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  1. I have cancelled my booking didn't realise was on the Friday list . Know others tryin to book in hope they get my space.
  2. don't forget mine steve ;-)
  3. Kim I think u could be right on a semi had one on sunday ;-) mr wayne u could be right too on all your comments. crasher ur just a star appreciate ur comments always good and bad u say it how it is just the same as mr betwetter. would like to say thanks to the people too that have commented on the Sheffield dotd thread. means a lot to be appreciated for my efforts sunday and also to nige 45 for his kind words.id like to think I had a future in ones but money isn't on my side at present and with the lad in orci minis that has to be priority. location is a big factor in racing an f1 and I am the wrong end of it for that. now that sir james has retired I am the most southerly driver in f1 my closest being Birmingham at just over 200 miles.amazes me the dedication of most to try and maintain a full season constantly racing. In my 2s days I had 5 tracks in a hundred mile radius plus with a bit of travelling I could do easy 50 meetings a year. But in a 1 its just not possible for me to achieve.i enjoy my racing when I can do it but its not really enough to be competitive racing once a month or every few months as with age you get rusty. when I bought the f1 it was about taking time out and enjoying other things in life but theres nothing else that's ever come close to be honest. winter is going to be a testing time for me with regards to what racing I`ll be doing next year.thanks to all tho for your words means alot
  4. sure made the 600 mile round trip more bearable sir and what a trophy to win, rather have the final than the dash for cash so its not all about the money
  5. It was a race open to all non shoot out drivers that contested the gn from what i was lead to believe. A fair few had damage and was a shame for steve rees promotion only 5 made it out after he had made such a generous offer to those who attended.Still the northampton dash for cash at masters meeting didnt attract many cars but still produced a thrilling finish and worthy winner just like Mal Browns win.
  6. Thanks Mr Ballard Premier and Andy for ur comments, been a tough few years as a part time racer but never threw the towel in like most said too. Car is still for sale if Anyone out there interested in having a go in the big league. Its not state of the art but if you can half drive like me u can win races on a budget.
  7. id swap ur lemon for mine lol mike james right hand man paul matta (dougal) has been in charge of the rebuild from scratch. anyone on fb can access his profile and see the pics its amazing
  8. id say ur pic is 81 ish
  9. ha ha thanks big d for thinkin im still young but i was born in 73 remeber that car well. unc ivor and howard all had leather caps uns was orange black ivors think was red and black and howards was green and white as it was what i wore on the parade lap of 97 world final at cowdie. in fact in tyour pic it`ll prob only be the hat thats missing next sunday as that car is set to re appear
  10. good to see that some f1 folk will be there as unc was a pilot back in the 80`s under the number 467. For taunton i have an old randall car of dave sansoms which he has kindly loaned me for a couple of outings. raced it at the last taunton meeting to iron a few gremlins out of it and come the grand national the car was goin pretty good. its not a front runner but will be in the mix for sure .
  11. cheers chaps for your comments the car is without doubt better suited to shale but i think i could get it goin a bit better still on the black stuff. The masters meeting is on the 3rd day after cov big d so still could be viable for most die hards like yourself, come on down to my neck of the woods saloons national championship on that day too will be a great meeting and a certain rob speak is booked to race too
  12. Iam not usually one for posting on here for meeting reports but seeing as nige gets away with it i thought id give it a go. My racing career pretty much stopped when i bought an f1 it was ment for slowing things down and enjoying other things in life but to be honest life is about stock cars still. I was only racing once a month in the 5 years ive been in f1 but with last years engine blow in the first meeting of the season ive not really done much racing so with 2 speedweekends back to back i thought i give it a go and try make 4 meetings in a week. What with my son transfering from honda cadets to orci ministox ive not been able to make covs my once a month outing so we decided to try an make the big block heavy chevy a little more tarmac friendly. New shocks (although still only protechs) brakes ,springs tyres and and oil filter change later and we were ready for the 340 mile hike to skeggy for my first racing fix there since 2008 f2 days.With no practice and a completly different set up i wasnt sure what to expect and although the car was goin round like a robin reliant on 3 wheels it wasnt too bad but needed something more. So onto the consolation it was and afetr changing the rear springs thecar was a little better and i managed a 10th place finish so qualified for the final. First bend and first exit as was loaded into the fence by the rest of the yellows causing some front end damage. for those who were there and wondered why i pulled onto the infield and crashed into those large marker tyres it was purely to stop myself as had no brakes.Was quite a heavy hit into the fence bit me gums and was spitting blood on the infield but we did manage to get back out onto the track for the national but driver error prevented me from starting so pulled onto the infield.So that was 1 meeting under the belt scored a couple of points and not too much damage lets see what sunday brings.Weather threw us for the first heat as the shower came down just as was belting up so quickly put the shale tyres on but didnt blow them up so wasnt goin great in the heat and with the spring set up we were running in damp conditions it was always gonna be a struggle. Onto the consolation and was really struggling again with set up and goin into the last bend was dumped backwards into a parked car along with nige.The damage was enough to end the weekend so was a long drive home on monday.Wasnt happy with the set up changes so decided another set up was needed and along with the damage repaired a few evenings burning the midnight oil it was off to Northampton for the euro weekend.Arriving early was always the plan so we could do some practice and although the car felt better it still didnt feel right so i let Dave Willis have a go in it.When he came off track his first words were how the f#@k do you drive that lol, mines like a rolls royce compaired to that. To be honest what with not racing much and being used to being fence fodder i was begining to think that it was my driving and not the car so to hear that eased my mind that maybe i can still drive so set about improving the car some more. First heat and although dropped a plug the clutch was now slipping too so to limp home in 12th and qualify for the final was a mean feat. In the pits we decided to take the gearbox out but not rush the job as everything was so hot. if we made the final so be it if not do national. With grateful thanks to Jon Brown and my mechanic Dave semtex kid Sansom we nearly got it ready and if the driver was a little more confident and keen would have achieved it but the short shower just as was goin out ment little time to change all tyres too so helped dave get his car out for final.Grand national and altho stugglin g with the wet and having a scrap with me good ol sparring partner noddy finished the race towards the rear but could feel now were getting some drive this thing might be good tomorrow.So to heat one on sunday and what a difference a day makes and having a clutch that works.i think that the clutch was a problem at skeggy to and even tho when dave drove the car he couldnt notice it its prob been that way for a while.If the heat wasnt yellowed early on i would have finished further up the order but to come home in 10th place was good enough to make the final again.Confidence is coming back now as the car is up to speed and i can get involved a bit more however the diff decided to chew itself to pieces so that was the end of the weekend racing.So to the 5 hour journey home gets me thinking, 4 meetings in a week thats unheard of for me in an f1. 1240 miles in 2 trips with 25 hours of driving my trusty ol lorry on the roads just crusin. its been great folks but i know i couldnt do this everyweek. The top blokes really do deserve the credit for the hours of prep time and travelling to keep the fans and themselves on there toes.It ll be 2 months now before i get to race in the f1 again so time to replenish the bank account ready for another bash. Am back out in an f2 on 2nd and 3rd of august at taunton for there speedweekend when brisca f2 salutes the master Bill Batten. This is looking to be a cracking meeting and i hope that a few of the f1 crowd will be there as uncle billy is to f2 like super stu was to f1.
  13. in answer to your questions yes to both but it still comes down to money am afraid. but do like ur point about what the demands of the paying public are, cos lets face it those that are on here moaning about drivers not racing arent really fans of the sport are they.
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