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  1. Deane keep it as it is it takes time i think it a good idea. You could change the name of track to the 396 brickyard. Like the 400 in usa Maybe latter down the road you could have speedway bikes. Northampton brickyard sound good to me. With a sprinkle of shale on top
  2. The advert is on youtube Lid evolution of crash helmet type that in if you want im sure its kingslynn
  3. Thanks for putting that picture on here Carl H... well you done it Nigel H happy for you. Message from the heart. Not many can say to get in a world final and get to red too. Yes there will be people on here saying blah did it and blah blah did it. But not a peoples champ three cheers for the champ hip hip hip hoora well done
  4. Hi bazzer the bar that runs over off side bar is a old idea when we have wire fence. The idea was when the bumper went through the fence the bar would lift the wire back over the wheel when the car back out. I suppose Ian Bond thinks he don't need it anymore because he will run at plated fence tracks. Im not sure about that though. Second Part is like you say it could be setting up from wet to dry plus not noticing race damage which would make you over weight or under depending were damage is on car
  5. Cliff 128

    45 retirement

    well done champ keep racing. red 45 would look good
  6. Cliff 128

    45 retirement

    At least you can say i came 3rd in grand final lol not last 3rd lol Yes time to packup while your on top all the best happy easter all on stoxnet
  7. Cliff 128

    Winter refurbs

    Nice job Nigel and everyone involved would be good if you can get to red this year all the best keep safe
  8. I did try to post the clip. Was hoping if someone could post it if possible if they seen it
  9. I was listening to bill burr on youtube then a advert came on there. It was about Bell crash helmets through the ages from 50s to present day. There was a woman riding a motor bike round a dirt track i was wondering if anyone has seen it it looks like kingslynn i might be wrong.
  10. Cliff 128


    Hi Nigel i see your dog has broken more records then you being the last dog ever on the track.I see it was looking for the rabbit what a champ dog i mean lol. No your champ too have a good newyear you and all
  11. Ive just realized . It looks like Sir Stu smith snr was building a car from nearly all the decades of racing.I mean you got wild cat there doo doo What a fantastic tribute you did Stu smith jnr and team did Race in paradise Stu smith snr Never forgotten champ
  12. Cliff 128

    sad news

    wow gutted Ron skid skinner top bloke in my youth. Race in Paradise Sir
  13. Cliff 128

    Agm !

    I didnt know that it been forced after the meeting yes it should be over time i agreed with you rb14
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