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  1. Jason 396

    New brighton

    Never seen these before, thanks 👍
  2. Who would have the most powerful battery?
  3. Good to listen to working in isolation I think during the early 90’s Peter’s cars were my favourite, I remember the high revving noise of his small block at Odsal 👌 Excellent thanks 👍
  4. Thanks, I think my age is creeping in.
  5. Good interesting interview, was he the pink panther?
  6. Good interview thanks, keeps us going in these COVID times👍
  7. Jason 396


    As long as they don’t have the logs, I might have another go 😂
  8. I think they did it with rims and spacers, ld and fg. But I don’t think there was any narrowing back them. So probably not to the extent of Nigel’s axles. Im just picking up on what I heard that day🤔
  9. Hello and thanks, If it makes the sport boring well I understand that. But I do remember being stood at Hednesford listening to Stu Smith snr and Doug, we hadn’t been for a while, Stu said to Doug “You know how we used to widen our axles? well now they don’t do that, they narrow them and on tarmac it’s like karting.” So I’m not sure what to think Maybe tyres are another factor?
  10. Yes another enjoyable and interesting interview, so thank you. Nigel’s story is not uncommon, where an idea which doesn’t cost much money and anyone could use, leads to a change of rule. And unfortunately lead to a talented driver taking a year out and I imagine he questioned returning. I would have thought the sport needs to encourage innovators not ban their ideas, especially when the ideas beef up the competition, don’t cost thousands and thousands and really move the sport forward.
  11. Yes thanks Rod👍👍
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