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  1. The issue happened earlier in the day on Saturday and the road was closed at J11 and 12 for hours, luckily I checked the BBC website and saw the damn thing was closed on local news headlines! so I just went up to J13 via Ampthill, never queued once and did the same on the way home.
  2. Rigger, in the spirit of "the armchair" and "the stadium closer" Craig Finnikin cars. I would like to welcome you to the small but exclusive club of naming cars. "The Hearse" is a belter.
  3. A fairly decent evening let down a little by the weather in the end. for some reason be it tyres or the modern ways of preparing tracks, off line seems to these days be little more than a skating rink on shale. Some very good drives out there, I was impressed particularly with H112 in a Mopar powered car, just kept his nose clean and got on with the job, Mark Adkins I thought had a couple of real good drives aswell. And for some of these so called fan heroes, often it might be a little brighter to actually follow someone graded higher than you instead of trying to bury them every bend, you might actually catch the people in front and fight for a win instead of wasting time squabbling, it was like watching a Moto3 bike race out there at times with some of them! Thought the Mini's were excellent as usual, it constantly amazes me when you see these little people get out of their cars after watching them clatter seven bells out of each other for 15 laps or so, a truly precious formula this. V8's were so so tonight, not helped by two thirds, but nothing you could do about that, great drives form the winners though. Seems both Rob Speak and Courtney Witts have the gold roof hoo doo at the moment, such bad luck for both of them, but the boo boys will no doubt be more than happy. As for great drives, it is clear Frank has found something in 515, the car looks quick, and it's not just handling, listen to the thing on the way into a bend and that lump has some major mumbo! Dan Johnson looks right on it as usual. Joe Booth drove superbly in his heat, proper stock car driving that. but you have to give DoD to 21 Mark Gilbank, am not a huge fan of his but you can't argue with his form at Coventry, just wish he wouldn't incessantly bury yellow tops. RR 7
  4. Don Being brutally honest stock car racing offers me value for a certain amount of miles, beyond that there are other things I would rather do with my time. I watch a LOT of other motorsport so can usually find something similarly priced fairly close by! But within a sort of 1-150 mile range I will usually go short oval racing if I am free.
  5. It is an interesting topic about world finals and the venue itself. I am fairly sure there ARE people who only ever go to Coventry and might do the odd other meeting. if they want to watch stock cars as regularly post 2016 they are going to have to find another venue to visit regularly or drive a bit further. Until the proposed new venue opens. Or they simply will cease to come to as many meetings. Let us hope they prefer to travel, if they don't then they might get lost to something else. Or will do a lot less meetings. But 74 is right, in some way, that only affects Coventry nowhere else, but I cannot think there are hundreds of fans who only go to Brandon!! Living where I live I have to travel at least an hour and a half to ANY meeting. I can't travel to the likes of Belle Vue or Sheffield as for me that is not decent value. I wouldn't go that far to watch any motorsport unless it was a big meeting, so it is nothing against promoters or tracks, simply too far, and getting home in the middle of the morning. Think about this, I watch rugby union, Wasps were based in the London area for years and recently moved to the Ricoh arena in Coventry to use that as a home base. That is a staggering thing to do to those loyal fans who watched them for years. They will lose a lot of fans, but perhaps gain more too long term, and that is all you can hope for places like Lynn, Buxton, BV, Stoke and other shale tracks in the interim years between Cov closing and the new one. JH is going to have to work his socks off if that gap is more than 2 or 3 years to get people through the gate if they all drift away, while also attracting new fans.
  6. The issues with a lot of these solutions are costs, If you are bussing in people from somewhere nearby that is taking away profit from a promoter's pocket, something he or she is very unlikely to want to do. As if you are paying a few grand for a bespoke bus service and a car park hire that is hundreds of tickets you are not getting money from. Ipswich needs absolutely nothing adding to be a WF venue, other than most of you think it's too far away, and the last one there was lacking in a little something, but the venue knocks the spots off anything we have currently in most areas. Hednesford too is a perfectly decent venue, let down by a little parking and lighting, as is Buxton. Is Skeg really a WF venue, they did well helped by the best WF in years? Or even Brafield when you have these two that are big enough? Long enough? Have most things you need? No chance at Stoke, nowhere near enough parking. Most shale finals will be at Lynn I think, unless we get a new venue which seems a way off, or Cov has a stay of execution for a year or so which would not surprise me in the slightest.
  7. There are plenty of venues that will ensure the sport survives and even thrives, the fixation about Coventry has always fascinated me, perhaps in the future some tracks might think about running their own world final instead of hiring another venue. While I appreciate location and history wise Brandon is a loss, there are plenty of stadiums elsewhere that can offer the same if not more in terms of capacity, facilities and atmosphere. Not to say it wont be missed, but some seem to think its the end of stock car racing as we know it!
  8. chunder


    Oh I don't like it at all. But I am a realist I am afraid. Having THAT much land in London doing very little the vast majority of the time is an impossibly poor situation isn't it? You would have to be bonkers to think it was ever a going concern without vast investment and redevelopment (unless there was a restricted order over it) and the sad fact is that our sport is bottom of the pile behind even things like scrap yards, waste sites and gypsy camps when it comes to development. The place is a dump and has been for a few years, the surrounding area isn't exactly flash, so if you get offered a bunch of cash to sell it and perhaps improve the status of the surrounding area a bit too rather than leaving a stagnant building to rotI don't think many people, even stock car fans would be able to resist! Tracks in cities are a thing of the past, and it is extremely unlikely one will ever be built in one again, in fact I predict a stock car track will never ever be built in a city or town again.
  9. chunder


    As I have said in the past a venue like this in London is worth a small fortune and even with the best will in the world it is amazing it has lasted so long really. Land is at a premium in London, and any council worth their salt would surely rather it be used for housing rather than anything else. So a new stadium that can be used for all sorts AND houses is a no brainer. Galliard own countless massive properties in London and doubtless have the ear of all the local councils. So the sell would be easy. Of any city anywhere pretty much worldwide, London is the last place a stadium like this could ever survive, just be thankful it lasted as long as it did.
  10. Just get admin to remove the links. if they are posted on here its incredulous after the last few months. Some people.
  11. I think the issue really is that for even those of us that go a lot to watch racing, if you don't buy a programme then have visibility of cars and drivers numbers is a good thing. Especially with a new drivers you often haven't a clue who you are watching. I was at Lynn watching tooz the other week and there as a white top flying around and I still remember his name, form the big letters on the wing!! NASCAR is global, millions of people know who the drivers are, but not everyone doesn't know that J Davidson is not driving 7 cars on the F1 stock car grid at once as they are not well known outside of the sport. I kow this as I have been asked numerous times by new folks about these things. NASCAR have worked on it, with the name banners over the sun visor, and most other forms of racing do it too, WRC, BTCC. The worst is actually F1 where you can't see numbers or drivers, they just presume you will know!! A clear white panel with a name somewhere and a clear definition of what fonts and things can be used on wings, as the trend is now to have red and black and silver all over the wing number area instead of it being blank. If you don't make a rule drivers will flaunt it, so fair play to them for making a clear rule.
  12. Let's be honest here. What other promoted and filmed sport can you legitimately film yourself and then splatter all over facebook or youtube within hours of the event finishing? There are some like hillclimbs, some club RACMSA events like drag racing and rallycross. But not many. You have promoters and a tv company invovled here, not simply the BARC or BRSCC as you have at MSA events who own none of the filming rights. If you stuck a GoPro on Tom Sykes Superbike or Scott Reddings Ducati? The answer is utterly obvious. The person that owns the broadcast rigths, NOT YOU. I do think that this sport is not really in the league of allowing this kind of limited filming and it is a fairly heavy handed approach. You tend to get this level of copyright etc in much bigger sports. But, if the precedent had not been set by a few misguided people filming everything and uploading it willy nilly and without much care and attention to law and promoters wishes, then these more draconian measures would not need to be taken. So blame them, not AMG or BriSCA. The simple fact now is, you can either choose to pay or not for most footage, the decision has been made easier for you. To either pay up and enjoy the programs, or hope that the series goes under if you all decide to not pay the sub and they can't afford to make it anymore. F1 runs to the same model, as do most higher level motorsports like Le Mans, MotoGP, WRC and even things like Truck racing. F1 stock cars are not a higher level motorsport so I would not think this will last too long.
  13. Apparently ther original classical piece was written by Aaron Copland before World War two as a rousing piece to get them in the mood! And as a concert opener if you like.
  14. From someone who has worked in the industry I can tell you it is very easy to miss these things. I find it hilarious that people rip into me about typo's and spelling errors, and then roll out the "journo" you should know better line. This is a forum, it doesn't matter, it is not being published, besides its good fun watching you all moan about it! In a published piece of work there is no excuse, but it happens to the biggest papers in the world and the smallest B2B magazines, so people just need to get a grip really. A small readership title that people buy without even thinking about it will survive in the same way that people will turn up at venues that are perhaps not the best facilities wise because it's stock cars. But, if you read something like the New Statesman or Private Eye and it was full of errors, readership would soon dwindle rapidly due to the readers education and salary profiles. They can however afford subs and proof-readers to check copy. I would guess SCM is always last minute so rarely gets checked thoroughly. SCM is a tidy mag, but does need some work on proof-reading. I have never bought it, but have any of you offered to help or written to the people writing it to complain, or threaten to cancel a subscription if it does not improve?
  15. The Brafield track owners championship, or should be that the nonsensical Masters?
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