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  1. No, I would agree that it isn't really pay to race. However that's how everyone seems to refer to it so I just wanted to put some actual figures out there. I know it would never work for F1 / BriSCA.
  2. The pay to race model isn't as scary as some people make it out to be! (Not saying that you were Linky, but I have seen it get attacked by various people as some kind of nightmare scenario!) From memory a BriSCA F2 licence in 2017 was approx £110 and a mechanic licence on top of that was another £60. If anyone else wanted to come, they would have to pay the full entrance fee of £15-20 (or even more if it was a championship meeting). At the independants tracks we visit, a licence is £30/£40. Every meeting, the driver and anyone else that arrives with them pays £10 per person, instead of the spectator entry fee (usually £12-£15). I know this isn't a model that could necessarily be taken up by F1, I just wanted to debunk the myth a little. With 150-200 cars in the pits at the costs above, the tracks are bringing in a few quid before they even have a single spectator arrive. It's easy to see why the costs involved in staging F1 are just too much for a lot of tracks, even if you take the politics out of the equation.
  3. First one I can remember is 1991 at Hednesford (would have been 4 at the time), although I am pretty certain I was at Cov in 89 and Bradford in 1990.
  4. Not sure where you'd find it to watch, but I saw this years and years ago on Channel 4 late at night. Parts of it were a bit hard to watch though, so it's definitely not for everyone. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Big_Wheel_(film)
  5. Mine arrived this morning just before I left for work. Looks a very impressive book and now that I have tomorrow off I can spend a bit of time reading it. Made me chuckle when I saw the foreword / introduction was written in 2002. Definitely a serious project!
  6. Adam563f2


    Will post what else I have here: 2019 Ringwood 30/3 Outlaw F2 H1: 948 H2: 151 F:72 Grimley 28/4 Outlaw F2 H1: 45 H2: 52 F: 42 Swaffham 5/5 Superstox H1: 52, 38, 12, 115, 348, 19, 666, 14, 874, nof H2: 52, 874, 115, 12, 38, 666, 348, 14, 19, nof F: 874, 52, 115, 12, 666, 38, 14, 19, 281, nof Ringwood 4&5/5 Outlaw F2 H1: 150 H2: 416 F: 72 H1: 72 H2: 856 F: 416 Swaffham 19/5 Superstox H1: 510 H2: 510 F: 261 Swaffham 28/7 Superstox H1: 856, 874, 666, 72, 563, 261, 352, 12 H2: 261, 856, 666, 352, 72, 874, 563, 348 F: 261, 856, 352, 72, 563, 348, 874, 623 nof Ringwood 10&11/8 Outlaw F2 H1: 150, 72, 856, rest unknown H2: 12, 72, 150, 856, rest unknown F: 72, 856, 150, 151, 352, rest unknown H1: 12, 856, 150, 509 rest unkown H2: 716, 12, 72, 509, rest unknown F: 150, 72, 856, 509, rest unknown Ringwood 28/9 Outlaw F2 H1: 72 H2: ? F: 72 Swaffham 13/10 Superstox H1: 352, 874, 563, 421, 856, 280, 348, 12 H2: 874, 666, 421, 856, 563, 280, 12, 352 F: 856, 352, 421, 563, 874, 348, 280, nof
  7. Adam563f2


    Let me know if the PM from yesterday was useful, I have found my book with more stuff in from last year.
  8. Adam563f2


    Is this just ORC / BriSCA meeting stuff? I've got a good chunk of results from the last 18 months from Standlake / Swaffham but depends what exactly you're looking for.
  9. Ex F1 racer Pete Webb travels from Spain a few times each year to race his F2 on the independent tracks.
  10. Adam563f2


    Bristol have tried to get F1s but Graham Bunter had publically stated he was refused. The rest of those that are actually existing tracks don't need and/or want F1s. As Miner says above, BriSCA need to make use of the other ORC tracks and that's what they have got for now. They aren't going to suddenly start running at other tracks.
  11. Adam563f2


    Non-sanctioned? Being out of the ORC doesn't make it some backyard clusterf
  12. Adam563f2


    It's not sold for housing, it's being taken over by someone else (seen rumours of who but will wait til tomorrow for it to be confirmed). Track going back to non ORC though, all but confirmed but a couple of people involved with the current promotion.
  13. I said nothing about grass tracks specifically - simply that if cars want to race and the only tracks about are "unsuitable" then the cars need to change. There are plenty of dirt tracks that COULD host F1 (ignoring politics etc), such as Stansted, Brampton, Smallfield, St Brides, Trent. Ok so the fences / dirt banks at some of these might need beefing up a bit, but it wouldn't be out of the realms of possibilty. Whether these tracks would want F1 or not is a whole different story, but if F1 want to have tracks to race on, then this is the kind of place they are probably going to have to start looking at and potentially change rules to suit.
  14. And? If you want to have any tracks left to race on then things need to be done. The boat needs rocking.
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