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  1. Can't see any sports taking place before a crowd/audience at all this year,if we are watching racing/football or anything else by March next year I'll be very surprised.... in the mean time we're all out with our pitchforks patrolling the Cumbrian border trying to keep visitors away... we're a local county for local people don't you know!
  2. Franny P


    Bradford isn't reopening for stock car racing.
  3. It's made me crave a AUTOMATICALLY DELETED WORD McDonald's and I can't wait to be able to travel the length and breadth of the UK watching racing again.... assuming there's still racing to watch of course.
  4. That applies to every stock car race... it's a spectacle that can only truly be enjoyed live.. no race I've ever watched in 39 years of spectating has looked as good on video/dvd/YouTube etc...
  5. Point out whatever you like fella,free country after all...
  6. Good ideas but let's just concentrate on getting through the thing first without issuing challenges to promoters whose income at the moment,and possibly for the whole season is zero.
  7. No mention of it on the Buxton raceway website though...
  8. Which site is this info on please?
  9. Franny P

    Midlands track

    The end of November fast approaches.... come on Steve,let's have some good news:)
  10. Franny P

    Midlands track

    Apart from the blasphemy
  11. Franny P

    Midlands track

    I know where it won't be
  12. Franny P

    Belle vue 2020?

    Without knowing much about the sport I just wondered if they had to run a full season or some technicality..
  13. Franny P

    Belle vue 2020?

    Just a quick question... with the news yesterday that b.v might,and only might,be able to run for part of next year does anyone know if the greyhound events also run untill the end or has that all finished now regardless? I just ask as the last few meetings,however few they may be could maybe run on a sat night if we're not sharing the track?
  14. Franny P

    Belle Vue Memory

    What a lovely story Christine, so interesting to hear how stock cars have played such a part in your life from a young age.... I hope you enjoy tomorrow,as sad as it will be for you,and that maybe,just maybe, it's not quite the red flag on your stock car spectating.
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