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    Thank's mainly to stanies bull 3 1/2 for being certifiable i think?
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    fan since 74,driver since 91
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    Born into the sport in 1974,started f1 career in 1991 and re-starting again in 2007
  1. I personally think that if the yellows are called for then the driver should be stood down for 2 weeks as they are signalling they are hurt so if not why wreck another drivers race.
  2. I think it is 3 yrs dave depending on who you are then its game.
  3. Very sad news dont come on here much so only just seen it but what a lovely lady she will be aadly missed.
  4. no definetly not big ron from pershore.
  5. willies win in 82 very special for me being a big fan but best wf moment for me was dave mellor trying too get into barry lees hotrod in 81 at bradford hilarious when he opened the door for him.
  6. jesus todger how times have changed,i can remember going too i think maybe the old scunny with you on the trailor thinking i wish he would shut up talking as i was cacking myself and you seemed fine,i couldnt speak too anyone for a couple of hours before i raced then as soon as the green went down was fine. strange thing was that when i had one of matts cars about 3 years ago i had no pre meet nerves at all and was basically asleep so in my eyes your in the best position as fear equals alert no fear means you do not care anymore so could be dangerous(strange coming from me i know)but think you will put it right next time pal. craig
  7. good luck in your retirement waggy but i bet you are back out again sometime..................
  8. Can take too cov tmz if call before 2pm.
  9. Shale wing for sale just needs paint offers too 07590762535
  10. crasher407


    Hang on a minute chris are us as drivers not in the entertainment business?this isnt wwf this is real brutal competition man against man.
  11. crasher407

    Any ideas.

    Im sure i saw that car around knutsford on the m6 going south last week or the week before.
  12. crasher407


    Nice one ozzy haha,wasnt a pop at tony orany of his kids as he can obviously drive as look at his results from the back. Its just over the years i have seen a lot of drivers with very good gear pull off then rejoin at the back at the start so yes it is there money body etc but why bother if you dont want 16 laps just 15 why not just hire a track for practice?
  13. crasher407


    I hate people pulling off then rejoining at the back it shows weakness in my eyes but i am from another era.
  14. crasher407

    neil scriven

    I was racing at cov ended the race and tealised my ring had came off when i got back too the pits and luckily on the chassis inside the cab by the rollcage my ring was there and that was before you had too wear gloves so it does happen your fingers shrink in the cold/heat
  15. crasher407

    Well that was fun

    Im wwith you higgy what a pain he was the bl..dy hours we spent putting that tank back together after todger had stuffed it again Haha
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