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  1. Billy H

    Quiz Time

    q3 wembley
  2. full marks for all involved,every one of these has been brilliant but the two hours with Stuart have been top quality what a gent that guy is,funny modest, and very likable its a shame that they are nearing the end cant wait for the last one but this one will take some beating...a very big thanks to all ...
  3. Billy H


    well if that isnt positive news nothing is
  4. i used to love watching stu smith going round the old belle view in that car he was well above anyone else, and all his fans in the little stand chanting ziger zager 391,like you that was my best era..although i used to be a willie harrison fan (until lundy appeared on the scene)
  5. brilliant interview its good to hear from people who have been there and done it all and hear their point of view how about some older ones ie willie harrison or perhaps old frank or even dougie cronshaw ect
  6. WOW thats one of the best looking cars that i have seen for a long time really clean lines well done lads,it looks like its going fast without even moving love the aerofoil someone with a good eye designed this
  7. Billy H

    Ansell class !

    found it absolutely brilliant i do prefer brafield as tar..
  8. Billy H

    Ansell class !

    would anyone know how i can find this on youtube i watch them all the time
  9. i remember taking my girlfriend (or rather letting come with me )to nelson,she wore a pink trouser suit and a white blouse,we got settled under the cow shed and waited for the show to begin,"why dont we stand in that gap we will be able to see better" i replied dont be silly sweetheart or something similar but her being of the wiser sex (i use those words carefully)she stood all alone laughing at me for being stubborn until the flag dropped that is her back was still pink as for the front you can only imagine, i dont know what made her more mad getting blasted with nelsons finest or a few dozen laughing people telling her i told you so lol...
  10. Billy H


    it is the right thing to do,i am sick really because i have already paid for my bed and breakfast and not booked any work in for my garage probably cost me £500 but im sure that there will be people worse off than me at least im still above ground and healthy.
  11. thats really sad to read buddy ive been a fan for a long long time and i still cant get the buzz out of me i know that we have lost some tracks but what i will do is make the most out of what we have and long may it be that way.
  13. Billy H


    I think that this will turn out to be another coventry but one can only hope i used to get really excited about going to bradford.
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