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    f1s and beer in a close fought race for the number 1 spot.
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    been following f1s since 2 days old, first meeting nelson what a great introduction to the sport.
  1. juz65

    Following in rule.

    It happened to a current F1 driver he got a lengthily ban and had to pay a big amount of money to race again and if he misbehaved again he would lose his money but if behaved for 6 months he would get his money back. He got his money back so this action obviously worked.
  2. Jack used to be a top notch go karter and a couple of is said when he first started racing he would suit tar better.
  3. juz65

    Driver Turnover

    Funds to get the shale engine sorted for next year was last he said to me.
  4. It is very inconsiderate of Dan to have to earn a living aside from his racing. A 3 month ban at least ? He must be paying himself double time then with it being a bank holiday.
  5. As Dan Johnson said 'support belle Vue' ........oh hang on has he booked in yet?
  6. juz65

    engine failures

    Sure Nige said he was using the current MSD box last season and didn't have any problems with it.
  7. There is cue gardens (snooker n pool) Richard Dunn sports centre (swimming and gym) KFC, hill top chippy and top house (food and drink) and guide post hotel (accommodation) all in that area so no need for anything else in that area. Bring back the stock cars instead lol.
  8. So Nigel green current F1 445 dad's old transporter.
  9. Cheers blooming auto predict lol.
  10. Done lol. It's Somewhere in Staffordshire.
  11. Anyone any clue how to make a pic smaller it saying its to big now lol
  12. Ok where's the pic gone lol
  13. This popped up on barn finds page on FB anyone shed any more light on it? Cheers
  14. juz65

    Mat Newson

    Will he be able to keep his hands clean tho lol.
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