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  1. Enjoyed this one despite the weather. A nice build up for the following day. F2s were not up to much considering it was their Shoot out round. The Loons I think we're saving themselves for Saturday. Kroon dear was Class as usual but the one that caught my eye was NZ2. After tangling with fellow kiwi in heat 1 he was flying then just the one mistake in the final cost him the win. Considering they do not race on Tarmac back home it was a superb controlled drive. DoD NZ2 R/R 7
  2. Enjoyed my weekend. A massive congratulations to Stuart on a faultless drive, not the crash fest we all expected and not a classic race but still a well deserved win. Very hard to do something different for the big meeting but the track walk was excellent for those that do not usually get up close to the drivers. Mr Green is so fast! but all credit to Matt for out foxing him in the Grand National. 2 great nights in the bar and one of the highlights for me personally was watching 84 & 515 actually racing each other rather than trying to destroy each other in both the World Final and the Meeting Final. Hard to pick between Stuart, Nigel and Matt but going for 16 after his class move in the national DoD 16 RR 8
  3. A hard night for spectators, drivers and officials alike. Take my hat off to every driver out there in every formula. The perfect mix for me F1-F2 and minis. The improvements are looking good, will take some getting used too not being able to nip up to the track but I see the reasoning behind it. Some impressive drives by quite a few drivers and a nice touch by Alan Brookes putting some cash up for the lower graders in memory of Si. A 7 out of 10 on the racing front but I honestly dont think the drivers could have done any more. I can not remember the last time I was that wet and I was just watching. DoD Very impressed with Ashley England and Paul Hines looked at home in his new car but it has to be 124. You can not underestimate how well he drove in those conditions, one to certainly watch.
  4. Well where to start? 5 abreast down the straights, last bend lunges, roll overs, action through out the field, 30 car heats, 5 different winners in 7 races, Yellow flags, incidents everywhere and the final won on the last lap with less than 10 meters dividing the top 5.. Well that was the Stoxkarts!! As this is an F1 forum ..... The F1s were unlucky in the fact it rained before every race for them and apart from Paul Hines unfortunate incident in heat 1 there was nothing to see. The Tom Harris cars are certainly quick in the wet. And that is all you can say about the F1s in all truth. It is a shame some F1 fans are so blinkered and can not see just how good the racing is in the Stoxkarts. Agreed not everyones cup of tea but the last minute addition of them to the meeting certainly saved the day for a lot of regular spectators and also the promoter. When a minor formula turns up with more cars than the 3 main formulas added together it is a poor show. V8s put on a pretty decent show the F2s were poor but chuffed for my mate Tim Baily for winning the final. The show ran pretty smooth, the only real delays was having to wait for the F1s to change tyres with the ever changing weather conditions which could not be helped. RR 6 DoD 25 Bradley, Battled hard for his results!
  5. A&B class was very emotive at the time and as Craig said there was a points system for parts on the car.and the tyres that were allowed. One of the problems was top drivers at the time like Kev Smith and Bobby Burns and even myself were not allowed to race in the Bs even though our cars complied. Admittedly it was my shale car I was going to use. The truth was at the time F1 was seen as the pinnical of oval racing and it was felt that there already was a B class called Hotstox. It was deemed unsafe to have both classes of car on track at the same time due to grip and brakes so it meant having separate races for each at the same meeting. The problem arose of prize money etc. Should they both be on the same money etc. One of the big problems that was foreseen with the B class was the majority of drivers were budget racers and it was felt would not be willing to travel and support the series. It was a very bad time for Tarmac racing back then. One of the positives to come out of it was the new rules to try bring everyone closer together, inside weight, offset, ride height, fear weight and controlled back outside. Once these changes had time to take effect Tarmac racing improved massively.
  6. IT was rumoured that John Cayzer ran one in the early 80s when he ran the 13" tyres, also Richard Pratt when he used to go round Skeggy with no stagger.
  7. For me obviously winning the 88 semi. There was no finer sight than watching Nigel Whorton go round there flat out and his rear bumper only millimetres from the fence. I remember Andy Clarke Clearing the fence which was very scary. My all time favourite memory was racing there after I had lent kiwi Barry Hunter my car. He did a lot of alterations, softened up the suspension and fitted a power assisted steering ram, the car was awesome. After a couple of laps getting used to it I had dropped to the back and then set about catching the others. I cough the and passed all the Crewe specialists, Whorton, Bez, Finn, Falding then caught up Lundy who was leading and passed him too! Led the race but got a puncture with 2 to go!!! A race I will always remember.
  8. Ally blocks were banned partly on the weight issue but the main reason was to prevent Hotstox driver Phill Haig from running his Horstock in the f1s. He still did it eventually running a small block I think. I had an engine that ran Alluminium conrods in the 90s. The reason was it was an experimental engine and Aluminium rods were cheaper than steel.
  9. Have always enjoyed Skegness and had a very good relationship with Hazel and hope she enjoys her retirement. Having been involved with propmoting I know just what lays ahead for Rob and his team and wish him all the best. I am sure things will remain pretty much the same for the next 12 months whilst they get the feel for it and learn the ropes. I know when we took over Stoke the first thing we did was spend a lot of money fitting out the ladies toilets, all new seats fully painted, toilet roll holders, bins, toilet brushes, mirrors on the walls, new locks and even plastic flowers. At the end of the first meeting they were trashed!! every seat broken, toilet brushes stolen, locks broken, toilets all blocked with spare toilet rolls, mirrors smashed, feicies smeared up the walls! I have never known my Mum be so dispondent. From that day on we kept everything as basic as possible. Every single promoter will tell you the ladies toilets are the worst. Its the things like this that surprise you, the phone calls from people asking if you can delay the start 10 minutes because they are running late. There are so many stories the promoters should write a book. Good Luck Rob and the Team, looking forward to visiting with the Stoxkarts in 2017.
  10. Higgi29

    Bumpy Old Tracks

    Bradford usually developed holes going into the turns which made the bends bumpy and occasionally an undulation on the start finnish straight where the speedway start line was. Crewe was always bad and stoke in the early days but Rochdale was by far the worst I raced on as far as shale goes. Aycliffe probably the worst Tarmac one I raced on but the bumps slowed the top boys down.
  11. A very enjoyable meeting and some good performances from a few drivers. Only my 3rd F1 meeting in the UK and although I enjoyed it I am surprised to see it getting 9s. Not knocking anyone but if that is a 9 there must have been some pretty average meetings this year. 326 would be a superstar if all races were 12 laps!! very impressed with Miss Ellis, thought she drove with real maturity. Some good racing a few decent hits and 212s payback on 16 was a certainly given with interest. DoD for me had to be Rubber.. great win and a strong second in the final... Is he really going to give up on tarmac next year with form like that?? All in all a good meeting and enjoyed the loons too. DoD 2 R/R 8
  12. Press Release. Stoxkarts Ltd. Current owner and promoter of the Stoxkarts formula Ian Higgins has announced his decision to sell the formula as a going concern. Pending early retirement Ian has stated that he has reluctantly taken the decision to advertise the the sale of the Company Stoxkarts Ltd. which includes all assets along with the rights for the formula. After purchasing the ailing formula in 2009 Paul and Ian Higgins set about re-branding and re-building the formula. After 7 years the formula is now well established with a rapid growth from 20 karts to 88 now in circulation. In 2014 Ian bought out Pauls interests in the formula and has now decided that plans need to be put in place for his planned retirement in 2020 Racing approximately 28 meetings a season from April to November, the formula is affiliated to the ORCi and races at many of its tracks around the UK. With most meetings averaging 40+ karts the formula has proved to be a an excellent addition to race meetings for promoters and has also provided excellent entertainment for the spectators. Ian has stated he wishes to still be involved to help a smooth transition for any new owner and that he is still 100% committed to the formula which he loves so much. For any further information or details please feel free to contact Ian Higgins.
  13. Higgi29

    World final

    3 pages on chairs!! Think Colin Cs idea about a specific area for chairs only is a good one. Terracing is for standing.
  14. Higgi29

    European Championship

    Unfortunately the Dutch and Uk Tarmac car specs have drifted apart again so too much time and money to alter them. Even back in the 80s we had to make alterations to our cars to race over there. I remember having to bring 3" off our back bumper for it to comply. I think the European in F1s has lost its appeal unfortunately. The F2s seem to have a few coming across so I imagine the car specs are more similar.
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