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    17 miles from Saddlebow Road & also 17 miles from Skegness (as the crow flies).
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    F1 spectating mostly at my local track, also to any circuit that has a meeting worthy of the traveling. Being a self taught mechanic I embarked on building a Robin Hood Kit car in 2000, getting it through the S.V.A.test & enjoying trips out when time & fine weather permits.
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    Fan since 1964..
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    Started spectating in 1964 at Great Yarmouth( Spedeworth),was hooked on stock car racing! Although I have been to many F1 Grand Prix all over Europe I still cannot get our form of racing out of my blood.(Not that I would want to). I will remain loyal to Brisca whilst fit & able to do so..
  1. Now that the subject has been brought up by Carrot Cruncher. I must tell you of an incident that happened a few years ago at Saddlebow Road. I was spectating at the back strait under cover in my usual spot, when my friend with me, (who shall remain nameless of course) said "Shall we go & get some refreshment from the trackside café". We ordered some food & decided to put some tomato sauce on our burgers etc. I put mine on & passed the sauce bottle to my "friend". As the bottle was almost empty, he decided to give it an almighty shake. Unfortunately my hand was underneath the bottle & he gave it a terrific smack onto the windowsill. This has been a longstanding joke for several years. I think I still have the bruise to prove it.
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    Rock Klondike

    Sorry Carrot Cruncher, I have had other things to worry about recently BUT I whole heartedly agree with the previous comments re Colin "Willie" Barnes. He is the salt of the earth & you would be hard pressed to find a nicer chap. I once called at his car spares emporium looking for a starter motor for an old Skoda that I was using for work transport.. He took me to a BIG pile of starter motors, rummaged around & found two. He said "one of these are suitable for your requirements. Let me have the one back that you do not need". How many breakers would give you that kind of service. Great family.
  3. gerry cole


    I did not know Mick personally , but used to see him at many meetings. I always find it sad to hear of the loss of one of our Stock-Car family. Condolences to his family & friends. RIP Mick.
  4. There has been much talk about the cost of running stadiums with only a few dates being used during each month be it for Stock Cars, Bangers & Speedway. With the sad state of stadiums closing or being at risk. It is refreshing to see that the Adrian Flux arena is able to attract a different kind of racing activity. I'm sure the extra income will be welcome & we must encourage the use of "our" stadiums for others to enjoy their form of motorsport. I was not able to get to Saddlebow Road to witness this event but hope to later if they return.
  5. I'm at a loose end so thought I would add my comments earlier than usual. This corresponding meeting last year was voted the "Meeting of the year". Just on the votes we have at the moment this one looks like it may equal last years meeting. I think most fans last year were tempted to visit Saddlebow Road because of the booking list & the fact that King John the 8th was included in it. This year had the added attraction of the Saloon Stox " Driver of the Year " final. Most fans know how well they put on a show clattering the wall at every opportunity. As others have mentioned the format was a bit disappointing, & it may have been a bit better if the races were alternated. But we had to live with what we were given. I was hoping Barry Russell would get the Driver of the Year in the Saloon Stox, Just for the dedication & travelling he puts in on a regular basis to entertain us ( Even trying to join the crowd a few meetings ago when he clambered over the fence during the race. It was also great to see Nigel 45, get some decent results for a change. He certainly deserves more success for the effort he puts in. The running "lap of Honor" gave the large crowd a few laughs. Well done Nigel. Hope you get the chance to do it again soon. It was a bit exciting to say the least when John Lund was chasing Nigel. I wanted BOTH to win as did one or two fans around me. As I have said before, I would make myself available to help put the pits strait stand roof back on when John wins a race. Last night was getting close to my services being required. It was hard work for some of the "Shoot-out Drivers". Tom has been "the man to beat" for quite a while now, & this weekend was no different. Lee came very close to upsetting the World Champions attempts to winning every race he entered. The speed & car control by Mick Sworder is something we all love to enjoy to see. This meeting was no different. He did his best to upset the apple cart, causing havoc on his way. Keep doing it Mick, we love it. The situation with Nigel Green taking out race leaders when he himself is a backmarker has brought a lot of comments on Facebook. It has been done many times before in other formulas & seems to be disliked by many. Unfortunately, for some it looks like it is within the rules so we have to put up with it. That's my thinking of a fantastic meeting, when most fans went home knowing they had witnessed a great night racing. Even the weather behaved it's self. My D ot Day..45 Nigel...Hope your luck continues . My Racin' Ratin'..10/10...Looking forward to next seasons racing at BRISCA'S premier shale circuit..
  6. I said that I would update any info on the Sutton Bridge situation if I heard or see anything. Well I have just seen on another post that the resurfacing WILL BE CONTINUING OVER THE WEEKEND. It is advising drivers to take the A1101 from Long Sutton to Wisbech & then the A47 to King's Lynn as I had previously stated (above). The road WILL NOT be closed BUT will be controlled by traffic lights which will cause lengthy delays. Please remember the meeting starts with the Saloon Stox "Driver of the Year" race at 5.30pm. Sorry to be giving this news, PLEASE LEAVE EARLY IF POSSIBLE & ENJOY YOUR RACING AT SADDLEBOW ROAD.
  7. It is possible that there may be delays this weekend on the A17 due to the road being re-surfaced on the swing bridge. It had been causing long delay recently. But work had been suspended & has now been restarted this week. I'm NOT sure if the traffic lights controlling the works will be in use over the weekend. I have looked on the relevant sites but have NOT come to a definite answer. Perhaps more news will be forthcoming nearer the weekend. It had been advising drivers to take the A1101 from Long Sutton to Wisbech, then the A47 to King's Lynn. Using this route may add about a half hour onto your journey. If I can find out an update nearer the weekend I will post it on this thread. Safe travelling.
  8. Got there nice & early to soak up the atmosphere in the pits. The Dutch lads & lasses seem so laid back & very friendly. Great nights racing that can hardly be bettered Saturday evening. Much work going on during the week when I passed by to pick up the latest "T" shirt which I wore with pride. Track was worked on by the crew right up until start time. Then fantastic racing all evening by both groups. Saloons as manic as ever. Full marks to 600 Barry Russell for making his usual long trek from Scotland to his second home that is Saddlebow Road Stadium. As has been said before, Manic racing by the Dutch & New Zealand drivers on a track only a few of them know. My Racin' Ratin'... 9/10.. My D ot Day...H61....Looking forward to Saturdays events. Then we can do it all again here next year.
  9. I was so looking forward to this meeting after a long gap in F1 racing at my local track. I did venture to Buxton for the Semi final & made a two day trip of it. I was surprised & possibly excited even to see almost 80 cars booked in at Saddlebow Road for what was likely to be an exciting affair. Then the F2's booked in good numbers causing the cancelling of the mini stox. It was a great pity for the young lads & lasses in that formula, BUT pit space was at a premium. Other contributors (above) have covered most of my feelings so I will just say that I too was pleased to see 137 Sams drive in the consolation Semi. Also the brave attempt by 415 Russell Cooper to qualify. Best meeting of the year for me so far. Bring on the World Final.. I'm ready.. My Dot Day..166..Bobby Griffin. A star in the making.. My Racin' Ratin'..10/10....
  10. tonywayne. If your looking for someone who has NOT won the World Final before & would "turn-up" at most meetings you must be thinking of MAT NEWSON. After all it was car number 16 that won the Belgian Grand Prix last weekend. Come on Mat, it's yours to be taken.
  11. Many thanks Hary for great results service. Congratulations to ALL UK drivers taking part today & good luck for tomorrow.
  12. My first meeting at Buxton for a few years. I was a bit concerned about the weather as my wife was to accompany for her first meeting for at least two years. We arrived about 2.45 to make sure we were undercover as we had spent an hour or so in Bakewell for lunch etc en route. We need not have worried about that as there was plenty of space. Had my usual wander around the pits to speak to a few drivers & other spectators. As others have said the F1's were a bit tame, But I think that is how Semi Finals tend to be these days with drivers just making sure they qualify rather than going all- out for that win. Paul Hines being an exception to that, although FWJ did manage to re-take him for the win. My Dot Day 180..Courtney Witts. My Racin' Ratin'..6/10..
  13. I cannot really comment on the Semi Finals, as I have not attended that many of them. I did get to Buxton & found it a bit processional apart from Paul Hines managing to get past Frankie for a lap or two, BUT with Ryan not too far behind perhaps being content with second was a wise move. I think the large influx of Dutch drivers coming over in September is due to them having a possible 3 days of racing. Ok, you will NOT get all 68 on World Final day but I'm sure there will be enough of them to make them selves known over the weekend.
  14. Bri, I understand what you are saying but it seems like you are condoning the "follow-in". I personally think it should be totally outlawed. There is no place for this kind of aggression in our sport. Looking at the cost of cars I'm sure no one wants to see excessive damage & possible injury. For once I think Spedeworth have got it right.
  15. These photos look terrible. The car (& driver) have sustained a great amount of damage.Speedy recovery Declan. This is totally uncalled for. I personally think that ALL tracks should have at least two & half feet of plating or Armco from the track surface. I also realise this would be an expensive task. But we must think of the safety aspects of all concerned at our tracks. I also think that ANY driver who is guilty of this should not only be "loaded up" but also serve a lengthy ban. We all want to leave a track intact & able to go home without injury whichever side of the fence we are on.
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