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    Mick always had time for a chat, he must have known so many people. Doesnt seem long ago i last saw him. He didnt just attend f1 dates either. I regularly saw him at Wimbledon too and would always talk in the car park or round the pits. He would go Aldershot sometimes as well. So sad, he will be missed.
  2. The signage for this has gone up on the ring road. What the signs dont say is it doesnt start until July 1st! Which i think would confuse visitors to the city. It wont affect anyone going to wheels unless they drive inside the ring road towards the city centre after July 1. The track is outside of the zone. I know some transporters head into the city after a meeting for food, seen them park by Digbeth coach station, they will no longer be able to without a charge which i believe will be £50 for transporters. Its £8 for cars. Any vehicle affected are non euro 4 petrol and non euro 6 diesel. This is assuming Birmingham runs this year.....
  3. JohnB

    Furthest travelled?

    Carl, did Mike James and Eric Brown race in the same year? Truro to Forfar looks possibly a handful of miles further apart??
  4. Well as you mentioned your favourite track Andre! Mine was Odsal 1985, and done all of them since. Was 13 and remember loads of very tall people talking in a strange language all wearing wooden shoes which fascinated me! Stood on turn 1/2. Extremely unusually my mom and younger sister went too. There was a dust storm, 212 rolled and i cheered the great Smithy to victory. Loved the Transflash car. Then there was that amazing dash 4 cash that Stu got Mick Stecko on the last bend. Great days.
  5. Can see it being controversial. Driver builds lead in the wf, half a lap ahead, 2 laps to go yellows come outband top 6 on his tail. Seems a bit unfair, also lapped driver between 5th and 6th gets a lap back, lapped driver between 6th and 7th place doesnt. Good however for those watching depending if you like the driver leading or not.. Dont see this speeding up meetings though. We know the reasons track clearance rules changed. Imposed by people who know little about the job, but it was way too slow and hopefully when the enquiry is done they can have a sensible discussion with the insurance company as it doesnt work. Lot of supporters wont like that and will stop attending. They couldnt tow a Micra up the hill heaven forbid they need to ever get an F1 up it like that.
  6. 181 Lyndon Rushby races f2356 George Boult races saloons 453 Ryan Wright, could likely be irish saloon driver 153 508 Alex Strachan races hotstox
  7. All the best meetings seem to have come at the end of the year. This was an excellent event with all sorts going on. 515 took the first and said others needed to raise their game. Indeed, some need to use the bumper more in earlier rounds to put themselves in contention. 541 had a good lead in the second, i really hoped he would finally win but seemed to develop a car issue and wasnt seen again. Good drive by 502 and h410. 55 again had to go in consi and again had car issues and a dnf, after looking good a couple of rounds back. 150 was wild all day and good to keep an eye on. Come the final and 515 tried to deal with Harris, so Harris put 515 away, a move that didnt look likely and both went fencewards. Both rejoined and 515 was then put into a parked car at the other end. Mat won, said he needed it last year and this year it didnt matter. Not sure he realised at the time he had just put himself back in contention. 166 was great to watch again, we will never know if he had won the final what he could have done in the gn. 445 had a poor day, put himself in the fence in heat1 when just caught up with 515 and his car looked all over the place in the final, seemed to have handling issues all day. 217 won the gn, too little too late. And the nat series challengers had various issues one by one leaving Tom to take silver. The most wide open of contests was fascinating to watch. Didnt see anything wrong with the hits, hard fencings. I didnt consider them follow ins with anything malicious behind it. Theres a points title at stake, it should get heavy, at least they were racing...... The f2 series was also of great interest. Dissapointing it went down to drivers on the brakes. Maybe a review of this for future should be looked at. Exclude those making no attempt to race, and look at how the grid is lined up so as not to line up 1st and 2nd on the grid one behind the other, maybe draw positions. Minis had lots going on with a few big hits, many by the 180 car. With luck we will have at least a few more Belle Vue dates to come. A proper stock car track and a vital link for many North West supporters. RR 10 Dotd 1
  8. A lot didnt seem to like Stoke, always putting it down, but its always been a favourite of mine, although i prefererred the older layout proper fence of the 1990s. Its always produced good action packed racing, a proper stock car track, probably out of favour with many newer supporters who dont seem to like 'rough'. The more rough and ready tracks have always given the best racing. They all seem to have gone now. Early rain and thankfully it passed, lots of rain fell a bit further south, we were lucky. Track was perfect and ready to enjoy action for the last time. All the racing was good, from all formulas. Was dissapointing for Craig Finnikin whose car failed at the end of the consi, costing shootout points, and 217 also didnt get the results he would have liked. The final had all the action typical of stoke. Pile ups, hard close racing. 166 put a huge hit on Tom who did well to survive. 515 must have won more finals than any there, but wasnt having this one. Paul Hines was super fast and scored a fine victory. RR? Possibly a 9, probably a 10,it was enjoyable, but left us thinking of what we are losing here. I first went in 1992 a year or so before f1s returned, and have gone to most f1 events run there since, and a load of non f1 dates. The main dissapointment with the track to me was the lack of f1 events run there since it returned, just one or two a year. Im going to miss it. RR 10 😉 Dotd 166
  9. Was a good meeting at Northampton. It was a touch bumpy but seen worse. I would rather go to a meeting with a track like that than a billiard smooth slick track giving processional racing. It affected the f2s more i thought. I think some have over reacted in comments- getting the hump about the bump. I recall Stoke being far worse several times. And there was the Coventry hole. If you didnt like it, dont go to some dutch dirt tracks which can be more bumpy than that. Racing was close and unpredictable. 268 got a great heat win, h880 looked strong coming 2nd from a long way down at one stage. 515 used all his experience to take a win, sort of driver i expect to do well on a bumpy track. Final was good, h880 could have won (field track experience), maybe 445 was helped a little by a stoppage 94 got a nice result as did 335 in 4th. The results of the day leave points chase very close. Yes it did go on too long. To be fair the f2 world of shale was run rearranged from previous day and has a parade etc. Fixture lists originally said 1pm for this, then it was 12, probably just as well. But this used up your clock change hour. I imagine it was put to 12 due to the amount on the programme which means there was too much on. 6 hours last week in October is too much for many. Lucky that unlike some, i didnt think it too cold, but it can be at this time of year. I have read it just puts some people off going. Wasnt it good to see some shale racing under lights there. Hopefully we can get some more next year with more reasonable Saturday start times... RR 8 Dotd H880
  10. Its simple really. Keep people informed. Im not sure about the whole we left the decision as late as possible for the travelling dutch. Theyve actually made it worse. You cant do anything about the weather. But i went Skegness Thursday, there were floods everywhere. Thats when i suspect the damage had been done. If there was doubt about the fixture, they should have said a decision would be made Friday evening. Now you have teams, such as Wim Peeters for example who have travelled to the uk at great expense and no meeting. He wont be at Northampton as hes going to Venray so a wasted trip to the UK, and its not a small journey. There were others booked saturday only too. By keeping them advised you would give them the choice of making the trip or not or hanging on travelling to see if its running. Or maybe wasting peoples time and money is ok by you?
  11. Agree. There was a big f2 race planned. Would they cancel the wf based on a forecast? But a better compromise may have been move the f2 wos to sunday and let any who wanted to race on Saturday do so? Forecast really isnt as bad as it was yesterday so should have been called then.
  12. Becasuse it was forecast rain all day today, it hasnt. So cancelling on a forecast is foolish when theres a large number of overseas already travelling. Lots of uk fans out of pocket too. "Brisca never cancel" 😳
  13. They were going to uprate the f2 national series points following Sheffields cancellation. What on earth will they do now?! Theres basically one date any rearranged fixture f1/f2 could potentially be and thats day before the f1/f2NS finals
  14. What a farce. Cancelling meetings based on forecasts. It was forecast rain all day today, theres hardly been any. Mildenhall forecast tomorrow is wet but not as bad as many areas. Loads have hotels booked. Theres loads of dutch coming, or seemingly already over and they do this. Forecast has been like it for a few days so its a bit late for the overseas travellers. Poor decision.
  15. My only Sheffield visit this year and im afraid i think i was at a different meeting. Maybe its having to find somewhere new to stand. Maybe it was Saturday being so good, though it was good to fulfil the fixture. And why does it start so early. Not easy for travelling with late night the day before (i know it was rearranged but often also go to non f1 dates too) then up in morning when its almost still dark- its supposed to be fun, not feel like going to work. I know those on public transport found it very tight to get there in time. Last few years theres been track work between races but nothing was done at this, leading to a very slick dusty track meaning nobody could be caught or put a good hit in. Fast but apart from a couple of incidents nothing much happened and it seemed largely processional. Sheffield is often like that when it goes slick. Tarmac with dust! Just 13 cars for a very poor heat one, what went wrong there? Heats 2 and 3 were very watchable and had most of the days incidents. 555 up a post on the back straight and the huge incident at turn one with Liam Gilbank taking to the air. A close finish to heat 3 with 55 almost getting to 275. I thought the final and Gn were poor. Fast and close but next to no contact, the odd nudge or leaning on someone. 445 seemed to make good progress but most seemed to follow each other round. Not sure a 10 lap mini race really gives enough repair time. May work for full format but with 2/3 format needing cars to keep coming out, they seemed to struggle to get ready. Dotd 275 RR 5
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