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    retired, ex non workin miner[did,nt work during strike]a john smiths or er 10 lover
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    sheffield fence crew member
  1. D/D=275 R/R=7 re early start,spare a thought for the fence team who have to dismantle and pack the fence away after the racing has finished which takes 4 to 5 hours
  2. DOTD=84 talked the talk and walked the walk and wiped the smile off of a few peoples faces on the way RR=8
  3. R/R=7 DotD=220 will hunter,but for yellows 345 jake would win every race
  4. R/R=8 DotD=345 cool hand luke springs to mind
  5. DotD=410 jelle tesselaar drove well all meeting as did 4 dan johnson R/R=8 good racin from the 1s bumper dished out liberally from the shooters
  6. You can buy a Saturday only ticket, just not in advance. sorry misread it
  7. so you cannot buy a saturday only ticket,what about the people who have to work on sunday
  8. DOTD=219 jacklyn ellis a pure driving masterclass brilliant to watch RR=9 a bumper crowd and plenty of bumper dished out in all the formulas,a great afternoons racing in glorious weather
  9. DotD=94 that car was goin like AUTOMATICALLY DELETED WORD off a shovel with an able pilot on board in the form of john dowson,have to mention 45 nige harrhy on his well deserved win, also 390 on taking silver R;R=7/10 drawn out job but to be fair that bullhead rail fencepost on turn 1/2 took some punishment,see ya,ll next year
  10. R/R=9 best final i,ve seen this year,bumper dished out liberally from 390,445,515 and 335 mark woodhull who planted 445 to take the win after a good battle between 390 and 515 and then 445 and 390 DotD=a tough one this but i think 445 just gets it his car seemed uncatchable,mentions for 293,94,515,335 and 390
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