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  1. Average meeting but enjoyable Mr 7 Dod has to be 84 what a fantastic drive in the final lapping top drivers then same again in the gn. He has been badly missed this season.
  2. Probably Ben fund with reds and blues then all the other cars in ht2
  3. It is I agree but I remember a world champion saying a few years ago if you can't beat them then join them.
  4. Better than kings Lynn but the seasons not got going for me yet, thought 24 207 215 21 drove well. Mr 7 Dod 4 great driving all night deserved to win gn but for yellow flags and possibly mechanical problems. Ps ozzy turning right nowadays seams to Happen all the while by everyone lol
  5. What can you say apart from the minis and saloons were good but the 1s were poor, there was,something missing thought the track was very greasy and can not stand watering mid race, a very poor start it can only get better. Mr 4 Dod 515
  6. Has to be 53 picture for me the greatest driver ever
  7. It's a farce the tracks not been graded at all the shale needs to come off its ruining the racing. And as for the heats it's wrong should of been 1 3 5 7 in one heat then 2 4 6 8 in the other
  8. Has tarmac been poor yes as shale has been fantastic at all of the meetings with close finishes and big incidents at most of the meetings. Is tarmac dead no but it needs to improve a lot with a lot more contact in the races and niggles with the drivers. I hope buxton is a lot better tomorrow.
  9. What have they changed
  10. Personally I think the fixture list needs a shake up ie as the Dutch don't support the European like they used to,move it to say a kings Lynn weekend or coventry whilst it's still here. World masters is a joke being at Northampton it makes it hard work for the drivers and fans,The world final should be a,weekend affair at the,same track.Both of these points are common sense to most people apart from the promoters. Ns finale should be at a track that attracts cars ie coventry Birmingham Kingslyn, not Sheffield which struggles for cars all the time.
  11. I thought it was,a,poor meeting not helped by drivers who had qualified for the world loading up early with no obvious signs of damage. Mr 5 Dod 512
  12. I think it's a disgrace he should. Be red until he retires he's still better than a lot of red tops especially on shale.
  13. mojoe

    texters needed

    Hi Jayne if you pm me your number I can do Northampton for you .
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