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  1. If we don't start until May there is still enough time to hold a few qualifiers before deciding on the semi's line up which can be held in August. Having paid for my two tickets early last year it would be good to think I could use them this season... BriSCA could always run qualifiers until early August and them run both semi's on the Friday night before the World Final and make a big weekend of it. I can't see loads of dutch cars coming over this year due to issues around Covid and possibly brexit travel related so the Friday meeting may need to be re-purposed.
  2. Thanks Paul, Don't bother buying a lottery ticket this week. You had no luck last night but the heat 2 final couple of laps was great!
  3. Great pictures. This is now very real and I can’t wait to see the place again.
  4. We had this conversation last night funnily enough. What would electric stock cars be like and how long can we continue with gas guzzling V8 race engines. Mrs Linky immediately said 'awful' and that the noise was all part of the overall experience and without it the racing would be less attractive. I have to agree with her, electric racing would be a whole different experience. I don't think we have anything to worry about in the near future but come 2020 and the advent of the banning of new petrol/diesel cars who knows. When the government announced this policy I thought that the mo
  5. Maybe we can make that extra step and do an email vote or an online poll......I agree that drivers who do say less than 10 meetings a year should have no vote as those who do not race often can’t dictate to those who do. Colin is right that the cream will always rise no matter what the rules but the objective must be to make costs accessible to those that want to have a go. At the moment costs prohibit many whether it be car spec or travel costs. As long as someone can compete at a reasonable level at a reasonable cost that’s fine. No one is going to be a superstar on a shoestring budget
  6. Whilst a single dual surface spec makes a lot of sense in terms of only needing one car, I’m not sure there is a burning desire amongst the majority of the existing drivers to go that way. Part of the problem is that the AGM is attended by so few drivers and there does not seem to be any mechanism for votes on car specs that include all drivers who race on a regular basis. The whole process of attending the AGM to vote seems long overdue for an overhaul to give a true representation. Without a firm plan to transition to a dual spec and someone in power to push it through I think specs wil
  7. Fantastic to have these updates. Jake is doing a brilliant job on the car. Thanks for the insights into the little details, most of which passes us all by when we are not involved in a team of are mechanically minded. Can't wait to see it sliding past me sideways at Odsal in April.
  8. Great interview with Chris. Thanks to Chris and all involved at BSCDA TV for bringing it to us. New car looks good and pleased to see 73 on it.
  9. I suspect a load of big tyres will be used as per Kings Lynn. They will cause the least damage to the pitch and would keep the cars of if there were enough of a lay-by created down the straights
  10. linky

    New Member

    Welcome Chris. Don’t be shy to chip in. Despite what some people say we are a friendly bunch.
  11. Brilliant news. The dream is now almost a reality. Well done to Startrax and all the contractors/helpers and people involved in the work to date. Hopefully Boris will say yes to April and hopefully lift to crowd restrictions so Steve can sell a few more tickets.
  12. linky

    Odsal Chat

    Fancy that pesky foreigner clogging up the track......ha Lundy would of won anyway, he was far quicker....
  13. linky

    Odsal Chat

    Brilliant. Finn was flying that night. Consider my appetite wetted.......
  14. Thanks for the updates. Things look to be progressing very well. Can’t wait to see the first pictures of the shale going down.
  15. linky

    Odsal Chat

    The previous fence Bammy built in 1977 was plate on wire from memory. Don't think it was changed until it was removed by the scrap men.
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