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  1. I am with Mike on this one first WF missed in 37 years............................
  2. 5 is Alive

    Dave Leonard

    Still in shock over my childhood friend taken from us so quickly I am not man off words so here goes.. I first Met Dave Leonard on the back straight at Long Eaton 78-79 as kids we would climb the fence jump into the pits stand and watch our childhood heroes fix there cars and report back to our Dads. Later in life as teenagers we would stand at the bottom off the now M627 on a friday tea time waiting for the first stockcar coach to come out of Rochdale and there was a lot in them days and off we went know idea where we going or when we would be back lol. Sat in pubs talking with Geordie Accent to pull the girls and it worked and Dave did it for 3 months once met the girls Family that was Dave all over , wicked sense of humor.. It will be hard at this years World Final he was always waiting for me to miss one , this year will be my 36th in a row , Dave in 87 went to USA AT WF time we told him 175 had won for 2 days he thought he had won the sweep stake.... Trips to Holland USA only 5 weeks ago Top Man always had time For Josh and sponsored many tyre. I could go on and on a lot a personal memorys so Tonight at Brafield i will stand in our place with Family and friends shed a tear and raise my glass. Dave Leonard you where a legend and will be a legend in the Family off Brisca Stockcars. My Condolence to Debs and Liam. RIP Buddy Andy Josh Nat's and Lynda Team 5
  3. We really should have a like button.............
  5. 5 is Alive


    This is awful news. Sincere condolences to the family. RIP Andy/Josh Coleman 615.
  6. Condolences to the family. Andy and Josh Team 615.
  7. 5 is Alive

    how tech are we

    Can this apply to pinto engines i presume ?? if you're stuck with the original flat plain crank then you get the two pistons that go up together to fire at once and then 180 degrees later the other two cylinders. so in 180 degrees you've had all four firing strokes and now you have 540 degrees with nothing! I don't think that will work. the crank couldn't take it. Just a guess but, the better crank design would have a throw every 90 degrees and then have firing every 90 degrees for the first 360 and then nothing for 360. the whole idea is that the tyre regains its shape and takes grip again before being whacked with 4 more pulses. I would think its great on shale. you'd have to change the order of the header pipes joining. on a 4 this is OK like the pinto but some of the firing orders they'd like on the V-8s make it impossible to join headers. so you have to find the 'big bang' AND somehow have a sequence on the left and right banks that allow the headers to work together in pairs. BTW, this is all a bit like AVGAS, it doesn't give you more power but allows you to run a higher compression afterwards which DOES give you more power. well this is the same, in GP racing, if you have a big bang engine you can then go and fit a peakier cam in that would otherwise have been unmanageable. so again, it isn't what big bang does but is what it allows you to do. this therefore takes a leap of faith because of the amount of things you're going to be changing. sometimes the only winner is Mr Cam Grinder! Taffy Cheers
  8. 5 is Alive

    how tech are we

    Can this apply to pinto engines i presume ??
  9. 5 is Alive

    Marina Heller RIP

    Our deepest sympathy to Marinas family and friends at this very sad time. Team 615/226...
  10. Dave see me in the pits if you have time pal same as last year. Cheers Andy...
  11. Happy Birthday Stoxnet , don't often post , but hey ho some off you have made laugh over the years. So here is to the next 10 years.
  12. 5 is Alive

    Sad news

    RIP Kevin , allways had time for a chat , very rare did Kevin and I stand togeather watching our sons race but the odd time we did Josh and Liam allways took each other out we just looked at each other and laughed. Condolences to Diane Liam and Lauren. Andy Lynda and Josh 615....
  13. R.I.P Barrie Shepherd.....back in the day that was one my favourite cars. Team 615 enjoy the big Oval in the sky.......
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