? With King's Lynn in my mind's eye for example, out wide® in the bends where the grip is early on, tighter in the more it slicks off, bit of a minefield?! Other than each and every car having a [whatever the best or most feasible distance tracker is in the circumstances!] fitted, is there any way of knowing exactly how far they've travelled in a lap? Yes they're back at the finish line at the end of each one, but you could do 20 lap times exactly the same, yet still have covered a different distance on each single one of those laps? Sorry, not that it matters, I'm boring and slightly confusing myself even thinking about it - but hopefully you know what I mean anyway! "First world problems" x100! Desktop version of that website, by the way, seems to show lap length automatically - whereas on mobile version there's a small, clickable, drop-down arrow to reveal it, as I've tried to demonstrate here:
  14. I pressed the buzzer first Peter and I'm sure the footage would back me up on that. However, in the interests of community spirit, I am willing to split the prize. You can have the running into and the drink (you might need the latter after the former, depending on if Steve's build like a brick (out)house or not?!) and I'll settle for the pat on the back - provided it's a gentle one in light of the aforementioned unknown...! Hope that's agreeable Steve? The mentions of Swaffham reminded me of a video or two I saw earlier in the year, from JCproduction - some or all of you might have seen them already, but whatever the case may be, just to share the links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4E4zevqQ-iI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ek1EUOokrfo
  15. Ah, not sure why yous are getting a firewall, sorry - but anyway it's a link to the Mildenhall 2002 F1 meeting page (on briscaf1stox.uk) in answer to your question as originally posed Steve... I'm on the edge of my seat here mind, best part of a day now waiting for an outcome, any Bullseye-style special prize if it's a "Yes", or...?! https://briscaf1stox.uk/website/tracks.php?t=30&menu=r&year=2002 (That probably won't work either but, you never know...!)
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