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  1. Nothing to do with me was something to do with YouTube a few more are Private also and will not change back either, see no point in uploading and then making it private myself either, so nothing to do with mentioning my name or being a big baby unfortunately, at least it allowed some of you to add to your post counts... Quite like the idea of being a power freak though... Have had to edit it again and upload a new version
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    The car is ex Phil Hayhurst #84 from Milnthorpe, think thats the original and not the replacement one he did for Richard. You should have known that, you have a pm about the reunion. I must have been with you when you took some of them pictures at 81 semi as i have similar as well.
  3. I now have a copy of the offical report, Edited by Daniel: Sorry, BriSCA haven't said that this can go online in public so I have edited this message out with the thinking that if they wanted it online they'd have put it onto their own website. I've asked if anything can be put online and will let you know what the reply is when it arrives. Meanwhile, anyone who'd like a copy for themselves can contact the BriSCA office, details at http://www.brisca.com
  4. Is this when the damage occurred to front bumper? HERE If so it was on cover of magazine not sure of year though will have it somewhere can dig it out if nobody else has one to hand, i think Bezz would have repaired that damage pretty soon,so if the damage occurred in that picture the pits picture would have been taken soon after the Brafield picture.
  5. Must the class return on its decision and the stockcarraces of the MAB-club on the crossbaan still allow? Yes: per balance no longer noise now a motorcrosswedstrijd arises and training hours decay. Yes: the races popular and a ruimhartige explanation of the license conditions justify are. No: the crossbaan lies in a vulnerable territory. A third autocross is onacceptabel. No: such large event with many public causes surplus inconvenience for neighbors. Results Related news report. Thats a rough translation from a free translation site, not very good but a little more enlightening.
  6. What are the names of the pop ups you are getting? is it one particular pop-up or a variety from different sites, have you scanned system for spyware? as there could be something loaded that is getting past.
  7. It was defiantly the semi-final meeting, i have a few more from there, don't think they are really good enough to upload though, I'm just going through them, but all my pictures i took are from 80-81, at various tracks (and i was only 14 at the time with a Kodak 126 camera looking at them now i don't think they are that bad) with the exception of Hartlepool semi 30/7/78, i also have scrap books with news reports if any one is interested i could upload them possibly,when i get them from the loft, some interesting things in them from what i remember.
  8. Try the google search bar its got a built in pop up stopper, works for me, i have used the others and find that is the best. download here
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    there is a bit on Nelson here
  10. naturalbornclaret


    You would need b****y good eyesight to see anything from M66, but if you look from junction 13 on M65 you wont go far wrong
  11. Picture of bangers from New Brighton 1970s, hopefully it will work.
  12. I think the track finally closed in the mid 70s, im pretty sure ther was talk around that time of Mike Parker re-opening it for racing not sure what formula though, i dont think anything has been built on it its just a green field site, it was a high banked ex cycle track, i have a picture of bangers there from the early 70s that i could add if i new how,hope that is of some help.
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