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  1. Calvin

    Orange Bumpers

    Julian, Tom had a black ribbon on the back of his car. Please think before typing such comments.
  2. That wont work as we saw at KL last year!
  3. I doubt it was the police, it would have been traffic wardens
  4. Nigel, Jake looks super smooth in that car! One for the future I reckon.
  5. I have seen the state of the terraces after meetings with rubbish strewn everywhere. To be frank there are so many lazy people at stock car meetings with no respect for the promotor who will simply just throw their rubbish on the floor (I have seen it myself many times). I do see how the guys at Skegness get frustrated! It doesn't take much to take your rubbish home and if everyone did this there wouldn't be an issue.
  6. Calvin

    Race receivers

    It must be a poor system if you cant her it when racing. They use this in Nascar which are about 3 times louder than an F1
  7. Would it not be easier to order your tickets online first? I dont think stock car crowds are big enough to warrant opening ticket offices up a day early.
  8. Wore my John Lund t shirt at the nascar night race in Bristol TN a couple of years ago.
  9. Calvin

    Sad news

    Dreadful news. Thinking of Simons family in these difficult times.
  10. Calvin

    Second Semi

    Both semis on shale then 🤫
  11. best bit of news I've seen on here for a while. Might even go to the Euros next year now!
  12. Calvin

    Rob Cowley

    Would you believe it. I was reading this on Sunday before going to the pub next door to where i live in Crick. I walked in and there was Rob and Chris at a function!
  13. Good on you Nigel and Paul. Never give in while it still stands.
  14. Doesn't look like its been updated this year much.
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