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  1. Really enjoyed it! Commentary was awesome. Agree with what has been said about camera positions. Would have been better with less switching between drivers and angles. Looking forward to the coming meetings. Think at bigger tracks and with drivers getting more experienced, there will be less chaos on track like at the small Mildenhall oval. Also the NL vs UK race was a nice extra. Thankyou
  2. Yes, H318 is coming over. Also three Dutch competitors in the V8 world final: 410 Jelle Tesselaar 525 Nigel de Kock 54 Xander van Wijlick (red top in F2)
  3. Saloon world of shale result: UK120 UK600 321
  4. First time at Northampton for me. That really was a great meeting with a classic final. Action and talking points in every race, brilliant stuff. Would not have mind it if there where a few races more. Had a good social time afterwards in the pits and a Dutch party all night in the harbor waiting for todays ferry. RR 9 DotD 55. Happy to see 212 win but Craig Finnikin is my driver of the day. Proper stockcardriver. Ps. F2s very good as well and loved 13 Andy Ford his celebrating, crossing the line with both hands out of the cab.
  5. RR 9 DotD 618 Awesome night of racing that was. H229 winning heat 1 already made it for me. Meeting under lights with all drivers giving everything was great to watch. Saloons also very entertaining. H618 is only in his second year of F1 stockcarracing but has really stepped up his game.
  6. First live world final for me after following them on here for many years. It really was a huge event, starting at 8am when cutting and welding started around my tent. Headache from fridays disco was soon over when seeing all the well prepared uk cars joining the Dutch in the pits. World final was not a classic but still enjoyed it very much. Congratulations to Tom Harris with a deserved win. Racing got better and better as the night went on and very pleased to see the Dutch doing so well. Another highlight was watching John Lund on and off track. Parked next to us in the pits as well, resulting in a big crowd gathering around him. RR 8 Mentions for all the race winners and also for H152. DotD: 84
  7. H295 Willem Zwerver Coventry 2014 after winning a wildcard race earlier that year at Emmen
  8. It's certainly a Kev Smith car. He raced a couple meetings in Holland in 2005/2006. Louw Wobbes helped him and borrowed this car as well for a meeting at Kollum. My guess is he has Dutch roots but his parents or grandparents emigrated to Australia.
  9. Had a really good Worldcup weekend. Venray often isn't the place where a lot of action happens during the season but this weekend with the addition of many UK drivers it was brilliant. Hard and fair racing with plenty of hits goin in and also a lot of action. To name a few moments: 259 climbing over 326. 5,rolled on home straight and 48 who rode the fence for half the length of the straight. Saturdays final was good under the lights and a Tom Harris masterclass on the wet track. Chris Cowley also drove very well and got awarded the win after 84's dq. The worldcup was the race of the weekend. Defending champion 400 Roy Maessen was the only Dutch driver who could beat the UK drivers on saturday and won two heats. Luke Davidson is always fast round Venray and on pole position. Tom Harris, even more motivated after his dq, being the 3rd favorite for the title. After good presentations of drivers and build up to the race it was 400 who spun in the beginning and 464 was away. After 3 or 4 laps a couple cars stranded on home straight and yellows came out. The cars could get away but they were standing in a dangerous position. The Venray board then decided to go for a complete restart, a very doubtful decision as there wasn't a huge pile-up or lots of damage. 400 got a second chance to start from first row but was spun immediately by 84 who certainly didn't agree with the full restart. 464 drove a great race and would have won for sure but unfortunate for him their was another waved yellows situation. However, it was exactly what the race needed with 400 in second place after a good comeback. 84 wasn't to far behind either. 400 chased down 464 and passed him. 464 looked to have lost it but came back with a very nice hit, resulting in mental scenes on the grandstand. 84 couldn't reach the podium as 220 made it a bit harder for him and 217 speedy Ron Kroonder drove an absolute blinder of a race. Top 3: UK464 H400 H217 RR:8 DotW: many good drives. 180 was fast all weekend and got a deserved heat win after being unlucky twice on Saturday. 220 48 12 346 H248 also spring to mind. H400 drove great but didn't came out after the world cup.. 464 took a very deserved title but 84 tops it off for me after being in the middle of the action all weekend and winning both finals. The F2s had a nice weekend as well with a lot of overseas wins and a very wet Worldcup race. Minis were new for me and I really enjoyed their races and driving skills.
  10. Great work Hary. 228 ain't superstar anymore and 484 is blue
  11. Already 80 cars booked in for the Dutch open this Sunday! Looking forward to it and hoping for another 20 drivers to make a sensational 100 car meeting! The winner will not only be Dutch champion, but also takes the final wildcard spot for the World Final. Check link below for the list. https://www.aconautocross.nl/startlijst/ Read on facebook that 268 Richard Woods is also coming over.
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