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  1. The ''new'' stadium next door was originally only intended to be the 'national hockey centre'. Speedway was allowed in later, probably when they realised hockey on it's own could not support.the stadium.
  2. tonywayne

    New brighton

    Trimal, I saw Kathy Kirby's first appearance with the Ted Heath band at Nottingham, when she was due to take over from Lita Rosa who was also on stage that night. And also they had Dickie Valentine who was taking over from Dennis Lotis. I'm much older than most on here.
  3. One of the attractions of Stock cars was the noise. It was a sad day when silencers were forced onto them (I know it wasn't their fault) but no noise at all would kill the sport very quickly.
  4. tonywayne

    Crazy cars.

    I think both Danny Clarke and Andy Shaw had very smart mini bodied cars.
  5. tonywayne

    Crazy cars.

    Darryl, I believe Frank's car(s) used parts from an Austin A40 truck. Sorry about underlining, I didn't mean to do that.
  6. Why does football always come into these discussions? We were talking Stock cars, no comparison with football, as has been said countless times.
  7. National Saloons may race in Scotland and Cornwall but does The Nation spectate or just the devoted few?
  8. Bedwetter, you need to accept that Stock Cars are not a national sport, we are a small minority. I have spectated since 1954 and I still see us as a small minority.
  9. Roy, until I reached the bit that starts ''unluckiest drivers'', I thought maybe you had only spoken to Nigel.
  10. Peter, Have you seen the size of Buxton's generator?
  11. Going back even further, Martin Morris, son of Bill, used 00 as his number.
  12. I would think insurance was needed for spectators rather than cars/drivers.
  13. Thanks Carole, I found photos in the gallery just after I posted my request. They were along way in, I must have been distracted before I got that far.
  14. Has anyone got a picture of the Willie Harrison rebuild/replica ?
  15. tonywayne

    World 240s

    Sorry, I forgot to add Mickey Brennan is also in team.
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