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  1. 'Also typical narrow mindedness with regards to venturing somewhere new seems to have come into play.' The statement is, respectfully, unfair and the situation mis understood, promoters and drivers [ including myself ] have worked hard on this for over a week, yesterday involved leaving at 10.30.am and getting home at 1.30.am - alongside others similar to try and resolve the issues for the good of the sport. BSCDA drivers also have invested their time which has been considerable, to engineer a 'stop and go solution' to something complex and without prejudice by all, in the best interest of the sport. Let me assure you that quite forensic discussions wider than the existing BriSCA venues were examined, in most cases, possible alternatives, however again came to availability and how they sat in the fixture list against other options and what was best for the sport. As the release states, there could at this juncture be no short term solution that would create a utopia. The whole discussion and process is completely open and democratic, BriSCA and BSCDA work extremely closely, it isn't a dictatorship and some ideas were re configured with invaluable input from the drivers. What is important is to remain 'positive' whilst fully understanding individual disappointment, have a progressive plan and communicate better in the future when respectfully there is something to actually say rather than breed speculation or create situations that creates more answers than question. First saturday nights in April, May and July remain unfilled, and probably unlikely to be filled as you would assume that options at tracks within the F1 fixture list have been exhausted and the likelihood of venturing somewhere new is overlooked " Next posting So surely the powers that be should take any blank dates that can't be filled to contract a small number of drivers (or even A driver) and search for events (possibly domestic meetings at non-F1 tracks) to do a demonstation or even static display such as the one at Odsal this coming Sunday ? Answer: Certainly a good idea to consider once the priority decisions have been made At least it could be an opportunity to take a demonstration to some of the tracks already in the fold but inactive for the one's (such as Mildenhall) or any other of the thousands of motor related events across the country every year. Answer: Certainly a good idea to consider once the priority decisions have [now] been made For instance the first weekend in July will be the Ipswich Spedeweekend, so how about half a dozen F1's smoking tyres around Foxhall to preview their upcoming World Final? (I think this might have been done before) Answer : Indeed Spedeworth have done this before and they may, once the dust settles wish to consider repeating this. Mildenhall runs on the first Saturday's in April and May. Answer: This was discussed and may well be an option for 2018 In terms of the 'sport' retreating North, good soundbite, but certainly not a 'plan by design' .BriSCA/BSCDA were open minded and supportive for example, to last weekends Wimbledon at relatively short notice. Higher car numbers would have been of course welcome, but as in all things there are 'reasons' - Options you suggest were actively considered and compared to past history - much as the forensic and factual analysis of Wimbledon turnouts over the years on this very forum. There are a number of factors other than 'looks good' to consider in reaching decisions. BSCDA and BriSCA seriously have the greater good at heart in this situation beyond everyday 'business' concerns. It is credit to all involved that, given the timescale since being informed, ALL have rallied to co-operate and engineer a solution albeit, we all appreciate, not perfect in the short term. Please bear with us, we certainly do not want or need a disillusioned sport when setting things aside there remains much good, but this is going to take a season to work through. Steve Rees
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    BriSCA F1 Stock Car List 28/12 as of 2.pm Saturday 27th 10 – Lee Smith 40 – Steve Smith 45 – Nigel Harrhy 52 – Craig Haworth 54 - Hayley Parkinson 76 – Aaron Cozens 84 – Tom Harris – Prov 118 – Steve Harrison127 - Austin Moore 135 – Roger Bailey 276 – Mark Poole293 - Elliot Smith 307 – Tim Warwick 322 – James Neachell 326 – Mark Sargent 394 – Chris Clare 435 – Ricky Finney 448 – Jason Eaton H195 – Willem Zwerver H295 – Harmen Zwerver
  3. STOKE 28th DECEMBER – MEETING GOES AHEAD Following an assessment of the track at Noon today, Saturday 27th, we are pleased to confirm that Sunday’s event at CHESTERTON STADIUM goes ahead as planned from 12.30.pm. Following yesterdays storms, the track has been left this morning for the snow to thaw and most has now gone – The track is very hard underneath however we have protected it by deliberately not running round with tractors this morning. The thaw this morning has left a couple of metres width of standing water on the bends which is being pumped off during this afternoon and with no further rain or snow forecast after 2.pm – and a dry day tomorrow with dry spells and a hard frost tonight, we expect the track to be hard and perfectly race able. Thankfully a lot of preparation has gone into the track following the event on 30th November and it was re-instated perfectly and tyre packed in hard which has protected it from the weather as much as is possible. For confirmation, the event on 28th December is definitely ON and racing commences at 12.30.pm - We look forward to seeing you, wrap up warm! F1 wise we currently expect around 20 cars - 330 has cancelled this morning due to clutch problems and 515 has cancelled also this morning due to NEC workload.
  4. Yes - Addition Graham Wagstaff
  5. Latest additions to list 40 Steve Smith 52 Craig Haworth 54 Hayley Parkinson 322 James Neachell
  6. Driver Lists for Sunday 28th December at 12.30.pm ‘BriSCA Christmas Cracker & Startrax Open Teams Championships as at 9.pm Thursday 11th December 2014 - FINAL list will be available from Monday 22nd December BriSCA F1 Stock Cars > 10 - Lee Smith > 45 - Nigel Harrhy > 76 - Aaron Cozens 84 - Tom Harris - P > 91 - Tony Smith > 118 - Steve Harrison > 135 - Roger Bailey > 191 - Josh Smith > 276 - Mark Poole > 307 - Tim Warwick > 394 - Chris Clare 435 - Ricky Finney > 448 - Jason Eaton 498 - Mark Sargent > 515 - Frankie Wainman > H195 - Willem Zwerver > H295 - Harmen Zwerver V8 Stock Cars Superstar: 157 Adam Joyce – Burton-on-Trent, Staffs Red: Blue: 222 Guy Jolly – Huntingdon, Cambs 355 Bryan Andrew – Glossop, Debrys 478 Shane Geary – Corby, Northants Yellow: 227 Sam Wainwright – Congleton, Cheshire White: 136 Rob Jacklin – Manchester 139 Dave Brawn – Walsall, W. Midlands 176 Stephen Young – Ashton-under-Lyme, Manchester 236 Jonathon Walmsley – Doncaster, S. Yorks 251 Carl Seddon - Bolton, Manchester (Prov) 333 Sam Roper – Sheffield, S. Yorks 438 Craig Kellett – Preston, Lancashire 510 Mark Johnson – Taunton, Somerset Number TBC Carl Critchlow – Leek, Stoke-On-Trent NATIONAL MINISTOX CHRISTMAS CRACKER 2014 Entries as at 11th December 1 Junior Wainman 58 Jack Bullock 69 Matt Barnard 99 Nathan Harrison 134 Sophie Maynard 147 Edward Collins - P 153 Georgina Bullock 180 Courtney Witts 183 Charlie Guinchard 202 Will Knight 226 Amy Webster 251 Noah Medway 268 Ben Pegg 269 Ben Chalkley 302 Joe Bamford 330 Jackson Whitehead - P 331 Mackenzie Whitehead - P 374 Kai Lindsay 411 Ryan Fairburn 613 Chloe Serpell 798 Finn Sargent H525 Nigel de Kock - P Startrax Bangers Open Team Championship – 19 Teams x 4 1 & 2. INVADERS A + B 1.30 Dale Norton , 2.504 Shane Baker, 3.506 Eddie Bluey, 4.522 Dean Woods, 5.523 Robbie Phennah, 6.528 Freddie Phillips, 7.549 Paul Holland 8. 854 Will Hoggan 3. SHARKS 002 Lee Hampson 2 Sam Daley 42 Alex Evans 77 Tom Hertzog 4. DADS ARMY A 66 Dave Dorans 195 Elvis Hopkins 687 Mark Cross 182 Billy Taylor 5. DAHM Busters
 617 Danny Everett
 616 Phil Watkiss
 347 Red Nelson 156 Dan Beckwith 6. Black & white 166 Ben Buckley 195 Luke Wagstaff 210 Callum McKee
 269 Tom Morris 7. Welsh Spinners team 36 Rob Bennett 10 Brian Leary TBC TBC 8. TEAM LEADERS TBC TBC TBC TBC 9. TBR A 
 0 Rusty
 6 Lee Fearnley
 172 Richard James
 823 Tom Richards

 10. TBR B
 22 Dave Sully Sullivan
 11 Tim Moore
 20 Tony Ridgeway
 181 Paul Beale

 11. TBR C
 110 Daniel Smith
 128 Billy Prophet 
64 Dewi Cahill
 919 Liam Cooley 12. TEAM ROOF UP TBC TBC TBC TBC 13. TEAM MANGLER 123 TBC TBC TBC 14. Clay Eds A 103 Boyo 29 Jase Barker 282 Cracker 17 Shane Heath 15. Clay Eds B 298 John Willy 230 Danny Gajewski 08 Mark Baggley 210 Glynn Dring 16. TEAM BONKERS 626 Kip Roberts TBC TBC TBC 17. TEAM COASTAL 13 Colin Clark 67 Alex Marsh 126 Lee Howarth 666 Edward Kirkwood 18.DAD'S ARMY B 023 Mad Moz 201 Ben 'Bashed' Lund 31 Terry 'Fatboy' Driver 628 Nathan Flear 19.DEMONS 164 Gary Shaw 355 Martin Mullins Ryan Moran 294 Ian Rawlings
  7. Last few days! Gift Vouchers also available - Tel 01253 713754
  8. Well done Nige - Nice thought Beaks, we said we would get him at Christmas so he'll get 2!
  9. Humour ? Life is a bit busier this year unfortunately and Bookings are now done by BSCDA as of 1st August - Not ourselves, it is OVER 3 weeks away and we would expect a list in around 7 - 10 days. Last year we took the bookings at the November Coventry so we had them to hand- we didn't this year as we had Stoke on, we would hope for around 20. We have not either got the V8 or Ministox list as they come direct also but we do have 13 teams of Bangers entered. We will produce a list around 20th December
  10. Without a shadow of a doubt it will be my last - it would hold 8000 and it will be my achievement to have it here before I depart Cowdie aint Manchester or shale!
  11. To be fair Chunder the news item was on our website - not this forum and geared towards a local audience and to dispel myths that with the Belle Vue Sports Village opening in 2016, the existing stadium is somehow about to disappear - it isn't! However it has always been our dream to bring the F1 WF 'home' but wouldn't even think of it with standard rope and post fence. With speedway now finally moving after years of 'delays' we can actually start planning - The GRA are also focusing on improvements at BV - hence a meeting with a target Saturday. There are a number of improvements that will need to be done and will take that period of time. Our considerations are an F1 only WF - and we have identified useable parking space as a result of the new build next door which would allow 1500 - 2000 seats being erected in the form of high level temporary stands along the back straight. A lot of work to do and funding to secure - but the message is here that BV is here to stay and a new era dawning from 2016. We thought about putting 2020 WF tickets on sale in January at 2014 prices.......Lol - will get my hat and coat! At my time of life you have to have a goal and something to give you the optimism of still be here in 2020 and to work towards. It is achievable and there needs to be a 5 year plan that is jointly bought into by ourselves and the GRA - That is where we are at.
  12. no - they are standard prices so even bigger saving! SF and NS prices are pegged at 2014 prices
  13. 2015 STARTRAX SEASON TICKETS They’re back by popular demand – 40 race dates including 12 BriSCA F1 – Again, huge savings to be made!! If you attend ALL 2015 events for F1 as an Adult you will pay £210.00 – so that’s a saving of a massive £40 PLUS your choice of up to 27 other events you may attend come ABSOLUTELY FREE! No wonder they are so popular – but, don’t delay, they are only available from 23rd November until 19th December 2014! 12 BriSCA F1 events with Startrax in 2015 – Including Friday night BriSCA F1 Startrax@Coventry in June, BriSCA F1 World Championship Semi Final at Belle Vue and NS Finale Plus Admission to ALL Startrax NON BriSCA F1 events at all our Startrax venues INCLUDED – That’s 40 EVENTS IN TOTAL ! On the day 2015 Prices for F1 events: Adults £17 OAP £15 Child 5 – 15 £7 On the day 2015 Prices Non F1 events Adults £14 OAP £12 Child 5 – 15 £6 The 2015 Season Ticket Price ADULT £170.00 CONCESSION £140.00 Simply order them either online or by ringing the office on 01253 713754 9.am - 5.pm daily where you can pay by credit / debit card KIDZ CLUB MEMBERSHIPS ALSO AVAILABLE! See online tickets page
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    Track For Sale

    The 7k refers to the estimated damage - Thankfully support has been overwhelming - for example a friend of one of our Banger drivers has sourced a replacement PA system due for installation yesterday - Sunday's [30th] event goes ahead as planned which is good for the stadium - BBC Radio Stoke did an interview with us at 5.50.pm last night. The support has been a big morale booster for Dave
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