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  1. I think it really is a case of wait and see, but I am personally concerned that not all tracks will come out the other side. Stay safe everyone.
  2. 89 was the previous record which was unbelievably achieved racing at only 4 tracks! Either way, amazing achievement. All of the drivers and teams devote so much time to entertaining us.
  3. Semi-related. Joey Reynolds competed in an incredible 91 Banger meetings last season. Given the necessity to build cars for different classes and the obvious wrecks along the way, that is some achievement.
  4. Les Waller


    And it would baffle most circuit people that BriSCA F1 drivers are given start money as well as prize money rather than paying to race on track.
  5. I know in ninja karts they are now tagging chassis with one allocated per driver. Certainly not an instant option but perhaps one to ponder down the line.
  6. Ipswich is owned by a group of private individuals. That group has increased over the years as the children of original owners have inherited the shares if that makes sense. About 30odd people now own the stadium between them. Cowdenbeath not owned by council or football team - owned by property developers the Brewster family.
  7. Is expansion to other tracks the answer at this stage or consolidation of what we currently have with a more cohesive and considered fixture list with a view to running each weekend on the same surfaces and same areas?
  8. No worries sir. I think the one thing most agree on is that a change of some sort would be good.
  9. Yeah that's why I said the top 3 UK rows on the grid.
  10. Top 6 in qualifiers take first three UK rows automatically. Next 60 in qualifying points form two semi grids for remaining UK places in world final. Consolation semi ALWAYS first race on world final night. Just a few thoughts.
  11. F1, Superstox, Bangers; I believe that it is only a matter of time before the allowing of following in at most of our tracks could become a rather large millstone around the neck of our sport as a whole.
  12. One on one follow ins at post and rope tracks in Superstox are not permitted.
  13. Stoxnet needs a like button
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