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  1. Home of Redcar Bears Speedway. Part of a complex like Birmingham Wheels but even bigger. Plenty of space for development of stock car track and in an industrial area. It's actually in Middlesborough.
  2. Just a couple of thoughts. Considering that we've more or less lost a whole seasons racing and therefore saved our travel, hotel and entrance monies, perhaps when racing starts again we should pay double entrance fees for the first year then revert back after that. With reduced attendance, promoters should at least cover their fixed expenses and the keen supporters will get to see some racing.
  3. What a cracking track (stadium facilities rubbish !) and fast racing. Great to see all the star men together - Lundy as usual "all or nothing".
  4. Stuart767

    tonight on tv

    Just watched the film. A simple story but some great early day stock car racing. Thanks for the tip off.
  5. Whatever anybody else says I think it's a great show. I make it more authentic by sitting in my stock car deck chair having my soup and sandwiches. There's no picnic police in our house !
  6. Where's our Nigel ? Has he really been banned ? Good to see the two star commentators are on the job again.
  7. Stuart767

    Rock Klondike

    Boozer's got the same big smile as old man Wainman !
  8. Can we have a points table please.
  9. Never used Facebook before so this was quite a treat. Now looking forward to next Saturday's meeting.
  10. It's a cracker - worked for me 13mins 53 secs.
  11. Stuart767

    What now?

    Which year is this August in ?
  12. What wet weather ? Two years running we had bright sunny weather and no rain.
  13. I too went on Saturday. A lot of very nice displays but not much atmosphere. Outdoor arena lacked the excitement of F1's and Loons we had last year. Best bit was picking up fixture lists for the various tracks and formulae. Met a few nice people especially from NI who were encouraging me to visit Nutts Corner for the Loons Irish Open and Masters in April. Willie's Heritage was brilliant, so too Gordon's new F2. Can't believe we'll get 3 years running of nice sunny weather, so probably won't go again next year (but could be persuaded if something changes).
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