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    Used to help my local F1 racers since the '90s
    Started racing own F2 in 2008 and had a go in a F1 too that year!!
  1. 217 not bothered after buxton dq im told
  2. After 20 laps with 30 cars all extension cords will be a mess i think
  3. Lundy pitlane-racing nigel tonight
  4. Frits


    Typical that a championship called the british has a dutch race format
  5. Or put an advert like you had with an f2 years ago on ebay, cant remember exactly, but it was along the lines of one carefull owner, low mileage and only used in weekends. Now that was some advert for a stockcar!
  6. Frits

    who is number 50

    Orange one heading to Holland?
  7. Frits


    Sorry for that then matt, some! topdriver(s) would be better wording! All the drivers you mention i class as topdrivers aswell. And im not at every meeting so cant tell on that, but pretty sure ive seen rally tires more expensive as the hoosier/goodyear/americanracer. Non of my business ofcourse, but wasnt there a plan for a control rally tire? Appreciate your reply on here!
  8. Frits


    As far as im aware the top drivers use rally tires twice as expensive as the outside controle tire! Maybe get a control rally tire soon aswell to keep cost down? Maybe mnewson16 can shine a light on this? That said he usualy isnt to keen to reply to me
  9. Thanks, been some great reads! Now 392 until...?
  10. Depends on what you prefer, personaly it isnt my favorite track and racing, but hey, if your close why dont give it a try yourself. Not sure about the distance, Holland is a small country, so most foreigners will say everything is close! Lelystad is in the centre of Holland, so id say rotterdam to Lelystad is about an hour drive.
  11. Only Lelystad on the 26th by the look of it, but keep an eye on the website as usualy a few dates will be altered during the season. Thats if dirttracks get rainoffs..
  12. Andy smith flying round coventry stadium in the car he made his comeback in. Was a november meeting, not sure about what year. All cars where flying though as the track was brilliant, not wet, no dust, no bumps, nothing. Cant recall a race that had so much speed, action and control.
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