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  1. As good if not better than the first half! The passion and stories simply brilliant, even when dealing with the politics in the sport!
  2. His enthusiasm and recollection in detail of some of the incidents is magic - brilliant interview. I even remember some of the incidents at the old Scunthorpe!
  3. Great stuff. The Scottish driver was in the 175 car, the shale car of Pete Hall. This was Eric Brown's first go an F1 using his F2 number. We had raced at Newtongrange the night before and arrived just in time to stick the numbers on the car before going out for his first heat, no practice......shale tyres and stagger etc Probably should have picked a different number as many thought it was the usual fella in the 175........
  4. The new one. I don't think anyone has had a go at trying to model the old one in rFactor.
  5. The teams were only allowed 5 inside the stadium and the transporters were all parked with a space between. The commentator was in Charlotte, so easily met the social distancing requirement.... They all had to wear masks and gloves to work on the cars. There was no practice and Kyle Larson was allowed to race........... I agree that how they organise and race is very different to how it is done in the UK, but given they are trying things, I don't think there is any harm in trying to understand what they are doing if there is any discussion about potentially racing sometime this year.
  6. Watched the return of live racing for the Sprintcars at Knoxville last night. No spectators (a bit eerie), but the racing was great on PPV (or season pass) on Dirtvision. Prize money doubled during the meeting with donations from those watching from home pouring in. The next meetings in 2 weeks time are all ticket with restricted social distancing for spectators and tight controls over what can be taken in, no seats, blankets or family members over 65..... etc, everyone to wear masks and gloves, but non-medical so as not to divert supplies from healthcare workers. Would be great to learn a bit more from that and see if any of it could be applied to get some limited racing in sometime this year...., though the age limit probably slashes the bulk of the normal crowd (hides!!)
  7. LIKE button required We are enjoying both the eF1s and eF2s with all the work going on to put this FREE entertainment together in these strange and difficult times, but as usual a few Stoxnetters seem to be doing what they do best...... The entertainment value of Windows and ECL is good as in-between race fillers, but someone actually watching and commenting on the races is better as a racing experience. Combine both approaches and get Duncana to do the race commentary allowing ECL more time to read his phone........ The single camera shot with zoom in out as highlighted above would certainly be worth trying for this weekend. HUGE thanks to all the guys putting these shows together, the suppliers of the equipment to stage the racing and to the drivers putting their reputations on the line! This stuff is very different to the real thing!
  8. All formulas (except Bangers) run on the PC version of rFactor. Bangers use Wreckfest as the base game. You need a reasonably good PC (and ideally a steering wheel) with a decent broadband connection. You need to buy your own licensed copy of rFactor, but all the UK mods (formulas) and tracks are free to download from the ukdirt website. You only need to register on the ukdirt forum and Discord channel if you want to race online in the leagues. If you want to race offline against the AI cars, you only need a licenced copy of rFactor, then simply download what you fancy trying off the ukdirt website. There is normally an annual membership fee to cover the cost of the dedicated servers for the online leagues, but we have been providing it free for the last couple of years. Cheers (Treasurer for UKdirt since 2008!!!)
  9. Not to watch it on facebook or youtube, only to race online in the ukdirt leagues. This event is only open to real life drivers to race, everyone else can watch with as much food, drink, seating etc as they have available at home with access to facebook or youtube.
  10. Counter552

    Crazy cars.

    It looks like a slightly overgrown version of many of the Superstox that were around in the 1970s. The best example of a mini bodied cab I can remember was 81 Bill Puller and the proportions were certainly much better than the 221 example above!
  11. Charlie Sworders new Shale car looks epic
  12. Counter552


    This is exactly the rationale that Cowdenbeath (GMP) have stated for the suspension of racing.
  13. Counter552


    GMP have already announced that all their meetings are cancelled until further guidance received from the Government. Rightly, they are highlighting the risk of an incident that would require the emergency services (additional to their own private capabilities). Difficult and uncertain times but I think this is the right decision until the science regarding this virus is much better understood.
  14. Counter552


    Really sad news. We didn't know Mick well but I think I chatted to him at virtually every F1 meeting we have ever attended and will miss that. RIP Mick and sincere condolences to family and friends. Doug & Carol
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