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  1. Derek_Sm

    New brighton

    If anybody has programmes can you please let me know thanks. Regards Derek
  2. Derek_Sm


    Steve I am sorry that you cannot help. What if you either scan or photo your programmes to me would you be able to help. Also which tracks or formulas do they cover There are about 10 people doing various databases, and i have not heard of anybody having wrong data.
  3. Derek_Sm


    Its hard enough job just to put numbers on the database. Let alone names 20+years so far. Quiet a few tracks are 3/4s done.
  4. Derek_Sm


    For some reason i cannot get into members to pm you Is anybody else having a job getting into members??
  5. Derek_Sm


    Its every track 145 on the database i need Standlake and some Swaffhams
  6. Derek_Sm


    Hi Ben i should have said that i have used all the websites so its before those days.
  7. Derek_Sm


    Almost the whole of the UK . So the best way is for you to tell which tracks i.e. Long Eaton Bombers, Saloon Stock Cars. Brisca ministox e.t.c. Cowdenbeath is almost done to give you an idea.
  8. Derek_Sm


    While alot of people are at home can you check your programmes if they are filled in PLEASE let me know which tracks they are and between which years. I am looking for domestic formulas most for a database of winners i am doing. This database covers all the UK. Over 200,000 Lines so far on the spread sheet.
  9. Derek_Sm

    Fixture list 2020

    Be nice to have Swaffham on Sunday as now in ORCi
  10. AlistairN also A14 last Tuesday night ended going north to go south
  11. Peter Loix We East Anglias have had this for the last three years with nearly every night and some weekends. 15 months to go. It will be good then its done just like the M6/A14/M1 is now.
  12. There are WEEKEND closures at Brampton Hut this weekend all day and night. So check your route with care
  13. It seems by what Steve is saying that local people want bangers with support ie F1 to keep Belle Vue open and profitable steve has to put bangers on. I know in most peoples eyes on here it is wrong but it is a fact that f1 fans alone cannot keep Belle Vue open.
  14. Sorry to say that the A14 will be closed BOTH WAYS over the WEEKEND so give alot of extra time AT least 30-40 Mins. To see details put in A14 Road Closures which gives details.
  15. Next year they could have Swaffham on the Sunday as it is now back in orci and Brisca
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