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  1. Its not. First race is 1530 but I would be ready about 1520 just in case.greyhounds arent done until 2 hence the 1530 start time
  2. Pretty sure it was all wire and post back in 2002. Will be very sad and a bit emotional commentating on the last ever stoke. I love the place, great racing in anything with a reasonable number of cars and some great people. Wont be giving a long speech but prepare for a bit of reminiscing...
  3. Agreed Carl, but I have been holding back on my traditional 'support formula' comment. đŸ˜‰Hence why the meeting will hopefully get a decent crowd and be viable for the promoter. If I wasnt engaged elsewhere I would be there for sure. But it doesnt do anything to solve the issues I raised earlier. It seems every meeting has to have something above grading points to be viewed as worth attending. Two dozen ones at hednesford with good complimentary formulas ticks my boxes
  4. This is the problem. In order to incentivise a diminishing pool of drivers to attend every meeting has to have something on it. We cannot have a domestic with nothing on it anywhere apart from kings Lynn it seems without numbers on both sides of the fence dropping alarmingly. And yet people post that we should be going to new tracks. No. What should be happening is that costs are reduced and the driver base increased. Then maybe these meetings would be supported. Anyone who read the 515 comments in the world final program cannot fail to agree that reducing speeds would reduce costs. Its a no brainier. Maybe then we could run more meetings with grading points on them. I am sure that the people running the sport only have its best interests at heart. But the path we are going down is one the National hot rods trod before us. I love watching hot rods but rarely see them as 20 meetings a year make it hard to watch them regularly. Something needs to change.
  5. For me its simple. If asha and rob say you can bring a small amount of food in for your own consumption as well as juice or water I would have no complaints. Alcohol and soft drinks are on sale inside at reasonable prices but it isnt acceptable to have to queue for a long time for a bottle of pop. Just be a bit clearer and provide the means to buy stuff quickly and easily inside.
  6. Cancelled by Ian himself as he felt 20 cars booked wouldnt do the formula justice . Good call .
  7. I would imagine its because Lynn have a strong local attendance. Many of them work Saturdays and may be put off by an earlier start time. So Lynn try and show a consistent start time and put extra races on before start time if they are worried about breaching the curfew. At least they tell you in advance unlike another promotion I could name. One thing I always notice at Lynn is the number of locals who roll up last minute or up to half an hour after the start . Maybe if they can only get there for six they dont mind missing half an hour but would have second thoughts if it was longer?
  8. Hi dave It's stock car magazines from the 1970s to 2014 and stoxworlds from the 1990s onwards Plenty of short circuits from the 1980s and 1990s and a few unloadeds Message me if you want more info . Thanks
  9. I have got a load of these for sale from the 1970s up to 2013 so if you have any gaps in your collection send me a message . Not looking for big money for them and it beats ebaying them. So bag yourself a good read....
  10. 338 is in front of 55 in the gn. I believe heat three may be changed after a protest from a driver.
  11. As listed in the title. I am looking to fill in gaps in my collection . I am looking at DVDs and videos so if there's stuff you don't watch and want gone message me on here or text 07804506641. Thanks
  12. Thanks Dave. Will take a look. Always nice to watch the Dutch as I haven't seen them at emmen this year.
  13. Aren't the numbers similar to previous years? Around 30 English and 15 overseas on the day. At least it's advertised so you know what you are getting. I'm not going but I don't see the need to run the meeting down for those that are!
  14. My interest in a list was more to do with Friday as I wondered who had come over from Holland. Yes Carl, I cannot see anyone needing to see a list to decide whether to go or not. Particularly for Saturday! But as Jeremy had said he was going to post one after finding out if the vue had claimed anyone I thought I had missed it somewhere. Sorry I asked!
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