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  1. Thought you were going very well until this.... and yes I heard it go too!
  2. RacePixels, in association with Mike Greenwood's Photostox website, have just released the latest in their Trump Card series, Brisca F1 Stock Car Legends. Using the extensive Photostox archives we have charted the progress of the sport from the early pioneers through to the current day legends of the sport. Many thanks to Mike, and to official F1 Stock Car grader, Nigel Anderston for their invaluable input. As usual in this series there are 40 cards containing a photo and statistical data about the driver. They are in a clear plastic case and instructions how to play the game are included in the pack. Each pack costs £7.99 plus postage and can be ordered from. RacePixels Trumps The drivers included in this set are Fred Mitchell, Aubrey Leighton, Bert Finnikin, Andy Smith, Doug Cronshaw, Frankie Wainman Snr, Frankie Wainman Jnr, George Ansell, Trevor Frost, Alan Wardropper, Len Wolfenden, Tony Neal, Ron Rogers, Ellis Ford, Jim Esau, Mick Noden, Ray Tyldesley, Brian Powles, Ken Freeman, Nigel Whorton, John Hillam, Dave Chisholm, Johnny King, Glyn Pursey, Gary Castell, Mark Gilbank, Rob Speak, Peter Falding, Paul Harrison, Dave Berresford, Murray Harrison, Bobby Burns, Rob Cowley, Stuart Smith, Stuart Smith Jnr, Willie Harrison, Dave Mellor, Doug Wardropper, Mike Close & John Lund.
  3. It appears there were some programmes at Birmingham on Saturday that had several pages missing from them, some were returned and replaced on the night but there may be others, "Simon" alluded to it in the racing rating thread which has now been locked. If there was no race schedule in yours then there was a bunch of pages missing. If anyone is at Northampton on Sunday and would like it replaced please go to the Dave Gamble Wulfsport/Trackshop on Turn one with the defective copy and it will be replaced. Many thanks Matt
  4. These are now available from: http://www.racepixels.co.uk/trumps Regards Matt
  5. Yes, noticed the Nickolls spelling! They are now available to order from www.racepixels.co.uk/trumps . Many thanks to Nigel Anderson for helping with some of the stats....!
  6. Stupid - but I never even thought to look at one of the hundreds of pics I have of the car! Doh! Just reacted to seeing a few different versions on the various sites, including the BDSCA one! Many thanks....
  7. Hello - Am getting some F1 Stock Car Trump card sets done in time for Christmas and just need to get quick confirmation of the correct spelling of 172 - Micky (or Mickey) Randall (or Randell) ! Seen all versions in various programmes & lists...!
  8. It does frustrate me that authorities seem to move heaven and earth to relocate football clubs and other sports are totally ignored. Arena Essex is another case in point. If you read Thurrocks plans for the area there is a plan in place for homes to be built on the Arena Essex site. There is a single sentence in the extensive plans relating to the current motor sport facility which says something along the lines of "The current motor racing circuit will be removed". Look at the other plans for the area and there is a proposal for a much smaller housing development on the site of the Thurrock Football club. Look down those plans and there is the line "This development would only gain approval if the football club can be relocated somewhere else in the borough". Let alone Tax payers paying for West Ham to move into their new stadium. Hundreds of tracks have disappeared over the years, from full blown stadia to farmers field dirt tracks, the difference now is that there aren't new ones coming along to repace them. Birmingham, Arena and Wimbledon, all look at threat and nothing can replace any of them - It's definitely a worry. From the moment that the West Midlands Probation service pulled out of Wheels the writing has perhaps been on the wall. Promoters could fight their corner much more effectively if the track genuinely was providing a need for the local community - developers would still try to develop but might meet more resistance from councils who would also also be more tolerant of other inconveniences like noise and traffic.
  9. Mine are now on www.racepixels.co.uk Also there were Paul Tully, Steve Botham, Dave Bastock, Mike Greenwood (F1s) and Stu Bishop (Bangers). Regards Matt
  10. I have just listed quite a few of the early (A5) Short Circuit magazines on Ebay and there will be quite a few more going online soon. Link to my items Regards Matt
  11. Some more Brisca F1 stuff added today to RacePixels Retro. Includes Frankie Wainman Jnr trying to leap the Hednesford fence in 1988.... and 1989! Matt
  12. I was sure Williams also experimented with a 6 wheeler, with 4 wheels at the back, a quick internet search confirms it.... banned 6 wheelers Some pics of the heritage F1 Stock Car.... Regards Matt
  13. As well as photos from the NEC at the weekend we have also started a RacePixels Retro portion of the website which has begun with a spectacular roll from Les Spencer at Hednesford in the late 80's. Stop by and take a look. RacePixels Regards Matt
  14. Have just uploaded some of my photos to the Stoxnet galleries - There are more on the RacePixels website. I think the shows were very different, certainly throughout the day I attended (Saturday). The one where Jenson Button was brought out in a truck by Terry Grant apparently brought the house down and the atmosphere was electric. He was meant to have done more than just the one of the shows but got help up in the main show signing autographs. For his part Terry Grant blew the motor in one of his cars in the first show on Saturday which meant that he couldn't do an awful lot in the subsequent shows, although a VW Beetle was hastily despatched from his base to the NEC so he could do his 2 wheeled stunt later on. I thought the track format (more of a square than an oval) proved great for the Rod formulas - didn't affect the F2s as they cut half of it out anyway and probably did adversely affect the F1s a tad. Regards Matt
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