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  1. Stav, I am in Redditch in Worcestershire, just down the road from you.
  2. Hi, I have 3 radio controlled stock cars in varying states of repair, they are the electric type, I have 4 F1 shells and 2 banger shells, batteries, charger, radios and other spares. They are just gathering dust so want rid, if anyone can offer me some advice on where best to advertise, clubs that race them etc, or at least let me know what they are worth, I would be grateful. Many thanks
  3. I will take 1 more season over no more seasons all day long. If we get another 2, even better. Well done all that made it happen.
  4. I am looking for a trailer to carry 2 ministox, preferably the double decker type that a lot of the F2 guys use, if anyone knows a forum or website I can get this out to the F2 folks, please let me know. Many thanks, Jamie
  5. Hi, Does anyone know which photographers were on infield duty at Coventry last Saturday. I am after mini stox pics mainly. Cheers in advance.
  6. I am looking for mini stox wheels and tyres. Anyone having a clear out.
  7. If me, my girlfriend and our 5 kids go racing, it costs a small fortune, sometimes we need to pick and choose what meetings we attend. Some tracks we can get the 3 eight year olds in for free and others we have to pay. If we could get the kids in free or even just a couple of pounds each, we could attend more meetings as we are happy to pay the adult prices. Surely having a 7 person family spectating with 2 paying adults is better than us all having to stay away. I am certainly not having a moan about The costs to spectate as I understand the promoters have bills to pay, but some families just cannot afford it and that's a shame when all we want to do on a Saturday night is watch racing.
  8. Jambo

    Well that was fun

    Roger, loved reading your post. I dared a go in an F1 a couple of years back and clearly remember being like a hyperactive child after each race, I came to your transporter after ht 3 and saw you were exactly the same. I can't imagine what it must be like to win a race, well done.
  9. Didn't Dan Johnson win the world of shale last night at Coventry.
  10. Hey Mel, I am sure back in about 1988 at Hednesford with the old Gary Heap car, we had to loose weight. It was either loose the wing or take your wallet out your back pocket, I think the wing went. It must be something to do with all the paint required to write 444.
  11. Jambo

    A sport for all ages

    Hi Mel, I will do, is it you driving that 444 car really ?
  12. I thought this was a nice way to start world final week. My 7 year old daughter this morning asked me what the date was, I told her it's the 15th and she said "5 days to the world final yessssss" Not just us big kids getting excited already.
  13. Jambo

    New 390 Shale Car!

    Nick H, my girlfriend is not a seasoned stock car fan and simply said what she thought, I suggest you get a sense of humour and read the post with a smile as intended.
  14. Jambo

    New 390 Shale Car!

    My girlfriend has just asked why the 390 car has an aerodynamic sledge on its roof.
  15. I took a newbie to her 3rd f1 meeting last night and the first where bangers were on also, she loved the bangers and if I am honest as an F1 fan, I thought they brilliant also. I would rather watch those bangers than f2's. I suppose my point is, everyone has a different preference so mixing it up is the only answer. I go to watch the F1's, I don't care how many or who is booked in, I don't care if it is raining or cold and I don't care what is in support, anything in addition to F1's is a bonus which I can chose to watch or not. I recently returned from Florida where I went to watch the sprint cars at Volusia, in support was various types of saloon type stock cars and mini sprints, a number of the saloon stock cars had 5 cars in a race which on a half mile track, get spread out very quickly, pretty boring, but as I said I went to watch sprint cars that were great. So don't knock our support formulas as it could be much worse.
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