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  1. Service was magic today. Thanks a lot! Will be there next year again, looking forward to it already
  2. Thanks a lot for the results. Glued to the screen this weekend. Hope the driver concerned is ok
  3. Thanks Hary. 98 Bas Berkhout, ex rodeochampion. (in 694 car) 618 drove the 452 car 410 drove 440 car
  4. 3rd in a row for Langeveld at St M. Shame I couldn't be there. Certainly the July session and the Dutch Open in August (100 cars?) Thanks a 1.000.000 Hary
  5. Thanks Hary! Good meeting, but what a final! More of the same please
  6. Thanks Rouke and Hary. That was one belter of a final!!
  7. Not trying to hijack the tread. Great job Hary. + 635 Thijs Raven-w 216 Alex Hofman-w 85 Jan Sparreboom-y 880 Niels Tesselaar-w
  8. You do the results Rouke? That would be great
  9. 56 cars so far... And a round for the Dutch Dirt Shootout
  10. Lee Fairhurst and Boy Tesselaar also racing the Dutch Dirt Champs at St Maarten the day after. 77 stockcars signed in at the moment
  11. Not at Texel either (would love to go though)... I understood Bart Koopmans #38 is the third qualifier...
  12. Thanks Hary, from a scorching France
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