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    Fan since 1980 (birth), now a scribe!
  1. Like a lot of folk i've been going stock car racing since i was a baby, i'd have been 8 months old when dad took me to Sheffield in April 1981, if he wanted to go out then he had to take me that was rule according to mum! We attended every Sheffield meeting but Dad was and still is a tight un so we never ventured further afield, neither did he buy magazines or programmes so when Owlerton closed abruptly in 1989 we were lost to the sport. A bit like Coventry closing, when Sheffield stopped stock cars so did we, but 1997 stock cars came back, I will ignore the Christmas meeting in 96 as that was a bad idea. 1997 must have been the worst year on record for F1, most tracks struggled for numbers, tarmac rarely above 20, even the mighty Coventry barely got over 45 cars. Nevertheless I was hooked again, I managed to convince dad to travel to some other tracks, Buxton, Long Eaton and Coventry were all visited for the first time. I've been going ever since, I've done some marshalling at Sheffield for a few years and then did some writing for a now defunct magazine, I enjoyed it all but now just a regular fan, I often take my nephew and Dad comes along when he fancies it and now my niece is coming to some local meetings. I's guess I go to 30-35 meetings a year, nearly all F1 but will do others I like the look of, last year went up to cowdy for the saloons WF & Lynn for 2wo's WF. I am a self confessed stock car snob, I love F1 , enjoy saloons, ministox, V8s, F2's on shale are good and used to be great on tarmac but aren't up to much except in big meetings on tarmac, which is why F1 has done the right thing with the rule changes before it went the same way as F2. As for other formula's a bloke I know when asked about watching Superstox every week at Lochgelly said he wouldn't go to the bottom of his garden to watch them! I've seen the superstox 3 times and been disappointed 3 times so I know what he means. Bangers? no not for me, don't get it at all, you spend a week or more preparing a car to go out and trash it in less than 10 seconds, makes no sense to me, I like racing where everyone is trying to win. Don't get me wrong I love a crash and a heavy hit but to follow in an already stationary car is just nuts. Like Dave Wayne said, Coventry is not the be all and end all of stock car racing, for most of it's existence F2's never raced there and they managed to thrive! so must F1.
  2. I see, being a Northerner I'm unaware of these things. Never been before, looking forward to it.
  3. Am I missing something here, been on the transport for London website, went to the find out if your address is in the congestion charge zone. Wimbledon stadium's postcode is sw17 0bl, comes back as outside the area. So unless you go through central London you shouldn't get charged?
  4. ADULTS: £18.00 Inc Programme OAP £16.00 CHILDREN - 9YRS TO 15YRS £7.00 CHILDREN - UP TO AND INC 8YRS FREE TRACKSIDE PARKING £8.00 EXTRA PROGRAMME £1.00 Taken from Buxton website.
  5. Yep, I ordered a similar item for my nephew in November, was told in December I'd have it for Christmas, despite asking for an explanation I've heard nothing. Not good.
  6. Thats brilliant Les,my dad used to run the memorabilia stand there. He's got plenty of photos and some old cine film, one of the photos was in stock car magazine earlier this year.
  7. Sorry for the delay, only just got back to Sheffield from belle Vue. Changes are, 202 up to red. 372 183 446 48 up to blue. Down to white are 287 14. Down to yellow 300 338. Down to blue is 172.
  8. Got BSCDA newsletter this morning. 202 Henry Hunter is up to red grade,8 points behind his brother Will. 36 Jordan Falding and 25 Bradley Harrison are both up to blue.
  9. Dave and Ruth Gaunt, 274 & 273. From Wetherby I think,raced shale in late 90s. I remember Ruth taking on the Sheffield home straight fence!
  10. Thanks for the results Jane & nic, great effort from you both.
  11. Jane, I can put the results up next weekend if you want some help as I sadly can't make it to NIR.
  12. Great stuff Leon, thanks for posting.
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