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  1. Stunning....simply stunning. Thanks for sharing the build Jake. The car is a credit to you and all involved. It looks brilliant and I can’t wait to see it in action. PS Keep away from car 45, you don’t want to dent it.
  2. RIP John. A talented driver and builder of one of the most iconic cars of the era. I remember it well and also the follow up which was distinctive but in another way....
  3. Thank you all involved. Nice to see Chris and Ed back. I remember Chris in the Lundy car with that awesome engine back in the day. Never knew why he packed so the interview has answered the question. Good luck to the lads in 2021.
  4. I hope you can use the sports centre car park but when I called in last week after visited a job close to Odsal, it is being used as a Covid testing site and the sports centre appears closed. If Startrax do a deal to use it and have security on I would gladly pay a couple of quid.
  5. Thanks for the great interview. Looking at the other three new cars previewed this week, and listening to people who have been introduced via Matts hire cars, or are just supported by Matts arrive and drive service, I can’t think of anyone who is doing more to help boost driver numbers and support fellow racers. Well done Matt!
  6. Well done Rob for telling the story. Good luck for the coming season
  7. Thanks for sharing Colin. Good luck for 2021.
  8. Welcome back after the shortest retirement in history. I recon you had a downer on after going into the wall when leading the WF.....
  9. Thanks Paul. i have enjoyed watching you race. Hopefully not to long until you are back.
  10. My head hurts with the if’s and’s and but’s of each possible scenario..... All I know is I have tickets for the first three meetings, if anything changes i’m sure it will be sorted fairly. One thing is definite and that is without a ticket for at least the first two meetings you won’t be inside the stadium.
  11. Not sure how you got the car out for the GN after that final...... Cool performance in the semi. Second row is the best place but needs a good start and a push. First bend may be the only chance you have to get out front. good luck.
  12. I am really pleased to see Joff returning. Always good entertainment.
  13. Fancy being off air when you win the final.......... Congratulations in order. The car doesn't look good in blue though. Keep up the good work.
  14. Great video. The car looks ace even without paint. Jakeys doing a fine job.
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