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  1. John119

    Colin North

    Posted yesterday on the BBC news website in case you've not seen it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-50457285
  2. For clarity there was a serious incident on track, but non-racing, and it happened at the end of the U25 race, and lead to the meeting being abandoned. There was a heavy presence from West Mids emergency services, both ambulances and police. My comment is a statement of witnessed fact, and not speculation, and as I say just to help clarify.
  3. Fantastic meeting, but am choosing to go with my head and not my heart, and adopt a similar pattern to my Stoke rationale. I'm a big Bobby Gee fan, but gave it to 259 for Stoke. And I have to give this to Matt 16. But Bobby was on it, and deserved his 'podium', such a talented youngster, looking forward to seeing him in the U25 @ Wheels. And I couldn't work out the permeatations as to who could win, but depending how the National finished and associated rate of attrition (you better look that one up Ken P), I believe that any of Tom, Frank, Lee, Bobby or Matt covered have won the spoils that night. Fantastic (my fav. word BTW) to take it down to the last race of the last meeting. And congrats to Tom, an undeniable epic season. DotD 16 RR 10 And clever 'ole Nealius does it again :-)
  4. Fantastic Broadsword, bring me a quids worth tomorrow to the Vue, I'll pay cash, we can do a thermos to thermos transfer. If you have a decaff variant I'd prefer that. Thank you kindly.
  5. Sometimes I do like to write a lot when there's no need. Is it just attention seeking? Really all I need to say is... BRING IT ON
  6. Its simple , dont open the thread if you dont like the content, nothing worse than the old This thread should be locked BS , DONT READ IT , the world will still revolve without you clicking that button , I'm with Ozzy on this, don't like, don't read it Ken. And to your comment, 'can people not read' well maybe if you read or LOOKED at your response, you might have wanted to change an O for a C. Just an observation, can't beat a bit of irony :-) It's £2 people, that's a coffee in 'Spoons with lots of change and refills, it's a large coffee in McD with change, it's a coffee in Gregg's and for 90p more you can have a steak slice, and I'm guessing is half a cup in Costa... I like to metricise things in coffee units (you might want to look up metricise Ken to check my spelling (I was going to right smelling there just as a jolly japer)) ;-).
  7. Nealius, the Stoxnet poet laureate and resident wordsmith strikes again . I doth my northern cap (its a bit like Dick van Dyke's in Mary Poppins) in reverence
  8. My first, and of course my last visit to Stoke. What a meeting, with 1, 515, 445, 166, 212 on it. Lot of people going for Bobby G, one of my favs, but it has to be Paul H for me all the way. He gapped Tom and held it, no mean feat. RR: 10 Dotd: 259
  9. Short and sweet from me, excellent meeting. But the young Dutch man was awesome, 18 years old! RR 9, DOTD H880.
  10. Cor names on there that drag you back: Hoss the Boss; John Park; John Thorpe; Andy Stott with the mini aero foil if I remember rightly. But where is 515 ??? Who beat him in his debut season?
  11. I'm with Bry on this one. Some of us - that's me would happily lose an hour of two in the pits chatting to the teams and being a general nuisance. There would be a number of drivers who would let your kids sit in the cars, we are an incredibly family orientated sport, make the most of it. Gates open early, no queues to get in. Other than formal seating areas and the camping chair brigade, IMO you can go virtually anywhere at a meeting and get a good vantage point, at any time up to 10s before the racing starts. For me I'd set off aiming to arrive by 3ish, knowing that even with a delay (apparently that 3 landed super highway I think is called Motorway 6 has I've been told had a delay or two over the years) I should still get there in time having missed nowt. But then if you were to say to me racing tonight would be til midnight, my response would be fantastic. I sometimes take my little ones with me, they're well behaved and don't moan, well when I say little my daughter and son are a bit on the short @rse side even at 25 and 22 respectively. Their mother made good money years ago in the travelling circus as a dwarf in the bizarre section, and of course her beard helped...those were the days. Reality TV has killed the good old fashion freak show, poor Billy Smart's turning in his grave. I seemed to wandered off topic here some how. Anyway must dash, Charlie Cairoli documentary is on Big Top channel+1 (freeview 2222), a must see for us travelling folk.That reminds me need to get some Duraglit, the chrome on the caravan is looking a bit tarnished. Oh and I guess I should tax the transit, but that'd mean I'd have to MOT it, can't be @rsed, never bothered before, why should I start now...
  12. Cat got your tongue Nealius :-)? I personally expect more from this writing legend...
  13. I'm in Paul Moat's camp after watching the YouTube clip. At turn 3 445 was trying to overtake on the outside, then was balked by them both at turn 4 / start of home straight. To me he was just looking to get passed, and landed a lucky 2 for 1 hit in turn 1/2. See nothing malicious at all, at worst some frustration having not been able to pass them in the previous corners. As someone once said at sometime 'That's all folks' I mean 'That's stock car racing'.
  14. John119

    Stuck on 13.

    I remember Wilf 75 winning a heat or consolation at the Vue as a blue top, he took the chequered flag and stopped immediately, didn't do the lap to the red lights, got out of the car and was beaming. Don't know if that was the same win, but don't remember a jogging lap? For your info Nige, Wilf must have been in his 70s and still racing, ran (Blundell's) a very successful coach holiday business, and what always struck me was while everybody else's coach converted transporters were aged and well worn, his relatively speaking was brand spanking. As an up to date comparison, everyone had a coach that looked like Sir Geoff's 215 (with no disrespect to the 215 rig at all), and he turns up like Greeny (but in the single deck equivalent). Things you remember as an 11 year old, who was awestruck by the sport and the drivers :-)
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