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  1. Will we ever see an electric contact formula on the ovals
  2. It’s upto the oval family to ensure it happens all fans drivers teams £2 a week into a fund then divide at the end of the lockdown by the amount of promoters to give them a boost to kickstart all formula and take it from there
  3. Graham_Br


    350 fans at 1000 each there’s Steve’s investment covered or 700 at 500 worth a look if it gets the old place back on the map let the fans dip in and be part of the revival
  4. RIP Rodger condolences to the family at this sad time
  5. La la la hey Coventry is here to stay let’s all cheer hip hip hurrah Coventry stadium is here to stay
  6. How many shockers did you do nigel
  7. It is tough I contract on an Nhs site and believe me it’s taking its toll on lot of individuals
  8. Great looking machine credit to the painter and team Sworder
  9. Fantastic idea let’s hope drivers buy
  10. Thanks for the update and knowing it was not one any one wanted here
  11. Graham_Br


    The 500 is total officials drivers teams their families so it won’t need a massive crowd to overtake the 500 mark
  12. Agreed best one yet they seem to be getting better every time
  13. Let’s hope it doesn’t do any long term damage I presume it’s down to the hse
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