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Yesterday, 08:03 PM

I think you are right Tom.This what the promotors should be doing to fill in gaps between races linking it to screen would be excellent.You are correct about the ear pieces at cricket T20 finals day I would estimate 15-20% of spectators use them.

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13 October 2017 - 06:05 AM

Nige, Neil

If you are doing a long post and have access to a lap top you could always type it in word and paste in - that way you can always save it and add to it before you post, not always easy on a phone especially when you are eating your breakfast and watching the 🤣news at same time!

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12 October 2017 - 08:07 PM

Great post Neil👍

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12 October 2017 - 10:03 AM

First Saturday of the month venue for 2018?

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09 October 2017 - 07:29 PM

Great post by JH.


Over the last 10 days or so there have been some really good suggestions put forward on various threads on Stoxnet


I have thought for some time that crate engines should be seriously looked at purely for cost purposes and people need to start discussing the "unthinkable" - doesn`t mean you are going to do it , but at least discuss it who knows some ideas might be adopted?


People need to consider that Promtors need to turn a profit or they will not run meetings or begin to run fewer.


Do BRISCA need to have a regular track holding a first saturday of the month meeting? It`s a shame that Belle Vue or Sheffield cannot do this, but is it in the best interest of the sport to do this be it at Kings Lynn or Skegness or ...?


Reduce cost to go racing look at Crate engines, do away with coloured wings have coloured bumpers , panel or even flag

on the back of the car, allow cheaper shockers - in conjunction with our Dutch friends.


Lower graders need track time to gain experience and an incentive to race.


Full whites and yellows series:

White top Champion series with champion race

Yellow top Champion series with champion race


Do exit pole - why are drivers packing in racing? why did some of the grasstrack boys pack in?


Do a STOXNET survey of people  who have either stopped going or significantly reduced going - if needs be with multiple choice answers.


Look at the change - 30 years ago there was no SKY / BT TV, no football on saturday evening, mutiple sunday or monday games, no Internet, no social media and no mobile phones! Most people didnt even own a computer never mind a laptop.


There is some serious competion for peoples time and disposable income.We should not be afraid of considering change..............