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  1. We currently have a limited few copies signed by both Andy and Stuart. Please get your orders in for christmas and the signed copies will be on a first come first served basis. We also plan to have copies of the book available at the NEC show. Stu
  2. Stu 392

    55 Craig Finnikin

    Taken from the orc rules on duties of the Clerk of Course The Clerk of Course shall ensure that a fire extinguisher is automatically transported to allon track incidentsthat create a race caution or race suspension. Anyway thought this thread was about Craif Finikin !!
  3. Stu 392

    55 Craig Finnikin

    Jeremy you don't need to ask any questions. Simon trained me all those years ago and the clerk of Course always attends an overturned car with an extinguisher in any case.
  4. Stu 392

    55 Craig Finnikin

    Consistency !! Seems to me that this has been missing and also has anyone taken the time out to talk to Craig and has this matter been discussed we may never know and therein lies another problem, in these days of social media keep people informed it is stock car racing not MI5. Increasingly over the last few years I have been of the opinion why so secretive and what have we got to hide. So Craig believes he has an issue with his net and believes it is dangerous, he is an intelligent car constructer from a family steeped in history so what was the conclusions of the BSCDA and BMB discussions on his concerns. If I get told that rules are rules and this is what the rules book says then forgive me for falling off my chair laughing as I was told by a prominent Promoter during this year that rules are just a guide!! The point I am making here is we have a duty to look into the concerns and if needed amend the rules accordingly and this can be done mid season on health and safety grounds. Scrutineers should give their opinion on this, back in the day I rang Mick Wilkinson up regularly and asked these very questions and then would go to committee meetings and discuss possible concerns before they became an issue its called being proactive rather than reactive. Drivers historically can get a bee in their bonnet about issues however I always found that if you listen and discuss and then give a verdict and be consistent on ALL issues then they accept the outcome even if it is not the one they wanted. Common sense needs to prevail, the last time I was in an health and safety meeting the main focus of the meeting was just that common sense.
  5. H All the book will be available world final weekend from the Stuart Smith bus and from the 249 Joff Gibson bus both days. Lisa and the girls will be strolling round from time to time but wander over to the bus and get the boys to sign your copy Good luck to FWJ on the launch of his book looks like a lot of reading for people after the weekend. Stu.
  6. With the announcement that Stuart is not racing at Stoke the book will be available from the Joff Gibson 249 transporter only.
  7. Thank you Linky for the comments. There has been many more and has become overwhelming as the point of the book was to allow you the fans an insight into Stuart's life and as some have said warts and all. I am glad that those who have already had a copy are enjoying the book, "cant put it down", "read it twice", "so many great memories", "so sad at the end". You will laugh and cry and at some times will just say "really". The book will be available at the Stoke semi-final meeting from the 249 Joff Gibson bus or from the Team Smith bus, books are being signed by both the Smith boys and by myself so dont be shy if you want a signed copy. The book then goes on tour and will be available at Venray from the Mini Team transporter, go along and meet Andy, Lisa, the girls and Hilary herself who I am sure will share memories with you, if you want to get her going remind her of the fan club days "It used to drive me mad" or ask her about driving the bus. .
  8. Sorry no Knidle as yet. The book is going to be available from Team Smith transporter this weekend, think there is a big meeting on at Skegness.
  9. Thanks for the review Carl and the greatest pleasure I am getting is the positive feedback about the book . The research was also a high point as meeting all these old boys who had so much fondness for Stuart.It will be available at Kings Lynn and at both semi final meetings. Once agaon thank you for all the great comments.
  10. Just to keep everyone up to date the book will be available at Kings Lynn. You can still order a copy by post and we are investigating a link to the account as we speak. Thank you to all for the kind comments I am genuinely pleased that you are enjoying it. Stu
  11. Thank you Adrian glad you enjoyed it. NOTE if you are paying by paypal you must include your address in the notes box otherwise I dont know where to send the book, so far 8 of you have not provided me with an address. Cheers Stu
  12. sorry for not posting earlier but been mad busy. Firstly thank you for all the kind comments about the book my main goal was to tell a story of what Stuart's life was away from the tracks and how he was moulded into what he became. Some books are going to be going over to Venray and trying to organise Texel as well for our Dutch friends so keep your eye out for an announcement. To order by post you will need a paypal account and you need to pay under family and friends the total amount of £23,50 that covers P&P. My account is stuart.milnes@btinternet.com many thanks.
  13. Thank you, I think there will be a few who never had the pleasure of seeing Stuart race but this book gives an inside look to his life.
  14. The wait is over this coming Sunday the book is being launched at Belle Vue. A fitting place as it was the scene of Stuarts many triumphs and disasters the old Belle Vue. We are planning on getting the 69 world winning car there. The cover price is £20 and details about mail order will follow after the weekend.
  15. Stu 392

    Stuart smith book

    Update: I have a meeting with the printers this afternoon and I am currently rushing about inserting photographs and awaiting a foreword and then the presses should start printing hopefully in the coming week. I know you have all been waiting and to be fair so have I it has been a mammoth task and only right to take the time it has taken. Stu
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