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  1. F1, less engine and box. ex-333 car, Transit front axle, MULTI LINK SUSPENTION, LD Rear axle, Coils all round, Alli Rad, LDV steering box, Few spares. Reasonable offers or would swap for a BriSCA ministox.Contact Nick Jagger on 07881825672.
  2. 333Sam

    A Big Thank You

    On behalf of Nick, myself, Amy and the Jagger family, I would just like to say thank you so much, for all the kind words and thoughts that have been posted on Stoxnet about Joe Jaggers death. It has given us much comfort reading your messeges and hearing of your memories of such a lovely man. Thank you all once again. Sam, Nick and Amy.
  3. 333Sam

    Mark Peters

    Get well soon Mark hope you're soon on the mend. From Nick and Sam Jagger (team 333)
  4. Hi Kay would love to do it again this year really enjoyed it last year but unfortunatley Nick blew the engin up last week at Buxton, big style too, there isn't much left of the inside of it. We all know the lads aren't very forthcoming at lending them out!!
  5. 333Sam

    Sam Lund

    What can I say, other than thinking of all of Sam and James's family and friends at such a difficult time. What a tragic loss of two so young. R.I.P. From Sam, Nick Jagger (333)
  6. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed for a full and speedy recovery Sam. Best wishes and positive thoughts to all the family. From the 333 team.
  7. That's a fantastic photo Big N scarey or what!!!!
  8. As last time we all met what a fab night. Thanks Carla food great, we all really enjoyed it. These doo's are such a laugh, after several largers and a rather large shot of Jagermeister still managed to get up at 6.30 this morning to go to work. Thanks whitevanman, great picture of me and Jo.
  9. The very first car I was allowed to drive after passing my test was my mums TRIUMPH DOLOMITE didn't like it cos I couldn't stop it at road ends. My first car was a V reg VW POLO ( didn't work when it rained ) I had to stop and spray everything under the bonnet with WD40 at the slightest sign of rain. Then I had an A reg FIAT UNO most relayable car ever,had it 3 years never broke down once or needed anything doing. Traded that against a Fiesta 1.3 got married had a baby pram wouldn't fit in the boot. Next was the only brand new car I ever owned an S reg ROVER 200 in that really nice shimmering purple/blue. Bigger boot go pram in. That wasn't fast enough so we got a ROVER 200 2ltr SDi went like AUTOMATICALLY DELETED WORD off a shovel. Got bored with that fancied something different now drive a MITSUBISHI SHOGUN (also gets used to tow Nicks F1) Inbetween all these Nick's had : chevette Mk2 Escort mini capri sierra saphire and his pride and joy a triumph stag that he spent 5 years restoring for some "NICE PERSON" to nick.
  10. thank goodness someone found Hoolie I wasn't at Kings Lynn on saturday but I bet it was no fun on that Stirky bus when Shaunie realised Hoolie was missing
  11. Hi all, Nick has asked me to say thanks to everyone who voted for him, the tyre is most welcome, anything like this is such a big help to us (as he takes part in this sport on a shoestring) I think he really enjoyed the lap of honor, might be a while before he does that for winning a race but fingers crossed. Anyway thanks again.
  12. Thank goodness some of you have spoken out. I was only there on Sunday but was totally gutted we didn't do the whole weekend. This event could never have shown all formulas of racing how we usually see them belting round a small track crashing and banging into each other as the track just wasn't built for stockcars, but everyone who took part in the races did a fantastic job. It opened my eyes as to how many different kinds of racing and cars there are out there. (F1's were still the best though) Lets hope they can do something so we can race properly there, the stadium and facilities are wonderful.
  13. Put us down for 2 to start with. Nick's sister might be comming (she's the one who works for Jagermeister) so there may be plenty more of the evil drink if she comes with us. Not fussy as to which menu, what ever is easier.
  14. That was great thanks, you don't know whats going on behind you when your out there. I don't think we were that bad to watch.
  15. Which is more than can be said for the boys. Although I was hearing that in my dreams for the week before. Pitty he didn't take any notice. Didn't mean that nastily he wasn't looking forward to racing on Sunday because of the fence.
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