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  1. Thanx Jane and crew . Great to see the meeting dominated by lower graders .
  2. stu1


    Thats what I did Carl. Fly , train from schipol to den helder. Bus is right outside of train station to get the ferry
  3. Having trouble atm getting the site updated . These are available through me still .
  4. Www.stusdesigns.com Or find me on Facebook Stusdesigns for more garments etc
  5. stu1

    2019 Fixture list

    Sat 27tth April clashes with the kings battle at blauwhuis so will be interesting to see who goes over
  6. 220 deserves it because of his performance but Im going with ssj purely because he carried on racing dispite of his injuries which he didnt know he had at the time Rr 8/10 Dod 390
  7. stu1

    World Final DVD?

    Did impact videos do one ? I think they have done the last few years
  8. stu1

    World final live

    Im sure somebody somewhere will have a stream going
  9. stu1

    Stusdesigns !

    Now live up and running
  10. From 12 noon my brand new webpage featuring an online shop etc goes live . All design needs from apparel to posters . Www.stusdesigns.com
  11. Been going for forty years obviously as a nipper with my parents first . My parents stopped going in 86 when smithy retired. But we went to most tracks nelson Bradford Leicester longeaton etc . I Started going regularly again in 93 when I passed my driving test (we went to the odd cov now and then from 87 to 92 ) . Missed 2 Coventry meetings since 93 to closure. Went to all skeg meetings when it was shale and all stokes before it closed and long Eatons and Northamptons . Travelled to a fair few others also inc Swindon Birmingham Hednesford Bradford Sheffield . Nowadays the reason I dont go to so many is..... 1.... money , which I think is mostly everybodies reason . Now I pick and choose as the money dont seem to stretch as far now. 2.... as many have also stated Coventry closing. I think it knocked the breath out of a lot of peoples interest. 3... I just cant be bothered to travel as far now to watch meetings in all honesty. However its not all doom and gloom. Northampton is 1/2hr drive and Lynn is 1.15 mins drive so still have 2 local tracks which I try and do all of them in the season . The only tar meeting I will be doing is wf at skeg only because I aint missed a world final for 15 odd years
  12. Ex 221 Shaun blakesmore car built by Craig
  13. 390 21 445 212 16 4 335 45 84 515 there you go top 10 in that order
  14. Then use cheaper suspension . Drivers moan nowadays about cost but surely its the drivers themselves that have made the sport more expensive because they spend more and more money trying to find that edge over everyone else.
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