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    British and American Chart Music history. Belgian beer and real ale fan. Vintage transport and Southampton F.C.
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    Began watching at West Ham in 1961. Was once Chick Woodroffe 409/1 fan club sec. Journalist and sales team for both Stock Car mags. Programme compiler for Promotasport late 60's. Signwriter for many Southern cars in the 70's and drove as 379 in the 80's in borrowed Ray Scriven 110 and Ian Hall 381 cars, these guys making a dream come true!

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  1. My big worry is than next years World Final won't be as epic as this years might have been due to the probability of losing drivers from the UK due to lack of tracks and perhaps less Dutch coming over due to extra red tape that will be in place at customs.
  2. Stu 379

    What now?

    Hearing the latest news regarding closure of all public meeting places until further notice does this possibly mean no racing this year at all.
  3. Mine was a very wet West Ham in 1965 for an Ellis Ford win. Should have been Harringay in 63 but sadly I was involved a school function and couldn't wriggle out.😥
  4. One thing not right in this info is they are The V8 Stock car tour and not World Tour as someone claimed. Cars use small block Chevs and four new Kingpin tyres cost around the same as one American Racer!!!!!!. The spec is similar to BriSCA V8 apart from the obvious engine difference but both engines will run side by side until 2022 when a standard spec will be introduced. Tracks they now have are Barford, Trent, Brampton, Ringwood, Swaffham, Worthing and a demo session at Lydden Hill later in the year. Car numbers are low and obviously this is due to the low numbers of meetings Spedeworth gave them. It's a Catch 22 situation for why would you build a car with so few meetings but with a spread of raceways I assume they hope for better things. More events in reality should bring more cars one would think and they have put in some hard work it would seem in sourcing some new venues. I've seem them race at Ringwood and even with eleven cars they put on a good show. The deep South of the UK has been starved of V8 Stock cars for some time with just one BriSCA Hotstox meeting at Aldershot per year so I get what these guys are trying.
  5. Happy Christmas to all Stoxnetters from me
  6. Stu 379

    Fixture list 2020

    How on earth can you plan a fixture list with so much uncertainty in the sport.
  7. Stu 379

    Birmingham track

    Just seen the BBC news via Facebook and it certainly doesn't look good for the future of the track.
  8. Stu 379

    Birmingham track

    Interesting the report says that the City Council must provide alternative accommodation for the said activities
  9. It says the press release is tomorrow the 11th !!!
  10. R.I.P. to our fellow Stoxnetters.
  11. Stu 379

    Colin North

    Sincere and heartfelt thoughts go to Colin's family and friends at this tragic time. Life can be so unfair. R.I.P. Colin
  12. Terrific work all season team. Cheers all
  13. Thanks team for results on a sad occasion. Stoke's closure means that since I started following Stox in 1961 I have seen the closure of around 44 Stock car venues which is a frightening statistic
  14. Positives are the weather was good and the track held for a few races so congrats go to the team for all the prep work that went on. Negatives, one formula too many for a shale track all helping to gradually destroy the racing surface causing all those punctures and throwing cars in all formulas off the racing line and of course meaning the meeting dragged on for too long. I was at Aldershot for the V8s and Ministox a few weeks back and along with bangers the whole meeting was done in around 3hrs 40mins. Three formulas are fine for tarmac but with track prep of shale it's just too much. Grand Nationals and fireworks I gave a miss as I was losing the will to live so cannot comment on those races. My race rating is no reflection on the drivers as they put on a great show but it all got a bit tedious for me after a few hours R/r 6 DotD 880
  15. Well well, now I've been to all the meetings at KL this year and they have all been of the highest calibre so why does this one seem to be getting a 10 from most people as others this season haven't reached the maximum in such numbers and have been as good. F1s aside for the moment, the 'loons seemed very subdued in their main event race but great afterwards and the V8s Final was not so good due to having lost so many cars in the much better damaging heats . F1 final was top draw as was the GN but it was what we have come to expect at the Flux Arena. Now here comes my gripe, why oh why must the top three drivers in every race be interviewed. Drivers notoriously do not rush themselves when they have finished a race taking time to cool the cars down before casually strolling over for presentations and I see it as a lot of time wasted when the meeting could be shortened by over half an hour if just the winner was interviewed or the chat could take place on the victory wagon. Fair enough to talk to the top three in the finals but I found the centre area chat just seemed to go a little too much on Saturday. I know I am not the only one who travels a long distance but after the first two races over an hour had passed and I reckon the promotion should bring the cars out onto the infield ready for the next race instead of the wait which we have to endure between races. Finish time was slightly better but I thought did we really need three formulas as I arrived home at 2-15 a.m. I loved Nigels lap of honour and it just shows what a race win means to this lovable character. DotD 45 R/R 9 (just)
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