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  1. Matt

    Driver Number 115

    Craig McLoughlin is the driver. He's raced F1 on and off over the last few seasons in a Newson hire car, mainly at Birmingham and Hednesford plus a Skegness I think
  2. My mum used to run my dads fan club and my uncles. She did the newsletters that were posted out along with things like rosettes and badges. Also all members received a signed christmas and birthday card of the car signed by my dad and uncle.
  3. Not forgetting Willie Harrison - racing continuously from 1954 to 1990 and still mixing it with the best right through to the end. Also probably the only guy from 1954 that is still seen regularly around the tracks to this day
  4. Dave Chisholm - 3 World Final wins in a row. Ian Storer - one of the best starters ive ever seen. Potentially people like Jayne Bean and Lisa Harter. Both girls were red tops in the 90s and every bit as good as any man. They had respect from everyone. Tanya Crouch - she was a bit of celebrity in the 50s
  5. Other current drivers that raced with Stuart are 2 Paul Harrison 244 Mick Rogers 280 Colin Nairn 401 Mark Wareham 424 Mike Heywood 460 Chris Cooke
  6. Mine was 1985 at Bradford and ive not missed one since. Dads was 1962 at Belle Vue and he also hasn't missed one since. My granddad went to the 1956 World Final at Belle Vue. He used to tell me stories of how he enjoyed it in the 50s and 60s.
  7. Matt

    World champions

    Not necessarily. Keith went on to win the European during his reign with the gold roof and Murray won World and European all in the same year
  8. Matt

    World champions

    Certainly nobody expected a very young Andy Smith to win at Bradford. Especially in his tarmac car after destroying the shale car the previous week. Also Keith Chambers was a big shock at Hednesford the following year. Murray Harrison was another that springs to mind at Coventry. Great memories
  9. Matt


    So im guessing by that, were not likely to be seeing F1 or F2 there in 2020 ?
  10. Matt

    World Final tickets

    Just done mine as well. I rung up about 3pm and couldn't believe how many had already been sold. Virtually the whole back row had gone. We got one of the last few
  11. Matt


    Gendt was a great track. I went there twice in the 90s. Great racing from the F1s and F2s and also the rodeo cars. One of the meetings I went to we had an amazing battle between Kroonder, Keijzer, Wobbes and Bimmell which eventually saw the 10 car being heavily despatched in the fence right in front of where we were sitting. Great memories
  12. Dan Coleman raced last year in a Aaron Leach car
  13. Last time I saw saloons at Sheffield there was at least 1 post down in every race. This was a good few years ago however so they might be different nowadays. I know they have raced at Wimbledon and Great Yarmouth in recent times which are also post and wire tracks so it can't be that much of a problem
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