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  1. Dod 326 tippex top. Rr8 What a great day the sun was out the racing was good. The toilets were clean well done Steve and team.
  2. As far as I'm aware lundy has only raced one car that he hadn't built himself up to the green machine. So if it's lundy built there's chance he has raced it and won in it but if it isn't lundy built then it's unlikely.
  3. peaky57

    Keir Millar

    This could be the worst week ever in stock cars history to loose two young lads is heart breaking. Rest in eace guys you will be missed
  4. That is an awesome looking car you should at least finish it to showcase your business fabrication skills. That is a masterpiece .
  5. peaky57

    Is this a first ?

    Harry holt and betty holt from little lever bolton
  6. You cant beat the quality of the paint job on the team fairhurst cars so big pat on the backs for boundary garage and mr brush for bringing the car to life
  7. That deserves to be finished off. my question is how much higher would the car need to sit to get the prop under the seat.
  8. DOD 217 RR 8 one or two races got a little bit dusty other than that well done startrax
  9. peaky57

    Tony lomax

    I'd like to say thanks on behalf of tony's family for all the get well wishes posted on his facebook page after his operation if you havent and would like to then please follow the link. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002622392216
  10. peaky57

    Frankie snr 212

    Even with roll offs its hard, this stops loads of shale coming in to you
  11. Well I enjoyed the day and so did my kids and the sun was out to top it off. Like some have said the turnaround was a little too quick there was little time to do anything between races and to run the meeting in about 3 hours just tells you it was run too fast, teams need time to fix cars between races they were given enough time to fuel the car and change a wheel this isn't enough.the turn around tume between races spoilt it for me I like a pitwalk between races. My dod goes to lee for his pace and determination to get the car back on track for the gn. DOD 217 RR 7
  12. Hi mel you'll probably find the p a system on turns 3 and 4 will not be working so as not to annoy the residents in the houses.
  13. peaky57


    Rip sad news
  14. peaky57


    Let martin try it out if all goes well I'll give it a go
  15. Everyone saying mellor but I think it looks more like mike james's car
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