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    2020 Fixture List

    Suprised nothing on mayday bank holiday May 8th (friday ) My birthday V E day celebration reason for move i believe.
  2. Hats off to all who braved the weather drivers, fans, trackstaff, tractor drivers etc in the event we got some superb racing, again 3 formulas would have sufficed especially as 95% left before the V8 final indeed many much earlier presumably having had enough. Rob needs to get some civil engineering done to drain the track on T2, straight into the surrounding ditch rather than relying on the infield soakaway , the large lake was rather dangerous and with the rain stopping after two races it still caused problems all afternoon however that is my only grumble the promotion put on a great show and I am giving a 10/10 for effort , Excellent race for the V8s with Gold so nearly going to the netherlands Top Marks to the the Spencers well done lads. DotD 120 for having a go back in that final for third even if it didn't work out and getting flack for it .One to watch out for! Race Ratin'........ saloons ,V8s And BriSCA F1s are magic so 10/10
  3. Great racing at skeg as ever but 3 formulas in october is enough........ for me it would be lose the two's just not enough. Seemed a bit of controversy in the mini gold with Brickley calling the result a joke. now, is it the transponder timing decides or if a car crosses the line having been spun round do we go back to any part of the car crossing first visually in front,as judged by the steward? Good to see Russell get a win on tar lets hope it s not 21 yrs before the next DotD 166 a final from right at the back is some achievment (even if we lost a few on the restart) Race Ratin' 8
  4. Good job we had drivers from all over prepared to race as local interest from drivers was sadly lacking . However the others dished up up a terrific meeting that went a long way in restoring faith in the decision to go to shale. Not a bad race all afternoon. Great wins for several hard triers who don't get much luck . DotD goes to 55 for his entertainment Race Ratin' 9 /10 Deane really has got the shale holding up well and the watering about right on a really sunny day. BIG thanks to all the dutch drivers for your support over here. Was told the BriSCA world final is in the Netherlands in 2021 if its not it should be.
  5. All credit to the dutch and NZ racers this was not a warm up it was white heat! £43 for a senior ticket was too much for the WF meeting . A check back and the 1997 world at bradford was £6 senior and £13 full price have things really gone up that amount? so Friday and sunday it was . DotD 618 Race ratin' has to be 9/10
  6. Great meeting just got a bit irritated with the watering ,seemed excesive to me and rewatering after just 3 or 4 laps in one case followed by the tedious 3 rolling laps just took the excitment down a bit. I know they have to consider the neighbours but it was blowing towards the fields. Hopefully the base of the track will be a bit damper by the wf weekend . Amazed they barely mentioned the friday meeting for the dutch and nz drivers hopey they will get well supported with so many coming from the Netherlands Bobby Griffin really is making his mark in BriSCA F1 now and looks as if his red roof is a keeper he gets my DotD Race Ratin' would have been 9 but for reasons mentioned 8 DotD 166 R/R 8
  7. Only 20 mins away so I knew it was going to be wet (hate wet shale) so left it until 10 past 2 to decide .I watched Brians Facebook walk and the drivers were so positive about racing they made the decision for me and in the end the racing was top notch stuff . DotD H229 Not going to try with his name. Race ratin' 9/10 Heros of the weekend all the mechanics getting cars out again and again in deplorable pit conditions . Take a bow lads .
  8. Can't believe a second euro meeting suffers from the rain in july!! lets hope it's 3rd time lucky next year . obviously much has been learnt by Deane and the track stood up much better but in the end the rain affected it. with no-one more dissapointed than the northampton shaleway team who had done so much prep. Race Ratin' 8/10 The drivers all gave it their best. DotD 55 Many spirited drives from lower graders 313 ,136,137, 93 to name a few but none able to last the distance . Oh and finally my gang of friends had 84 in second. maybe a video review could be done ?
  9. I remember Horry and Willie Harrison being reintroduced on the starting line in the 80s at Mildo having gone their separate ways and had not Raced at the same meeting albeit different formula for 25 years.
  10. Race Ratin 8 DotD mickey randell 172 top stuff from all 3 formulae
  11. The july speedweekend is a bit like a broken drum, very hard to beat . Sad to hear kyle picton in the saloons has a seriously broken leg and will be 6 months recovering and probably 12 for a full recovery following a side impact that got through the steelwork.My best wishes to him. Great to see robs team rewarded with a huge crowd on all 3 days . Now i like salooons, i like F2s but I love F1s so for me a few more would have been nice as the pits could have coped and you always get 4or 5 no shows, however i am knitpicking and you can get into big trouble for that. I hear health and safety are trying to ban the mexican wave ................. People are up in arms about it! Race ratin 8/10 DotD ashley england 346 I believe it was England v France so it has to be england !
  12. Remember it well, used to have the race on video it was a great last bender by John on Harry Smith who led for quite a few laps except the TV commentator had to Refer to Harry as the "blue top" through out as he was a late entry not on his driver list.
  13. I believe they have also put a new wire on top of the fence on the bends following the incident with the saloon that got over it.
  14. 4 years since my last visit at that meeting 2 new cars on show 318 speak and 499 Dave Allen neither at large in the ones now. One new car this time from the the 326 camp ( one tent short of a circus) the teams new slogan Enjoyed the racing did not watch the Rods but plenty going on in the pits. Did not like the shutting off of turns 3/4 for no apparent reason Ratin'7 /10. Minis on top form as usual DOTD great drives from 13, 532, 120 but blue is definitely the toughest to win from so ash England 346 gets the vote for a great heat and final
  15. Well worth the trip, great to get real stock car racing with big grids and 7races at a reasonable admission Hate it when a big race is won from pole like the other boring F1s on telly, however with all that mat has been through I was rather hoping it would happen except this is proper motor racing and Lee did what was expected of him and that well known phrase that's stock car racing is used by him once again. Think I will rate the racing as it should be, not rate the burgers or the car park or the commentator as using this can be incredible insulting to the drivers who put on such a good performance so 9 /10 Many good drives from various quarters but mat has got my vote So... DOTD mat 16 Race ratin' 9/10
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