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    Leyland, Lancashire
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    The weekends I am not scouting I am "racing".
    We have been watching watching F1s since 1986, met Mr F at Stu Smitths do Dec 1986. Proud mother of Matthew, mechanic for Danny 212 and also Matthew races Stoxkarts. I'm a lapscorer and you will probably find me at Startrax meetings on the admission gate booking drivers in when they arrive.
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    Married to tractor driver at Belle Vue
  1. Im not rising to it, keyboard ghosts are a pain in the bottom. We all work so hard, we enjoy our days, dont see much racing, but some people are NEVER happy. Sadly after 30+ years racing this is another reason why I'm not as much a fan of f1s as I am other formulas. Noticeably F2 fans and drivers love their racing, thet put up and shut up and get on with it very often.
  2. Im looking forward to meeting certain people at the next startrax meeting. They obviously can do a better job and there's space on the team. Married to mr f who flag, mends fence and when speedway has clashed with stocks, he's spent over 3 hours water the track. Obviously not good enough for some on here who enjoy taking pics and posting negatives. I walk round with my name on my back, don't hide and make yourself known, you can have a flag and other roles need doing. There's always one.
  3. The problem is that most of the people who help out at meetings have full time jobs and it would either mean they had to book a day holiday or add another day to their already long hard weekend giving their time with only expenses covered. Very few people, if any are on contracted hourly rate. My views and opinions and nothing to do with any promotion I help at
  4. Q1 = A Q2 = 126 + 422 Q3 = B Q4 = B Thanks everyone for all your hard work
  5. Got there at 12 oclock, left at 9.30, 1 very dirty and tired husband who had flagged and mended the fence, oh mended the fence, how dare drivers crash into it, thats not allowed, that means it has to be mended and a few more yellow flags, no one wants action, no one wants drivers to attend work Monday, so no yellows next time. Then we come to the weather and track, whoever didnt say their prays, shame on you, when the fixtures where planned 18 months ag, why didnt they think of it being cold, so the public had something to moan about and why didnt they know it was going to be a wet week, shame on the fixture planners. 2019 we will have the shootout final in June, that will solve the problem or put the right clothing on, its not the weather its the wrong clothes. 1 too many formula, if no V8s there would have been an empty track while drivers and mechanics mended their cars and if the meeting had been 3 hours then people would have moaned it wasnt value for money. We get great enjoyment out of helping out at tracks and I enjoy standing on the pit gate taking money and seeing smiley faces and only getting to watch from the 3rd F1 race. The atmosphere was cracking, the racing top drawer, hard working mechanics making sure drivers would be back on track to entertain, the whole show was well organised, thanks EVERYONE and see you at Birmingham, then off to Stoke, 3 more meetings this year D of D 94 R/R 10
  6. Q1= B Q2 = 515-445-217-212-16 Q3 = 38-7-101-560 Q4 = 995 Bonus = no Thanks for all your hard work all season x
  7. fenny

    Thank You

    JH words in an earlier post I would like to thank the promoters, drivers, fans and sponsors for the massive support they have shown us during a very difficult year I am sure he forgot about us mere mortals who help run the meetings in a volunteer role, Im sure our Christmas card and present will be in the post
  8. Q1 = 293 Q2 = 515 Q3 = 498 Q4 = 1 Bonus = mini 1 Thanks Jane
  9. I'll be there, 45th meeting of the season and a few more to go yet
  10. fenny


    Q1 = 499 Q2 = 498 Q3 = B Q4 = C Thanks everyone, annoyed I keep forgetting to complete each week
  11. Q1 = 390, 2, 94, 244, 268, H410 2a = 94 2b = 390, 94 Thanks x
  12. Q1 = 445 - 249 - 94 Q2 = 1 Q3 = C Q4 = C Thanks
  13. Q1 = B Q2 = C Q3 = C Q4 = C Q5 = D Q6 = A JOKER Thanks
  14. Q1 = 1 - 4 - 21 Q2 = 249 Q3 = B 38 Q4 = RED BONUS = V8 450 BRUM Thanks
  15. Q1 = B Q2 = B Q3 = B JOKER Q4 = D Thanks Jane
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