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  1. WOW it already looks better than nelson lol
  2. car looks the dogs and a credit too all involved i sincereley hope that all your hard work is rewarded, watching jack before the lock down he really had the bit between his teeth
  3. So there we have it, heard both sides of the story and it would appear that the gentleman who started this must have been slightly wrong,easy to do I suppose in that weather...
  4. I reiterate what everyone else has said great to see the other side more please..
  5. please excuse me for being thick is the formula one that was planned for Sheffield on the 4th october now being run at Buxton on the 3rd of october please could you make this a bit clearer
  6. great insght into the racing team/family thanks for that..
  7. full marks for all involved,every one of these has been brilliant but the two hours with Stuart have been top quality what a gent that guy is,funny modest, and very likable its a shame that they are nearing the end cant wait for the last one but this one will take some beating...a very big thanks to all ...
  8. brilliant interview its good to hear from people who have been there and done it all and hear their point of view how about some older ones ie willie harrison or perhaps old frank or even dougie cronshaw ect
  9. many congratulations Frankie on a well deserved win in the driver of the decade, great shame that you are taking your foot off the gas so to speak..
  10. this sounds interesting you have my attention.
  11. i would go and watch if it was pouring down and only ten cars i just love stock car racing always have always will it just gives me a buzz
  12. i dont understand why they charge more to get in for these events, once of a day we got a track parade of all the drivers prior to the meeting,side shows and much more of the sense of occasion rather than just another title race forgive me for being negative or wingeing ,but in all fairness lets have a little more effort from the guys who are running the show.
  13. thats proper brilliant Stuart grand little lad there a future champion we hope
  14. sad to see nigel and jake missing from the list
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