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    Stock car and banger racing, Go Karting, Socialising. Making a fool of myself.
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    I have been a fan since i was 2 weeks old in 1988, my first meeting was Scunthorpe, 30 years of Stock Car racing. My Dad has been spectating since the 60's and my Mum raced bangers locally in the 70's...Dad also run a stall at the swap meetings along with the V.S.C.A stall for a few years. I'm a fan of John Lund; the king! V8 Hotstox wannabe driver 2011 - 2013 and Chairman 2013 - 2016. 2018 - now working for Trackstar

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    Until the Government confirms policy and procedure changes, i would expect things to be business as usual in all honesty. King's Lynn fixtures are continuing as planned until the recommendations are changed.
  2. I don’t think any Promoter likes the delay in releasing dates – it is their livelihood and they will want the dates out there as much as anyone. Aside from track issues, there has been a lot to contend with - the most challenging Winter for some time I’d imagine. Dates will be available asap I’m sure. You can pool together a few dates from the various releases at least: King’s Lynn, Sat 21st March Mildenhall Sat 4th April Skegness Fri 11th April King’s Lynn Sat 18th April Skegness Sat 11th and Sun 12th July World Final Fri 11th and Sat 12th September.
  3. Merry Christmas everyone, have a good one!
  4. Putting the bumper in on Mental Health Mental Health is so important; just as important as physical health. Blokes being blokes don’t tend to open up and a large proportion of our sport is made up of blokes – that’s not to say the Women in our sport and their Mental Health aren’t important – but blokes are less likely to talk about what’s going on in their lives. Headed by members of the Trackstar team; a new Short Oval group on Facebook based purely on the welfare of guys within the sport for – Drivers, mechanics, officials and fans – every guy is welcome to join here. We’re not councillors or professionals, just blokes talking amongst themselves in an open and honest forum to help one another. Share and spread the word. It’s ok not to be ok.
  5. New/refurbed Lundy car. Proper Old-Skool Lundy look John B photos:
  6. The booking list for tonight was updated yesterday on the Incarace website - 58 cars. Think 26 Hayley Williams-Hawkins booked out yesterday though, and i know of one another driver who was frantically trying to get their car ready, so maybe so further changes to that list. It has the makings of a great night to end the season.
  7. Concur which much has been said so far, a good meeting all round; Tom did what he had to do and with 5 drivers that could take the crown the GN was certainly tense. Hopefully we will see some action at Belle Vue in 2020 fingers crossed. Dotd - 166 - certainly been the most impressive of the Shootout drivers in my opinion, i'm not sure many expected him to be mixing it like he did. RR - 8
  8. Hi Peter - this isn't an event by Trackstar, but direct between the Stadium and the Autograss organisers. I can only point you in the direction of their Facebook group - i don't believe there is a website for it. Keith
  9. Very sad to see another track go, a good night of racing to go on too, well done all. Dotd - 259 - did not have him down for the final win, great driving Paul! RR- 8
  10. Advance tickets also available which are £22 per adult. "advanced tickets can be obtained from calling the Startrax office line on 01253 713754. Thanks" - taken from their FB page.
  11. I always enjoy Sheffield, some spectacular incidents and close racing in an impressive facility. Dotd – 275 RR – 7 Full credit to Startrax for getting the fixture re-arranged and to all the teams who made it with two weeks notice. Looking forward to seeing how the plans for the venue progress next season.
  12. What a night! Thank you to everyone for a superb night, what a year. Roll on 2020, not sure what we can do to top this season! Like others have said it’s meeting’s like Saturday that keep us going back time and time again. Awesome. Dotd – 53 RR – 10 Anyone is more than welcome to message any of the Trackstar outlets, but just to pick up on a couple of points, unfortunately I think we were about 5 minutes late getting started, we did try and get the Saloons out early to grid, however that sadly didn’t happen, sorry. We appreciate many have long distances to travel – there was a lot to “deal” with throughout the evening too. Interviews, some like them, some don’t & that’s ok, but often is the comment that Promoters need to do more to make it more than just racing. I think, on a personal level, Matt does a great job. Unfortunately TSR need to water mid race if required, there would be no racing if not, however some drivers suggested a compromise of additional rolling laps after a stoppage to allow the water to soak in and tyre pack – therefore less incidents after the green flag, which I believe is working at the moment. Ref the format, with two big V8 formulas on the billing that would move the track material, it was decided to run the Saloons early before too much had shift, we knew there would be no time to re-grade (we ran right up to curfew anyway) that was thought the best solution. We always welcome feedback and we read all the comments following a meeting, we try our best to do the best. Here's to 2020.
  13. They sure are, Carl. Tristan is the son of Alan; Alan and Gary are brothers. Alan and Gary's Nephew; George Shone, also had a spell racing V8 Hotstox.
  14. Meeting cancelled due to the weather. . . Post on Facebook here.
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